Tuesday, July 25, 2006

hamburgers, expensive bracelets, and wonder goo

Do you guys ever read the titles? Just wondering because I forgot to put my last one up. I think I was going to title it "Another random list that no one will read. I don't know why I do lists, but I do, and I am not even organized. I only make lists when I write, so enjoy this boring list". Yeah, I thought it was to long. So I just left it blank. Anyways, today was a great day. We only have one more day of reading sessions left and I am so sad! It can't be over! Anyways, about today (cue in whimsical-trippy-loopy-trumpety-going-back-in-time music). We decided to each invite a reader and make a huge lunch for them today. I invited my reader Hisae. She is so sweet, and she brought her 2 year old son. I cannot pronounce his name. I think that she is like 30 or something, but she is definately seeking, and reading sessions with her go by so quick and they are really productive. Tyrel invited the man Hajime. Tyler invited a reader of hers named Mitsui. Bryan invited two- Yoriko and Keiko. The only reason is because they both came last year, and they are best friends and do everything together. Anyways, Bryan and Tyler both had a reader at 10, so Tyrel and I decided to walk to the store and get the groceries. We were going to make hamburgers. Anyways, about 13 minutes later we get to the store and it is closed. We knew that they were going out of business, but not until the 4th. Anyways, I guess they decided to close early. We were not sure where the other store was so we just walked back to the church which took another 13 minutes. We did not want to take the bikes because we figured that we were going to be coming back with all these groceries. Yeah, bad idea. At least half way through our trek it stopped raining. We got back at about 10:45 and Tyrel and Bryan left to walk to the other store and Tyler and I stayed behind and started peeling potatoes. Yeah, we did like 20 potatoes, but they were pretty small. We had them almost peeled when the guys showed back up at about 11:30. Everybody was suppose to meet at about 12:30 for lunch. Bryan began cooking the patties, and I started frying up the potatoes. It was crazy with Bryan and I trying to cook at the same time but it worked. About 11:45 Yoriko showed up and took over the kitchen. It was so cool. She brought all this stuff as well! She made two pizzas, right there in front of us. It was awesome. Then Keiko showed up with a lot of stuff as well. We had a few dirty dishes in the sink, and it was my day to do dishes, so I told them not to worry about washing them. Yeah, they didn't listen. Every time we put a dish in the sink, it was immediately washed. Bryan and I got finished cooking at about the same time. Even though we told everybody not to bring anything, they all brought something. Hajime brought pears and mandarin oranges. Mitsui brought a honeydew melon, and Hisae brought peaches. Fruit is very expensive and they make very good gifts. The fruit is so good!! Yummy. Anyways, we had a whole lot of food and we just dug in. Yoriko brought her two oldest daughters and Keiko brought her two oldest daughters. Hisae brought her son. It was awesome!! What a blast. We did not sit down to eat until about 1:00. We chowed down and there was like nothing left. 15 hamburgers, fried potatoes, and 2 pizzas, lots of fruit, and other good stuff does not go that far. It was so good. All of us except for Tyler had a 2:00, so about 1:45 we began to clean up the auditorium. By like 1:51 everything was clean and in place. WOW. They work fast. Hisae, Yoriko, and Keiko took charge in the kitchen, while the rest of us set up the auditorium and cleaned the floor. We had cooked some rice to serve for lunch in case we ran out of potatoes, and forgot about it. Yoriko found the rice and used that to make us dinner! How sweet was that? It was delicious by the way. Yorkio and Keiko washed all the dishes and cleaned up the entire kitchen. They ever cleaned the stove to pand everything. Pretty cool. Hisae was my 2:00 so we finished up our last lesson. She did not realize that that was our last lesson together. She got pretty sad. She wanted to come tomorrow, but every single space is full. 10, 11, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. WOW. What a day tomorrow. It was great, but she is coming to camp so I will see her again.
I had a break until 5 today, so I went upstairs and began packing my souvenir bag. I barely got them all in the bag! It is so heavy. I hope it does not go over the 50 pound weight limit! Oops, that would be not good. My 5:00 showed up and that was also our last lesson, but she is coming to camp as well, so that is good. When I got out of the reading session at 6, one of my readers that finished Sunday was in the kitchen waiting for me. She is a church member, and knows like no english, but she is sweet as can be!! She can "Jesus is wonderful", and "God is so good" pretty good. That makes me happy. Anyways, she wanted to give me and the other team members a gift. She gave us all a really nice fan. I mean, it is not one of the cheap ones, but one of the super nice ones. She then gave me this box to open. Once I looked inside, I was speechless. Inside was a beautiful diamond bracelet. AND I MEAN REAL DIAMONDS!! There is also these other jewels on there that are beautiful. What a wonderful gift. IT MUST HAVE COST A FORTUNE!! There is even a little card in there that tells me the seriel number, the date it was purchased, and the types of jewles on the bracelet. There is a bunch of other stuff on there, but I do not read Japanese. It is so beautiful and I was almost afraid to wear it. Wait till I show you all, you will all love it. It is silver and just absolutely wonderful. Wow. Thank you Emi. No Hannah, you cannot borrow it. Don't even ask.
My 7:00 canceled, but I have her again tomorrow night. It was really wierd, because none of us had an 8:00. That is usually our busiest time. We all decided to take a trip down to our favorite media and entertainment store Wonder Goo. (Crazy name, I know....GGGGOOOOOO!!!) I brought three cd's and I only spent 15 dollars on them. Well, 1500 yen, so less than 15 bucks. I got a John Mayer, GooGoo Dolls, and Dave Matthews Band cd, all in english. I had previously bought an Incubus cd there, so I have quite the collection! Hahaha, MORE cds!!! Who-hoo! What is that, like 250 now? Some where in there. Well, that was my day and it was awesome. Tomorrow will be very sad for me. Saying goodbye to 9 readers! How sad!! Oh well, it had to be done. Welp, gotta go but I will report back soon. Jordan out. youknowwhatitisveryhardtoreadthishuhyupiknowitisthatiswhyiamnotputtinganyspacesinit. hahaha. youguysjuststopreadingandgodootherstuffaroundthehouse. gotoyourjobsandmakemoneyweallneedmoneyhuhyeahineedmorebecauseiambrokeohwellseriously
gottago..........hahaha. yeah, i am very tired. just thought you all could enjoy a good joke.


Libby said...

Jordan, what great people they must be. I've never wanted to visit Japan until now. Probably will never get to so you will have to go back next year for all of us another trip. What is camp? I know I'm old, BUT, I've never heard of the cd's you bought. You will have to get me into this century with your music. JUST KIDDING! I'm so impressed with your cooking. Everyone at home will enjoy your talents. How sweet of the woman to give you the bracelet. What a wonderful reminder of Japan and her every time you wear it. Love you, Libby

Libby said...

I forgot to tell you that reading the last few sentences is like listening to you talk. FAST

nanna said...

hey jordy, me thinks you may be getting a little giddy! i believe when you hit the states you are going to come down to earth with a thud-one tired baby. i agree with libby about your talking-so funny!
i know the next few days are going to be difficult, but you are going to get to spend eternity with some of the precious people you've met. this week is going to be bitter-
sweet-i know you are already experiencing this.
i love you sweetie,

mom said...

hey ladybug,
nanna would remember when you were little you would get tired and start acting real silly, i can always tell when you are tired!!!
and yes i did have to read your lastlittlespeech, itwasagoodjoke...
the bracelet sound beautiful,can't wait to see it. i know this is a hard week for you, but just remember you always have next summer. i'll be praying for you.
love you,