Saturday, July 15, 2006

These Days

So I have been listening to Rascal Flatts lately, and this is one of my favorite songs. It sums up the past two days perfectly. Friday was great. We woke up for an early game of basketball. The 4 of us met up with some of our readers and played at Mike`s house. It was so much fun, but it was so hot. It was actually only about 80 degrees, but the humidity was 100%. Wow. It looked like we had jumped in the pool and gone swimming. We played for a couple of hours, and then they had to go to school. The rest of the day we just sat around and chilled. It was great to just sit and relax all day. We actually turned on the AC because it was almost unbearable. We then got the idea that the two girls that played basketball that morning, we invited over for dinner. Bryan cooked burgers, I fried up potatoes, and we had a huge feast. The girls loved it. It was lovely. We had a great time hanging out with the two of them.
Today was a blast! Bryan`s reader Kiyomi invited us all to spend the day with him. He is the fire marshall of the Hitatchi area, so he let us go out on the fire boat. We spent over an hour out in the ocean and it was wonderful. We then went to his house and made our own lunch. We made soba noodles. It is a type of buckwheat noodle that is served cold and it is delicious. You cook them for only 5 seconds and then you put then under cold water for a second. They are amazing! His wife also cooked some wonderful tempura. I am addicted to the food here! (Well, some of it). It was about 1, and we had nothing to do until 3. Kiyomi is a huge fan of The Beatles. We sat around and sang a whole bunch of Beatles songs and had a great time. His daughter lives in Hawaii and he showed us pics of his daughter and son-in-law, and his two beautiful granddaughters. It was about 2:30 so we made our way out to the park to climb a huge rock wall. This thing is ginormous! It is 17 meters tall, and it is so difficult. I got to about 8 meters. Tyler about 4-5, Tyrel about 8, and Bryan about 10. It was so difficult. Kiyomi went up the whole thing in about 3 minutes! The dude is 57 years old! He was like a spider crawling up a wall. It was so fun. He then took us back to the church and it was about 5. The 4 of us just hung out and had a great time. It is so much fun just us hanging out and talking with each other. Tyrel and I cooked up some gyo-za for dinner. There are no dryers here, so our clothes have had this sort of sour smell to them, so Bryan got tired of it. He was washing his clothes, and decided to throw one of his shirts in the microwave. Genius!! It actually dried and it did not smell sour. It is raining now, so all of our wet clothes are upstairs hanging to dry. We got all of the fans together and are blowing them dry. Hopefully that will work. Our shirts and stuff just plain stink. We are not sure why. But anyways, I just wanted to tell you all that short story, and I hope that you all enjoyed. The past two days have been wonderful. Basically, the best part is just relaxing. Sunday we have church, a potluck lunch, reading sessions, and a karaoke party from 7-9. It will be a blast. Monday is a national holiday, so we are off. Hopefully, we will find something to do. Saturday the 22nd, Pirates of the Caribbean comes to theaters here so we are definately going to see that. Can`t wait. The halfway point has come and gone, and it has been a blast. What an experience of a lifetime!! Wow. God has truly blessed me.


Pappaw[ said...

Dear Grannnnddaughter!

You certainly are blessed to be a blessing. It sounds like you are craming a life time of experiences within six weeks. It is good to know Houston has not cornered the 100% humidity market. Not much to share but just wanted to let you know I am praying for you and your group. You really know how to make a pappaw proud.

Love you,

Libby said...

Hey girl, don't knock being 57. Although I know I couldn't climb a wall! I think you cook more there than you do here. You will have to treat us all to a meal when you come home. Can you imagine Dennis when you sit him down to noodles.HAHAHA We love your posts and can't wait to see them every day. Love you, Libby