Thursday, November 30, 2006

The End Is Near...oh yeah, and snow!

Alright, so it has been a whole week since my last update. I find that odd. OK, so I really don't, but I will say that for lack of a better explanation. Anyways, how has everybody been? Awesome? Well I, thanks for asking by the way, have been super stressed, but it's all good. I am in my last week of school for the semester (seriously!) and this is the nitty-gritty. The no-holds-barred time of the year. It's intense man ( or woman. To each his/her own)!!

I finally finished up with all my research papers and turned them all in like the good little student I am. Anyways, the one that I was really worried about, the Ancient History class one, yeah, I stayed up until like 6:30 A.M. finishing it up. I started typing it around 2:00 P.M. and then took about a two hour break for some family Christmas photo shoot and dinner at Casa Ole. Ole!! Got back and resumed said paper. The thing is, the paper had to be at least 11 pages (per Dr. Owen "Don't even THINK about turning it in until you hit the 11th page.") So, I got all my research in order and began typing. And typing. And typing. OK, you get the point. Finally, I came to an end. First, when doing my research, I would use note cards, and when I came up on something important I would write it down on the note card with the author and page number. Anyways, after I used up all the note card information, I only had about 8 pages of material. It was now about 3:00 A.M.

The time came to make a decision- stay up and finish, or go to my nice comfortable, extremely warm, very small bed, thus failing the course? I chose the first one. I got out all of my books and went over everything. I was at an impasse. How do I add information without repeating myself, and how do I extend information already present in the paper? Well, after 4 more hours, I got my answer. The paper was not due until 11:30 A.M., but I had an 8:30 A.M. class, so I had to go to that, and I could not afford any more chapel absences! I took about an hour "nap" and groggily made my way to my morning class. Chapel came next. Went to the library to finish paper. Wrote biblography and endnotes pages, and went to class, and finally got the paper out of my life (YAY). I was extremely tired so I skipped my 1:00 class (GASP! The Horror!) and went to get new glasses and then went home to bed. Whew. What a day. So, point being, I am terrified of my grade, and therefore am still stressed out.

So, what next? Oh yes- Dallas. I have to go to Dallas Friday and Saturday for LST training. I will be training and taking my own team to Taga next year, so I have to go there for a weekend training thingy. Fun. It starts at 6:30 P.M., but I do not get out of class until 12:30. It is about 6 hours there, so I will be pushing it to make it on time. Plus, Kelsey informed me that Mandy did not register, so I must go by myself. Oh well, I love to drive!

I do not, however, love to drive when it is icy, as is the current condition. That's right folks, Lubbock Texas recieved their first snowfall around 1:30 A.M, Thursday Nov. 30th. It. Was. Awesome. I was lying in my bed last night (early this morning) and heard a crazy-cool sound. It was the sound of fresh falling snow, the sound my ears love. I love the snow. I love cold weather. Yes, I m wierd. Whatev! Anyways, I awoke this morning to find about 5 inches worth of snow! Those few "Thursday flurries" sure were pretty heavy. Anyways, it made for a fun day. Oh yeah, at 3:00 P.M. today, there was The Ultimate Snowball Fight on the LCU campus. They announced it during chapel so that everyone could attend, but yours truly was in class. Oh well, the snowballs might have damaged my purty new glasses!

So, I love the snow! It rocks, and it looks delightfully delicious. Yummy...

Pray for me as I embark on my journey into the Metroplex. It will be fun, like an adventure! I love adventures. So, until we meet again...

