Sunday, July 16, 2006

Cinnamon and karaoke

Ok, so we had church Sunday morning like always. Tyler and I had to give our testimonies so Sugao translated for us. After we gave our testimonies we were asked questions and stuff about our faith and our lives. It was great. Then came church, and Rusty preached. After the service we had a potluck dinner. Wow, what an emourmous amount of food. It was all delicious! Um, I don`t know how many of you know this, but I am allergic to cinnamon. Well, Rusty had brought these snacks for everyone to try and I ate a couple (5). They were delicious. They tasted like the cereal Golden Grahams which has no cinnamon in them. Well, these snacks did have cinnamon is them. Yeah, I didn`t realize that I was eating cinnamon. Then, for dessert, Rusty`s wife Laura made this wonderful apple torte cake and it too had cinnamon. After I had already eaten the little cinnamon things, Bryan and Tyrel told me that they had cinnamon in them. Thanks guys, a little late huh? Anyways, I felt fine, so I figured it was not that much cinnamon. I had 4 reading sessions that day, so my 2 is a church member, so she was already there. We went through the lesson, and I was having a hard time. After the lesson, Bryan looked at me and told me that I should probably lay down or something. I don`t know how to describe it, but I felt wierd. My skin was itching, my tongue was burning, my head was spinning, and I could harldy stand up! I was worried about my readers, but Bryan covered for me. He had no readers Sunday so he just picked up the rest of mine and I went upstairs and slept. Tyrel followed me up there and told me that they would come wake me up at about 5. I had a reader a 3 and 4, and my break was at 5. He said that then I could eat something and if I wanted to I could do my 6:00 reader. I did not disagree. I do not remember what happened next. Next thing I know, Bryan is standing over me, waking me up. He tells me that it is 5:40. I get up and go downstairs, and I am feeling nauseous. Maybe it was because I had not eaten anything. Anyways, my 3:00 reader was still there at the church. Her name is Michi and she is 21. She is so sweet! I love her to death. Anyways, my 6:00 reader had showed up, and she is an 18 year old high school student named Ayaka. They both looked so concerned, and wanted to help me. Judith explained to them what happened to me. Anyways, 6:00 rolls around, and Bryan gets up to go read with Ayaka. I looked up at him and he basically tells me to go eat, and don`t worry about it. I honestly did not feel like reading, but I felt that Bryan had already done to much. Anyways, Michi was still there and her friend Mayumi who is one of Tyler`s readers. Tyrel and Tyler did not have readers at 6, so they were all hungry. The two girls told me that rahmen would be good for my stomach. The noodles are healthy and the broth is filling. The 5 of us walked down to the rahmen shop and I had a bowl of Shio rahmen. It was delicious. I had never tried that one, and it was so good. If you like bean sprouts, then you will like this one. They are not small, shredded bean sprouts, but thick fresh ones. They are so good. I immediatley began to feel better. We walked back to the church, and Bryan was finished with my reading session. We had a karaoke party at 7 at Cosmo World, so we were all going to meet at the church. There were about 17 of us, so we all walked to the karaoke place. All the way, Ayaka talked to me, and Michi helped me walk. Not that I needed help, she just is so sweet. Ayaka loves Coldplay and Daniel Powter, as do I, so I told her that we would sing a duet together. We got 2 rooms, and we sang for 2 hours. It was so much fun. I did several songs, none by myself because I am a terrible singer. I even did Johnny Cash- Ring of Fire. Hahaha. Yeah, it was terrible. Ayaka and I did a couple of duets together and the night turned out to be a blast. I felt great after the rahmen, and the melon soda that I had at karaoke was delicious. All the way to the church I told Bryan that I am paying for the rest of his dinners for the trip. He just laughed, but did not tell me no. So anyways, that was my Sunday. Fun filled and excited huh??
Today, Monday is a national holiday. It is called Ocean Day. This is the day to officially mark the beginning of summer and the beaches are now open. They are always open, but now you have to pay to park ans stuff. I dont know. Anyways, we have no readers today but it is raining (big surprise) and everything is closed, so there is nothing to do. The guys are eating lunch with the Okabe family. Tyrel teaches Mr. Okabe. He is a tough old man who knows more about the Bible and Christianity then anybody. He just will not make that step. Bryan teaches Mrs. Okabe. She is already a Christian so she is fun to work with. Tyler and I have to find something for lunch now, so take care guys and my lunch will be cinnamon free!!


Libby said...

Jordan, I'm glad your reaction was no worse. I would hate for you to get sick away from home. Sounds like the people you are with are just wonderful. Thank them from you aunt for taking care of you. I'm sure you need a day to relax and rest. I love you, Libby

nanna said...

hello sweetie, yes i do know you are allergic to cinnamon. even when you were a little tyke you would eat it and break out around your mouth as if you had measles. am so glad you have precious friends to take care of you-just God with flesh on. seems as though each day you are there you have such unusual experiences. what memories you are making!
i love you,

cousin caitlin said...

oh, he took good care of you that brian. tee hee

nanna said...

hey sweetie, you missed a memorable experience in lubbock last wed. nite. dennis, libby,and i were going to an all-star little league baseball game to watch sydney and ben play. we were just on the outskirts of lubbock when we noticed a dark cloud moving toward us-in just a few moments we were engulfed in a huge sandstorm and the visibility was maybe 5ft to zero. libby was driving and dennis was in the back seat directing her-he had her to park the car until it passed. it then started to rain and we had mudpies on the suburban.what an experience!