Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My music list

Music is important to me, so I have decided to make the perfect “mixed tape”. This list contains songs that are important to me in some way or another. Please enjoy!!

“I’m Movin’ On”- Rascal Flatts: A wonderful song driven purely by vocals.
“Do You Remember”- Jack Johnson: Simply because it’s Jack Johnson.
“Believe”- Brooks and Dunn: My new favorite song on the radio today. The lines “I’m finding more and more truth/ in the words written in red” is simply amazing. Ronnie Dunn’s voice has never been sweeter.
“Sunday Morning Coming Down”/” Hurt”- Johnny Cash: I have to put some Johnny Cash on here! Currently, these are my favorite Cash tunes but I still like “Ring of Fire”, “Jackson”, “I Walk the Line” and “Man In Black”. It’s hard to pick just one song, but they are all pretty amazing.
“Long Ride Home”- Patty Griffin: Some times one song can make a movie seem so much better. I heard this song in the movie Elizabethtown and I loved it.
“Clocks”- Coldplay: I still love this song. The melody is amazing, and every time this song comes on the radio I crank it up.
“Mud on the Tires”- Brad Paisley: This was Jacob’s favorite song. I can’t help but think of Jacob when I hear it.
“I Wish You Were Here”- Incubus: The song starts with a driving guitar beat and then slows down and these words come out: “ I dig my toes into the sand/ the ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across the blue blanket/ I lean against the wind/ pretend that I am weightless/ and in this moment I am happy”. You can feel the sense of peace in the song and this song tends to help get rid of stress in my life. Plus, you can turn it up really loud and get lost in the guitar solo.
“Cannonball”- Damien Rice: I love Damien Rice. His voice is unique and flawless. This song is really great and the lone guitar helps drive the song. “The Blower’s Daughter” would be a close second.
“Dare You To Move”- Switchfoot: The simplicity of the guitar driven by the vocal performance by Jonathon Foreman is wonderful. This song motivates me to get up and get moving, “to lift myself up off the floor”. Wonderful writing for a song. Loved it in A Walk to Remember.
“Daughters”- John Mayer: This is the anthem that fathers want to hear. Or do they…..
“I Can Only Imagine”- Mercy Me: Who can imagine what heaven will be like? This song extends the imagination.
“Mr. Brightside”- The Killers: A song about…what exactly? The morning after? The night before? Losing someone you love? I love it. Reminds me of a good 80’s style piece of music.
“Mad World”- Gary Jules: This Tears for Fears cover is great. Plus, it went perfectly in ending the movie Donnie Darko.
“Swing Life Away”- Rise Against: I love it when hard rock bands do soft ballads. This usually turns out to be their best song. This one is my favorite so far from this group.
“The Chair”- George Strait: A song about a chair. A song about a guy using a cheesy pickup line. I love it.
“When I Call Your Name”- Vince Gill: Because it’s Vince Gill.
“Forward Motion”- Relient K. Love them…..
So, this is my list. Ask me tomorrow and the list will be different. Leave me your list in return!! Thanks people.

Monday, May 15, 2006


I continually find myself thinking. This is not always such a bad thing. Jacob's birthday is coming up and my thoughts are contunally about him. During his funeral, mom and dad told me to write a poem to put in the program. I did not write one There in the program was a generic, unsentimental poem that meant nothing to us. Days later, I wrote a poem describing the way I felt, and still do. About 2 months ago, I entered my poem in a contest. I found out that it is being published and it will be put into a book for the world to see. I am still up for an award worth $10,000. I have never written poetry in my life. This one poem, my only one, means so much to me. Here is my poem:
A hole has been drilled through my heart.
Even though we are apart
You forever remain inside of me.
As we will someday be
Together again. I love you dear brother
So does your sister, father, and mother.
Through your suffering and pain
I have learned to push further because there is more to gain.
I have also learned to love greater, pray deeper, and keep my head high.
You will forever be my hero, and when I look to the sky,
I will smile and blow you a kiss goodbye.

I have always written, but never poetry. Jacob was a huge inspiration in my life, and will continue to be. I miss him dearly, and constantly think about him. During his lifetime, Jacob touched so many people, and continues to do so today. I know that Jacob is having a huge party in Heaven, and looks down on me every night. He probably tells me to quit crying. To suck it up and get on with life. You know what, that is exactly what I have done. The sleepless nights have finally passed, the tears are slower coming, but the memories are ever present. Jacob, I love you and miss you. I can't wait until the day we will meet again, but until that day comes, I will live my life to the fullest and think constantly of you.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Who am I?