Also! Due to said weather (and work), I missed an all new episode of Grey's Anatomy! The last one until January!! Thank goodness for computers, for I can watch it upon my return to the LBK Sunday. Peace, love, and strawberry flavored applesauce my dear, loyal, readers!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

So, how was everybody's Thanksgiving? Mine was awesome! I am so thankful for my family. And great food. But mostly my family. Anyways, I have decided that Thanksgiving dinner(lunch) is really too good to only eat once (twice) a year. I think that for Easter we should cook Thanksgiving dinner. Just a thought. Anyways, Greysday (remember, that's what I am calling Thursday) was great. I spent Thanksgiving at my great-grandmother's house in Slaton. It was awesome (I need to get a new adjective). Our family does Thanksgiving lunch and it was delicious. I was surrounded by my great and loving family. I think for lunch we had around 14-20 people. That is even including children. We had a great time. A tradition with my family is to watch the Cowboys, so we watched them win. Yay! Some people left to go home, and others showed up for dinner. We then got all the food back out for dinner. We had more people there!! It was around 6:30 when some of my cousins showed up. They have five beautiful, adorable kids. The second youngest one, Emmy, is 3 years old. I asked her how it felt to be 3, and she looked at me and in a very serious tone said "Jordan, how did you know how old I was?" It was so cute. Adorable. I ate my dinner (even better than lunch!) and my sister and I headed off to my dorm. She decided to spend the night with me. I made her sleep on the floor. I gave her a blanket and the couch cushions to sleep on! I am not that heartless!! We watched a fantastic episode of Grey's Anatomy, and then went and rented a few movies. We rented Nacho Libre and Stick It. Ehhh. Hannah snoozed off, so I began to watch (again) The DaVinci Code. I really am liking that movie, for the entertaiment factor. I recommend only watching it if you have a very strong faith. It will make you think, but I know that it is completely and only entertainment. However, I am taking an Ancient History class, and there are quiet a few historical discrepencies in the movie. Maybe I will point them out at a later date.
I got up Friday and had to go to work. AHHH!!! I work in a pet store at the Lubbock mall. It was Black Friday, and it was crazy crowded! I worked from 12-5, and that was enough. We sold like all of our animals! My aunt even stopped by to look at these aborable Bichon Frise's, but decided not to get one. As soon as my shift was over, I went home. I rewatched Grey's on the computer, and then I watched CSI on the computer. Sweet! I love broadband! In case I have not mentioned it, but I am a HUGE fan of CSI. It really rocks. Plus, this season has probably been the best ever.
So, that was my Thanksgiving. It was great. God has blessed me with so much in my life. A loving family, a great job, and wonderful friends. What more could a girl ask for? Nothing. I am content in my life. Absolutely. Content.
Well, I still have two research papers to write (looks like an all-nighter) so I need to go! Until we meet again...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Me and God

So, of course you all know that I write for my universities newspaper, the Duster Today. Well, I (finally!) got to write an opinion piece. Here is the final product.....

