Monday, July 03, 2006


We put some more pics up today!! Yippee!! Anyways, when you get to our pics, make sure that you look at all of the albums. If there is no caption and you do not know what you are looking at, let me know. Anyways, I do not feel like writing today, sorry guys!! Tomorrow I will write a long one!! It is almost 11 and I am wore out!! Gotta get to sleep, I got a pretty busy day tomorrow. By the way, I hope you like all the captions for the pics, I came up with most of them!! Enjoy people!!! Love you all


Gisela Cartmill said...

Hi Jordan,
Your grandpa Troy sent me this blog address and I have been reading up on your adventures. I'm not sure if you remember me, but you met me at the family reunion on Missouri a few years ago. You and I went for a walk and you showed me your new camera. Remember?? You were a little girl then - how times flies.
It sounds like you're having a great summer, learning so much about a different culture and cultivating new friendships.
It is wonderful that you can be a part of a mission team. I will continue to log on to your posts, as I love reading about adventures like this.

Pappaw said...


You amaze me that you write the way you talk. As I read your daily log of experiences it is as if you are speaking in person. Your gift of writing is certainly God-given and will only improve with your Japanese encounters.

It is my prayer your work will continue to glorify our Father. You are blessed to be a blessing!

I love you,

Libby said...

Hey Sweet thang,--thought you might want to hear some Texas twang-- about now. I tried to pull the pictures up and couldn't. I used the one before. Do I need to go to another site? Love you, Libby

2 Texas Paw Paw said...

couldn't get pics either.

mawmaw said...

I got the pics and they are great!!
Love You,

Aunt DeeDee said...

Hey sweetness,
I tried to get your picture but it wouldn't let me. It says it can't display page. Get some good rest!
Aunt DeeDee

nanna said...

jordan, it took about three times, but i saw them . it is good to put faces with names-enjoyed them so much.
i love you sweetie and remember you have a lot of people praying for you and your team and the people you are encountering.