So I have been thinking a lot about things lately. Not just random thoughts, but thoughts as to who I am. Who am I? Who is Jordan Danai Williams? What makes me special? I came up with a couple of suggestions. I am a Christian, a sister, a daughter, a niece, an animal lover, a grand daughter, a cousin, a college student, a huge baseball fan, a friend, a Texan, a reader, a writer, a movie lover. I am a quiet person, I am spiritual, I am funny, I am still mourning, I am still learning, I am obsessed with music, I love to share my faith, I can be loud, I am caring, I have 3 pairs of Chuck Taylor Converse shoes, and I am friendly. I tend to talk way too much about my family, I tend to spend too much time on the computer, I tend to think about things way too much, I tend to watch too much television, I tend to be lazy, I tend to spend too much time reading, I tend to not study enough, I tend to procrastinate, I tend to remember things about my brother constantly, I tend to be optimistic, I tend to over analyze things way too much, I tend to be too conservative, I tend to have a high self esteem, I tend to be called a nerd, I tend to sing too loud, and also terribly, I tend to spend too much money on movies and music, I tend to trust people too much, I tend to see the good in people, I tend to drink way to many Dr. Peppers, I tend to talk too fast, and I also tend to not get enough sleep. I do not judge people, I do not condemn people, I do not try to be overtly sexual, I do not smoke, I do not like negativity, I do not like onions, I do not do anything that will compromise my beliefs, I do not like conceited people, but will never tell them that, I do not take things in my life for granted, I do not drink, I do not like spiders, I do not conform to the norms of society, I do not care what people think of me, and I do not make much money. These things, along with others, make me who I am. I am proud of who I am. I will not change who I am. God has made me this way and I am proud to be Jordan Danai Williams.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

um.... again, nothing to do with Japan

I was sitting in the comforts of my living room watching the tube and one of those disturbing Geico car insurance commercials came on. Not only can the Geico gecko do a mean robot, but who knew he was British? This is new to me. Maybe I just was not paying attention, but has he always been THAT British. I know he has always had a slight accent, but come on. This green dude has been a common fixture on our screen for years, and now all of a sudden the dude is English? I don't get it. Remeber when Madonna picked up the English accent several years ago, I guess that this is one in the same. By the way, geckos prefer warm climates, and England would not be a happenin' place for fellow geckos. An accent from South America, Cuba, or even Australia would be more plausible. I bet you there are some wild gecko parties going on there! This poor gecko was probably in the right-place-at-the-right-time to land him his dream job. What other work is there for geckos to do anyway? And another point, this new gecko cannot act to save his life (I know it is a computer-generated object, but please follow along). Put back the original!! He must have saved a bunch of money on his car insurance that he finally got his nest egg together and retired from showbiz. That is too bad. Come on Geico!! Step up your ad campaigns! Put the gecko back to doing the disturbing-but-good robot dance where he rightfully belongs. This dance made him the star that he is today by the way. I do not know why this minor annoyance irks me, but it sure does. I guess that I have to much free time on my hands, but this got me thinking, and I just cannot stop. I thought I would be nice and share all of my disturbing, awkward, and unusual thoughts with you all. Hope you enjoy! I'm going to sleep now and dream about sweet nothings of green geckos. But not just any gecko, the most famous of them all, the Geico gecko! Wow, I just realized how much of a waste this blog entry has been!Take care world.


OK, so this bog has absolutley nothing to do with Japan, but I have another website for blogs. I basically wanted to make sure that this works! So, enjoy and here goes..... This semester has been tough on me, both physically and emotionally but I would not trade it for one minute! Here are some things that I have learned thus far going to LCU:
1. Being a nerd is cool. All of my new friends are nerds.
2. My new celebrity crush is Joaquin Phoenix. I mean come on, have you seen him? He is unique and amazingly handsome.....
3. Individuals operating from an external locus of control believe in trying their best and then letting fate take over. (ha! I knew intercultural communications would come in handy).
4. Who knew that you can bleach your grey shirts?
5. Ralph's Records can order any CD for you.....just ask them...I've done it.
6. I like plushy pillows.
7. My MP3 player sucks.
8. I am currently addicted to McCallister's sweet tea.
9. Myspace has ruined my life.
10. I like Moe's Southwest Grill a lot now.
11. I can't save money to save my all gets blown on movies and music.
12. Have I mentioned Joaquin Phoenix yet.....oh yes, never mind......
13. My red Chuck's go with anything....seriously they do!
14. Why is it that Starbuck's is so expensive, but the Koffee Kup on campus is not?
15. I like doing jigsaw puzzles and having them complete before I go to bed...or else I cannot sleep...don't ask why, just accept the facts.
16. I miss taking long hot relaxing bubble baths.
17. "Marilyn Manson ate my girlfriend" 'nuff said. ( If you have to ask then ask).
18. Cultural identity salience refers to the strength of affiliation we have with our larger culture. I'm so going to ace intercultural communications...
19. The bronze chap needs an oscillating fan. Bronze gets hot in the summer.
20. Refer to numbers 2 and 12....
21. I like making lists of non-important things that nobody ever reads.
22. Japan will rock!
23. Brokeback Mountain was ok. Way too slow.
24. I like collecting golf balls that I find in parking lots.
and finally.... drum roll please....
25. I really enjoy the Bibe.
Thank you, and goodnight.Make sure all children and possessions are securely fastened and drive home safely (what??).