Me and God
By Jordan Williams, Staff Writer
November 15, 2006printable version
This essay does not necessarily represent the opinions of the DusterToday staff and/or those of Lubbock Christian University, but those of the writer.
I am still fairly new to Lubbock Christian University. This only being my second semester on this wonderful campus has opened my eyes to the wonders anew. Since coming to LCU I have changed my major twice, and five times since being in college. Currently, I am a secondary education major, but doubts still remain. I mean, this is something that I will be doing for the rest of my life. Is this really what I want to do? I am sitting in a cloud of self-doubt and I hate that feeling. When I graduate, probably in 2016, I want to leave here full of confidence and strength. So how come I am not feeling this now?
My spiritual journey has had its ups and downs, and thankfully more ups. I have gone through more hardships and trials in the last two years of my life than most people go through in a lifetime. Suffice it to say, I have not always made God my number one priority. I found that when times got harder, the harder my heart became. It was much easier to push Him away; and still he stood there patiently awaiting my return.
Last summer I had the privilege to go to Japan for six weeks for a mission trip. What an eye opening experience. For six weeks I served others in His name. I did nothing for Jordan Williams, but all for The Man. It was truly wonderful. Those six weeks were definitely a spiritual high for me, and it was a glorious feeling.
When I returned to America, I was changed, and not for the better. The smallest things annoyed me, things that had never bothered me before. I found out just how truly selfish and needy we as Americans are. We all have fallen into this terrible grasp of others serving us. I began to hate the person that I was. I hated being an American. I began a slow spiral downward that soon reached the pits of my soul. Nothing could be found there. How could I go from such an amazing high, to the lowest of lows so quickly?
I soon fell into another spiritual low. In my young 20 years I have hit two major spiritual lows. The first low came when my best friend, my confidant, my brother, passed away, and the other low came when I returned from Japan. I threw God away both times. I began to feel empty. Something was missing in my life, and I needed it back. After several months of struggling, I have finally found it.
I began to realize that we as Christians have to constantly defend our faith. While I was in Japan I was showered with love and kindness, but having to live in a world where the population is not Christian, made me realize how blessed we are. As Americans we can walk the streets holding our Bible and not get persecuted for it. We can put that fish on our car and not fear for our lives when we drive away. We can wear a simple cross around our neck and have people understand what it stands for. However, when we speak openly about our faith, and about our God, we get laughed at. In Japan, Christianity is not the norm, so the few Christians there get ridiculed and abused. Though that is not the extreme here, we have, however, begun to slowly push God aside.
I believe that it is no longer “cool” to be a Christian. I, for one, am not ashamed of who I am, for I have never been “cool”. I’m not saying that we need to defend Christianity by trying to make it a popular thing to do, but my generation needs to do something. Recognizing this has brought me back to a spiritual high. Now, I want to share the Word for all to hear. I am reborn in the Spirit. Right now, in this moment, I am happy. Right now, it is just me and God.
God never left me. I left Him. I was the one who walked away. I blamed Him for the hardships in my life and He never once backed away. He waited for me with outstretched arms. He knew that I would return, and I have. Being a born-again Christian has made me relish and savor my time with my God. What a glorious and marvelous feeling it is to have God back in control. So, right now it is me and God, and that is all that I need in my life. Sure, the self-doubt might remain, but that is God showing me He loves me. He puts doubt and hardships in our life to see how we can handle it. He does that so we have to lean on Him, and He loves it when we do.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Always Without

So I have this wonderful, beautiful, talented cousin named Caitlin. Imagine me, only two years younger and about 4inches taller and you pretty much have me. Well, she texted me today and said she wrote something. I went to check my email and this is what I found:

Always Without
Jumping off the backyard swing
crunching leaves beneath our feet
slaps of high fives after our flights
were always the best memories
running through the park hand in hand
always keeping our eyes focused ahead
never turning to look behind
it was always perfect in my mind
childhood dreams and infantile wishes never breaking reality
let's hope for the best and forsake the rest, your smiles hold the key
i watched your laugh fade
i watched your smile sway
how your eyes melted away
your dreams of life becoming a blur
coconut pies and twinkling lights these are the days without
we've become unaligned as emptiness seeps through
what's missing these days are you

Anybody who knows me at all knows that she wrote that song about Jacob. How awesome is it?? Very! She rocks. Way to go Caitlin!! Anyways, I just wanted to post this because I thought it was phenonenal. The girl's got talent!

Friday, November 10, 2006

ok ok ok ok...stop it jordan!!

so, i just realized how long that post was (you know, the one you will read after this one). i guess i just wanted to say that i can actually write a short post!

seriously, i can!

