Tuesday, July 04, 2006


So far, all of us have said the word "difficulty" at one point or another during our stay here in Japan. How is the best way to get past this difficulty? How long do we struggle with difficulty before we become discouraged? We do not need to fear these difficult questions, but instead rejoice and embrace them. We should praise God that these difficulties are happening now. Praise Him for getting into the hearts of our readers and allowing these questions to be asked. We should praise Him that even though we tell them what they don`t want to hear, they keep returning to hear even more.
The greatest difficulty spiritually is to concentrate on God and His blessings are what makes it so difficult. Our difficulties, our trials, and our worries about tomorrow all vanish when we look to God. Wake yourself up and look to God. For awhile, we are fully awake and aware of God`s concern for us. But then, when God begins to use us in His work, we begin to take on a pitiful look and talk only of our own trials and difficulties. And all the while God is trying to make us do our work as hidden people who are not in the spotlight. None of us would be hidden spiritually if we could help it. Can we do our work when it seems that God has sealed up heaven? Some of us always want to be brightly illuminated saints with golden halos and with the continual glow of inspiration, and to have other saints of God dealing with it all the time. A self-assured saint is of no value to God. He is abnormal, unfit for daily life, and completely unlike God. We are here, not as immature angels, but as men and women to do the work of this world. And we are to do it with an infinately greater power to withstand the struggle because we have been born from above.
Difficulty is a part of life. God has made us strong so we can embrace and handle this difficulty. We should not, then, worry about our own difficulties and insecurities. We should not falter and become totally lost. We should embrace the difficulties and learn from them. We should be full of courage and embrace our difficulties, just like a child who strives to reach the standard his father has set for him.
The faith of many people begins to falter when apprehensions enter their thinking and they forget the meaning of God`s assurance- they forget to take a deep spiritual breath. The only way to remove the fear from our lives, is to listen to God`s assurance to us. Human fraility is another thing that gets between God`s words of assurance and our own words and thoughts. When we realize how feeble we are in facing difficulties, the difficulties become like giants, we become like grasshoppers, and God seems to be nonexistent. But remember God`s assurance to us. "I will never leave you of forsake you". Have we learned to sing after hearing God`s keynote? Are we continually filled with enough courage to say "the Lord is our helper" or are we yielding to fear?


Mawmaw said...

Hey Jordan,
I love your writings and marvel at your mature thoughts and experiences. Btw did you know the Japanese Prime Minister has been in the states. He visited Graceland, no less. It seems Elvis is his idol!!! What a waste!!!!
Love You,

Aunt DeeDee said...

Hey Jordan,
Loved reading about your insights today. There is a lot of truth in your words. If we could all get to the point of grabbing onto the difficulities like you said and learn from them we would become more like Christ wants us, instead as I do so often is cry and gripe about them and get no where spiritually. Anyway, I pray all is well with you. Happy July 4th! Our family is going to see "R.V." at the $2.00 movie in you honor. Sleep good!
Aunt DeeDee

Libby said...

Jordan, today's posting was great! It always awes me --and every time, I wonder why it does-- how God always takes ca re of our worries and our problems if we just turn to him.I think it is just our nature to try to do everything on our own until we decide we always need him. I really enjoyed your writing today. Love ya, Libby

nanna said...

hello sweetie, maybe the third time will be the charm-i've written you twice and lost both- we're having computer problems. i'm glad i read your posting before i wrote.....was really having to deal with some urgings for this computer.(ha)
jordan, you gave us a lot to think about today-it's always good to be reminded of what God requires of us.i have said it before, but i know this is such a life changing experience for you and us.
discovery was launched today and all went well. will this event be covered in your part of the world?
sunday night was a norman rockwell experience for our little area. the country club had fireworks and many families were there with their little ones, sitting on the banks of the pond fishing,sitting in lawn chairs visiting, and little guys running and playing. four little guys ran by the back of our house and looked through the doors and noticed the astros were playing-they stopped, backpedaled and said, "yea, the astros are winning". levi was petrified of the loud noise and he pouted because we put him in the house and wouldn't stay inside with him.
jordan,i'm so thankful that God blessed us with you-you're precious in His sight and in ours.
i love you,
p.s.happy fourth of july!

2 Texas Paw Paw said...

Jordan, your post today was very uplifting. Difficulties can sometime turn in to distractions. Our own flaws can distract us from keeping our eyes on Jesus. If we think too much about what is wrong with us or about something wrong in our life, we will forget what God can do through us. If we look too much at what we lack, we will forget to be thankful for what we have. The Bible says to look away from all that will distract us from focusing on Jesus. Hebrews 12:2 confirms this. If your faith begins to waver, quickly get your eyes on Jesus, who is the Source of your faith, and the Incentive for your belief. Remember how He indured the cross, dispising and ignoring the shame of it, for the joy of winning you to Himself. He promises to bring your faith to maturity and perfection. Just don't let things get you down over there if something doen't seem to be going right. If you have enough faith in Him, He will fix it, I guarantee it. Keep up the good work, and God will guide your every step. We love you. Aunt Jo and Uncle Kay

nanna said...

yes. the astros were playing in our living room....i think i was a little weary at that point in my writing. they saw the score on the tv...talk about superman eyes!!!!
love you sweetie,