Sunday, July 02, 2006

sushi go-round and fire

Konichiwa! Hope all is well with all of my readers. Let me say thanks to all of you who actually read this and leave comments, thank you!! I absolutely love it! The first thing that I do when I get up is to get on here and read the comments. It makes my day to know that I am helping you all understand the culture of Japan. Also, a happy belated to birthday to Uncle Kay and also Aunt Libby! Who-hoo, sounds like fun. Wish I could be there, but instead I am here in a foreign country and enjoying every minute of it....jealous? Yeah, it happens, it`s ok. Anyways, here is the part that you all really want to hear (read) about........
First, we had church this morning. Of course, it`s Sunday. It was good and Sugao preached his message in both languages. Wonderful. My 2:00 reader rescheduled so I only had one for the day. We were all hungry after church so we went to this sushi restaurant known as the "sushi go-round". It was um....well.....exotic, for lack of a better word. Anyways, there is a big conveyor belt that goes around the entire restaurant. On the belt are small plates of sushi. Lots and lots of different kinds. Some cooked, some raw, some with wasabi, some fried, and some wrapped in seaweed. Each plate is 100 yen, so you stack your plates and when you are finished they come by and tell you how much you owe. I got 6 plates and some water so my total was only 612 yen. I actually got very full. Each plate has 2 pieces of sushi on it. The first one I tried was one that had raw tuna on it with wasabi. There is a pile of rice (pushed together so it is easy to pick up) and then there is the wasabi (a very spicy condiment that I really love), and then the raw tuna lays on top. It really was not that bad. You dip it in soy sauce and it tastes pretty good. The next one I got was a shrimp one. The shrimp was boiled but huge. It was ok, the rice was vinegar rice and I am not a huge fan of vinegar, so I only ate one. The next one I got was ebi (shrimp) tempura. It was very good. No wasabi on that one. I got another one with like a slice of hamburger covering the rice. It was really good. I also got two desserts (actually, the same ones. It was this little puffed pastry with chocolate syrup, sprinkles and whip cream on it). So, to sum up my first Japanese sushi experience, it was not that bad. The sushi in Lubbock is terrible compared to fresh sushi. Stay away from Lubbock sushi!!
Next, we went to Yamamya which is the foreign grocery store and bought stuff to make smores for tonight. I had a reading session at 3 so I prepared for that. She is already a Christian, but a beginner. She finished the beginner book today so I grabbed the Luke workbook so we can start on that. I`m not focusing to much on the Word with her, but mostly on her conversational english skills. She is a great woman. She always brings us snacks everytime she comes.
At 6:30 we had a fireside devo out at the ocean. It had been rainy all day so we were debating whether or not to have it outside. The sky cleared up, so we took our chances. It was absolutely great. We brought frisbees and played right there on the beach. We finally got the fire going so we all sat around the fire and sang songs. Of course we had to sing the song "Light the Fire". That is a favorite of mine. We also sang "Awesome God", "Open the Eyes of My Heart", and a few Japanese songs. It was great. Everybody really loved it. We had a devo time and it too was wonderful. Next, we pulled out the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers for the smores. Most of the Japanese people had never had them, but almost all of the foreigners had. The people absolutely fell in love. There is no telling how many we made, but it was a bunch. One of the church members, Jun, was fishing and he caught a small fish so he sat and roasted the fish over the fire. We all took a small bite of this "mystery" fish and enjoyed it immensly. We also lit lots of fireworks and had a fireworks show. Here you can buy fireworks in stores and stuff. Pretty cool man! Finally, around 9:00 we wrapped things up and headed for dinner. We went to this great little western style restaurant called Gusto. I got a hamburger patty (more like smothered steak) and some chicken. It was really good.
So, that was my day. I have no readers until 2:00 tomorrow so I am hoping to post some more pics on our website. I also hope to make some more albums so that the pics can be in some sort of group. Like I have said before, all of my directions here are written in Japanese, so I can not tell how to post pics on this blog. Sorry! If any of you need the address again let me know. Again, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who take time out of your busy day to check out my blog. You guys all rock!! Who-hoo. I am going to have a book when I get back! There was a little more to my day, but nothing really worth mentioning in my blog. But, I will say this- Bryan got offered a job here in Japan. He graduates in December and has always wanted to come to Japan and teach english. Since Rusty and Laura are leaving, that leaves a space open at Mike`s english school. Bryan is really considering taking the job. Mike would like him her in January. I`m proud for him. I think that it would be a great opportunity for him. So I guess that I am just asking you all to add him to your prayer lists and pray for him as he tries to make up his mind about this amazing job opportunity. Well, that`s all for tonight. Take care all!!!


Libby said...

Jordan, I would probably starve over there--except for the smores---Dennis and I tried sushi in San Diego and I could hardly stay in the restaurant. I know you are there to teach them, but you are also having a wonderful learning experience.Thanks for telling us all the details ---we probably will never get to experience it first hand. I just got in from church and had to check to see if you had posted. We're very proud of you and we love you much . Libby

nanna said...

hey sweetie, i have to tell you i agree with aunt libby-just couldn't take the sushi. you're a brave soul eating fish guts and raw fish!!!
have any of the people you've come in contact with ever been to the states? just curious.
i'm trying to think of any major happenings that have gone on since you left and actually things have been fairly quiet. discovery is suppose to lift off today if no major cloud can watch for it to pass over japan with your superman eyes('cuse me-superwoman eyes).
jordan, we enjoy your blog so much and i know it takes a lot of time to report as much as you do but we really thank you. i love you sweetie, and pray for you and your team that you'll be able to plant much seed.

nanna said...

jordan, you need to have uncle kay tell you about the sweet blessing that has been added to his and aunt jo's family.
love you precious,

2 Texas Paw Paw said...

The beach, fireside marshmellow roast, graham crackers and chocolate, the songs and fellowship, yes, the sushi---NO. But it sounds like you had a wonderful Sunday and I'm glad. Yes, Aunt Jo and I have a new member to our family, our third Great Grandchild, Miss Aeva Raye Gamble, born June 27, 7 lbs 11 oz, 19 1/4 inches long and good looking like me. Don't change anything, we love reading about your adventures. We love you and can't wait for your next "BOOK". J & K-----Thank you for the Happy Birthday wish and the truth about all the ages floating around----I am younger than both your Nanna and Aunt Libby!

Aunt DeeDee said...

Hey girl,
It is so interesting to hear the food experiences you are having. I am a little jealous I will never experience some of the things you are experiencing, like real sushi,and ramon noodles. How was the Bamboo by the way? Well, just wanted to let you know we love you! By the way, Happy Birthday Uncle Kay and Aunt Libby. Love you guys too!