alright alright...i'm leaving

oh, i don't know

Alright folks, I'm back. OK, so I did not go anywhere, but let's face it- I'm lazy. And I am a procrastinator. But I can be because I am in college. Gotta love college. Anyways, I set up my schedule for next semester and DUDE will be it be tough. I am taking 18 hours. My classes go as follows: Advanced Composition (it will be awesome. Bryan said it is fun, and relatively easy. We will see, Bryan); African American Literature (one of my favorite authors is Maya Angelou...the class will be awesome); Victorian England (I've always wanted to go to England...can somebody say ROADTRIP!?!...what?; Civil War and Reconstruction (not to sure about the class...I mean I love history, but I guess it will be super fun); Ethical Christian Living (hey, it's Bible, it's a requirement, I'm forced to take it, and the teacher rocks my will be fun fun!); and finally some fine arts class that I am not sure about (, I got nothing for this one). So, there. Enjoy that totally useless piece of information.
Thursday I have an article due for the Duster, but here is the catch: I can write about whatever!! Well, no politics, abortion issues, death penalty issues...etc. So I am limited, but it will be awesome. To my 4 readers, what should I write about?? Get back to me on that one.
I got another package from my grandmother the other day. It was the best. Inside was awesome. A sweet card, a cute purple pair of socks with penguins on them, tasty tea bags and hot cocoa mix, and delicious pop tarts. Does she know me or what?? Heee
Well, classes are going great. I did really well on all my tests last week. However, I have a ten page (at least) research paper due for Dr. Owen on the 27th. YIKES!!! It is worth like 20& of our grade, and the dude is super-duper strict!! I am really freaking out about the paper! I chose the emperor Tiberius. Upon doing research, I found out that he is vile, disgusting, perverted, pagan old man. Wow. I guess that in itself is a whole paper. Too late to change topics now.
So I am in love with the website Raise your hand if you love TV! *Puts hand down*. Well, if you love TV(yee), and snarky sarcastic reviews, then this site is for you. TWOP reviews television episodes. Sure, it can be rude and at times foul language used (yeah that made absolutely no sense) is great writing. If I ever miss out on a specific episode of a TV show, then I check it out there. It's pretty cool.
So...I know that I have already wrote enough but it is list time. Short one though!
1. LCU is like the coolest place on earth; although the caf food is terrible
2. My new favorite band is Vega4. (coincedentally, their song was used on a recent Grey's Anatomy episode. Said song is also the song on my myspace profile. it's because I'm awesome...ok not really)
3. research papers are not fun. they are monotonous and boring...and also very informative and helpful...gosh i can't make up my mind!!
4. I am talking on the phone
5. my sister Hannah is spending the weekend with me so I am excited
6. I am thirsty...time for a Dr. Pepper
7. my cousin Caitlin is having some neurological problems. not sure what is wrong. please Please PLEASE pray for her
8. work is good, but Thansgiving is around the corner which means lots of business which means more hours for me which means more get the point
9. i miss japan daily
10. i miss japan daily
11. i know i said that twice
12. i don't really care!
13. i want thanksgiving to get here to spend with family, and yummy yummy food but then i don't because my research papers are not even remotely complete (yes, as in plural, more than one folks!). they are due the day i get back from thanksgiving (all 3!!)
14. i am now cpr certified. exciting, but i am terrified. see, if someone passes out and needs cpr, but BY LAW i have to help the person. if i don't then i can get sued. if i help and the victim dies, i am protected by the good samaritan act. all in all its a complicated process and i have only practiced on dummies.
15. i am excited that derek and meredith are (finally) back together. it's about time. sorry, more grey's anatomy....
16. lotion is good for my dry skin
17. it's november and it was 90 degrees yesterday! i know! but it was back down in the 50s today. sheesh....west texas weather, gotta love it
18. alright, good night sweet folks
19. kudos to those who read this whole thing
20. first one to comment wins a BIG prize
21. seriously
alright, until we meet again (hee)......

Thursday, November 02, 2006

my weeks(s)??

Wow. Time flies by fast. Seriously, it does. I am on the computer all the time, but I forget about a little thing known as "My Blog." I am a terrible person for not updating more often. I am sorry all of my internet readers and friends. So, here goes...

