Saturday, July 08, 2006

Tokyo Day 2!!!

DISCLAIMER: READ DAY ONE BEFORE YOU READ DAY TWO! Ok, you dont really have too, but if you want to read about it in order, take my advice.
We woke up and left the hotel at about 9:30. We went to a 7-11 for some breakfast. We then got back onto the subway and made our way to this part of Tokyo that I cannot spell or pronounce. Anyways, we got off there and went to Edo-Tokyo Museum. The place was huge! It is two stories of exhibits, but still...Anyways, Edo is what use to be Tokyo. Pretty neat little museum. There were little relpicas everywhere and it was pretty cool. We even got to see a Kabuki play. Kabuki is the oldest form of stage acting. Broadway got its start from Kabuki. The actors where traditional Japanese clothes and everything. I dont know what we saw, but there was a man talking and people laughing. Hehehe....slight pause for you all to realize that is was in Japanese! The museum is filled with interesting history dating back to the beginning of Japan to the present. Lots of stuff to see. We spent a good 3 hours in the museum and it was about 1:30. We were starving. We got back on the subway and made our way to the Asakusa market. On the way we stopped at another 7-11 (im telling ya- they are everywhere!). We got our wonderful lunch (seriously) and sat down on the sidewalk and ate. Yeah, we got weird stares, but we didnt care. We made our way to the market, and oh my goodness!! It was jam packed with people!! Let me describe it- down the street leading to this huge temple are all sorts of little shops. It sort of reminds me of Post Old Mill Trade Days, but in a tinier space, lots more shops, and thousands more people. We fought through the crowd and went to the temple first. Wow!! How impressive. There are temples everywhere, but this one is extraordinary. Five story pagodas surround it all over. It is covered in gold, and this HUGE lantern hangs from the opening of it. We are not Buddhist, so of course we did not admire it like most Buddhists. There are all sorts of things to do, that are suppose to help you out with the worship process. I dont know. Its very confusing, and I dont want to write about all the details. We all decided to split up and meet back at this huge stone statue at about 4. We figured that we could cover more ground apart, and that way we could go to whatever shops we wanted to. I shopped and I shopped!! I am pretty much set on gifts and souvenirs. I spent about 150 bucks there! Oh well. It was worth it. Anyways, it was about 4 (where did the time go?) and we met up. None of us were quite finished so we were going to meet again in another hour. Tyrel needed me. He wanted to buy his fiancee a Kukata and we are about the same size, so he used me as reference. He picked out a gorgeous one and got himself one as well. I picked up a few more gifts and he took me to another Kimono shop and I bought a couple of wool ones there for pretty cheap. Not telling for who though!! Secret! You will find out when I get back. We were all very exhausted so we decided to call it a day. We walked to the subway, arms full, and got on there. We rode back to Ueno station and it was about 5:30. We got on the train and headed home. We got back at about 9 and I got on the computer and typed out my last two days. Of course, I left out lots of details, sorry folks I`m tired. Tokyo is a bright, busy city. Lots and lots and lots of people. It reminds me a lot of NYC, but cleaner and the streets are bigger. I took pics so I`ll show you when I get back. We did a few more things, but that is it. I hope that you all enjoyed it, and I know I did!! I need to get some rest!! My feet are killing me and I am practically broke. We walked lots of miles, so I need to rest. I`m off to the shower with some good soap and shampoo. Take care guys.


2 Texas Paw Paw said...

Tokyo sounds like quiet a City. Glad you got to see a small part of it. And, I'm glad you are getting some time for sight seeing. And, I am glad you got some soap. Keep posting, Uncle Kay.

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Dad said...

Tokyo is a town with such great history. I am glad you had the opportunity to enjoy some of it.
I am truly envious.