Sunday, July 09, 2006


Ok. I`ve decided to break down and they come, pictures!! Who-hoo. I could not help myself. Just random pics guys. Enjoy!! Yeah the park pic was by accident...sorry, dont know how to delete it. The top pic is of me and one of my readers, Tomomi. She is so sweet! The next one is a group pic taken inside of the elevator going up the Tokyo Tower. I love that pic! The next pic is one of me goofing around inside of the trick art musuem in the tower. That is a 10,000 yen bill (like a 100) and I`m not sure what I`m pointing at. Take care and hope you like them all.


Libby said...

Hey girl, I loved the pictures. Tokoyo did not look like I pictured it in my mind. Much more modern. Imagine you being goofey in a picture!!! I am amazed that you seem to communicate with the people so easily. What an awesome experience. Love ya, Libby

nanna said...

hey sweetie, have so enjoyed reading about your trip. what an experience you guys are having!
i've been in lubbock for several days enjoying family, but sure am missing you and miss hannah. the ladies of the clan have been helping aunt libby decorate her house in town-you'll be surprised when you return home to see what she's done.
love the pics-looks as though you're having such a fun time.
i love you,

cousin caitlin said...

youre a crazy cousin. i dont even want to be related to you.
whos that youre standing by in the picture of the four of you? *wink wink* ahahahahaha