Sunday October 29:
Church in the morning. It was good. Great actually. It was my first Sunday off in forever. I could have slept in, but I chose to go and worship my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yeah, it was awesome. I ate Popeyes for lunch. Ehh. It was a'ight. (Hehe, look at me going all gansta'!) One of my roomates called me and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the corn maze with her. I said yes. We got a group together and went to the corn maze. Yeah it was totally awesome. First though, we went to Rosa's and it was delicious. Home made tortillas are the best. Anyways, for those of you who have never gone to a corn maze, I highly suggest it. Although, you might have to live in the middle of nowhere to do it, but it is totally worth it. Here is a pic. Look above the text a ways, yeah you can't miss it. The first person is me, the second is Erica, and the other beautiful girl is Megan. It was like 50 degrees that night, so it was a bit nippy. Hehe, I love that word. It took us about 1 1/2 hours to get through the maze. Some people took over three hours!! We are just awesome. This year the maze was a horse and something and something else and in the back of the maze the word "Lubbock" is written in cursive. Yeah, we got lost there several times in that part. I think it is like 40-50 acres. Yeah it cool.

Later Sunday Night: We got back from the corn maze a little after 9, and I realized that I needed toothpaste. I was walking out to my car and I passed in front of my friends apartment and there she was outside carving a pumpkin. Upon closer inspection I saw my old room mate Hillary and her fiancee Josh. They were glad that I was back because apparently they had been banging on my window for me to join them. I sat with them as they carved beautiful pumpkins and it was totally awesome. We drank hot cocoa and pretty much froze. Kali's and Hillary's pumpkins were awesome. Josh's was No, it was really good. For real. It was about 11:30 and I realized that I could just borrow toothpaste from one of my roommates, so we cleaned up and I went back inside.

Monday October 30: Not a lot happened. Went to school. Tried to study; failed. Test for Wednesday was pushed back until Friday; cheer. Oh yeah, and I get a "courtesy" email about my chapel absences. Face it, some days I just do not want to go. Well, apparently I have 8. I thought I had more. We get 14 for the semester. I guess they are just reminding me. I don't know; it's kinda annoying.

Tuesday October 31: Boring Halloween. I spent a little time in the ER for an asthma attack, and got back around 4 am. By the way, I have some of the GREATEST roommates. They showed up and stayed with me all morning. Jessica, Erica, and Megan are just totally awesome. How many times have I said "totally awesome" in the post? Oh well more to come. I did not go to class or work that day. I slept. I needed it. It was great. Yeah, that's about it. Oh yeah, I also washed clothes. Also, I now have 9 chapel absences.

Wednesday November 1: I had to look pretty today because I had an oral presentation. I put on my grey dress pants and a nice sweater and aced the thing. I then hauled it to work. Worked for 7 hours then after work hauled it to the library. Met friends (Ashley, Bryan, Lindey, Rob, Randy, and some girl that I forgot her name). We studied for Dr. Owen's class. Rob and Randy left around 9:30. Bryan left around 10:15. Lindsey left around 10:40. All that was left was me, Ashley, and Nice No-Named Girl. We sayed until the library closed (midnight). I went home and stayed up 'til about 2:00. Guys, come on, I think I might have aced it. Well, maybe not but I have an A in the class, so even if I did do "D" or "C" worthy, I still am doing good in the class.

Thursday November 2: Thursday is quite possibly my favorite day of the week. I call it Grey'sday instead of Thursday. That's right, there is a brand stinkin' new episode tonight, and I am full of sheer delight. 3 and 1/2 hours until showtime. Every one should watch Grey's Anatomy tonight. I am sure you will not be disappointed...ok, maybe it's not your thing, but I love it!! Totally awesome. Really really great writing, and the acting is sa-weet. Man, I went off on one of my Grey's tangents again. Sorry. Well, I took my test this morning and then and went to another class. My 2:35 class was cancelled (yippee). Now, I am typing this to all you good folks.

Friday, Saturday November 3-4: Yeah, I'm not psychic. No clue. Although I do work a 9 hour shift Saturday and I have another Dr. Owen test Friday. Pray for me.
Until we meet again folks...