Thursday, July 20, 2006

So sad

Alright, last night my first reader finished. She cannot come any more. It made me so sad to realize that it is actually almost over. I knew that it was coming, of course, but all of a sudden reality hits me. I am so sad to leave this wonderful place. We only have 4 more days of reading sessions! I want to stay here and continue working. Six weeks is such a long time, but I want to stay longer. we have been here pouring our heart out to these people, and most of them are finally opening up to us. They have begun to ask us difficult questions and really want to learn more! It is so exciting. So, I guess the time comes for me to face reality and accept the fact that it will soon come to an end. I have made life long friends and the memories I made here will always be with me. These things are so important to me. When I get back to the states, I will be thinking about that one reader. What is she up to? How is her spiritual journey going? Then I will look back and remember that other reader, and the great questions that she asked me. I could always tell when God made her ask the question. Amazing. So now is the time to begin giving out the reader gifts. I bought like 20 of these little crosses that are silver and come with a bookmarks with John 3:16 on them. For some, I got these little lapel pins that each have different things on them. I brought along with me on the trip one of my devoltional books, and am debating whether or not to give to this one reader who is really seeking. I showed it to her and she loved it. She has been studying the Bible for about 6 years now. Praise God! She is so close, I can feel, and so can she. As the rain falls gently on the roof, I am reminded of home. Will I ever return to this wonderful place? Hopefully so!! Next year even! That would be awesome. I miss home, and want to go back, but I love it here and want to stay. Oh well, the time comes for all good things to end. I guess that I am thinking that when I do get back home, I will always think of this summer and the work that we did. I spent my summer serving God and doing His work. When I get back to school, and go back to work, I will feel almost useless. I mean, for 6 weeks I have been nothing but a servant. When I get back I will fall into this usual routine that I love. Be with my friends and family that I love. I do not get depressed at all, but this is slightly depressing. Oh well, I`m sure that when the time comes for me to board that plane, I will not think twice about it. Some good ol` Mexican food here I come!! Sweetened ice tea, down ya go! I can`t wait to tell you all of my amazing stories that I have not posted on my blog. Things are great with us, but we are at that point of the trip where reality has hit. Soon, we will be home and have all of the precious memories. Take care guys!!


Libby said...

Jordan, I can't begin to know what you are feeling at this time, but you must know what a blessing you are to these people and they are going to miss you so much. I just know that God will cover you with his grace as you prepare to leave. You know , as well as I do, that we could not handle goodbyes without it. You know that if you never get to Japan again , you will see them again. You've planted the seed in so many and I know God will do the rest. I also know when you get to the states all you have to do is look around for more readers. You just go about it a little differently here. You are an amazing christian and you will have many times to share your faith. I love you and I am praying for you as your time to leave these precious people grows nearer. Libby

Mom said...

Hey Ladybug,

I sure did enjoy talking to you tonight. Im so proud of you. If your dad and I ever did anything right it was teaching you, Jacob and Hannah about God. He will guide you here in the USA just as he has in Japan. Just like your Aunt Libby said, there are so many here that need God. And who knows mabe you can go back next summer.
Hannah and I (and someone else) will see you in eleven days can't wait.

2 Texas Paw Paw said...

Dear Jordan,---I hope you will forgive me for not commenting lately on your post. I have been working several hours for my son, Royce, and Grandson, Bryan and just haven't taken the time because this old man runs out of gas a lot quicker than he use to. I assure you I have read everything you have posted and I enjoyed it very much. Praise God for the work you and your group have been doing in Japan. Don't be sad because I have an idea you will be going many many places in your life carrying the work of God, and I know he will guide you every step of the way. Each time you get sad or down because the work you are doing comes to an end, look back at this poem I am passing on to you and then, look ahead.-----WHEN WE FEEL WE HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO GIVE, AND WE ARE SURE THAT THE SONG HAS ENDED---WHEN OUR DAY SEEMS OVER AND THE SHADOWS FALL, AND THE DARKNESS OF NIGHT HAS DECENDED---WHERE CAN WE GO TO FIND THE STRENGTH TO VALIANTLY KEEP ON TRYING---WHERE CAN WE FIND THE HAND THAT WILL DRY THE TEARS THAT THE HEART IS CRYING---THERE'S BUT ONE PLACE TO GO AND THAT IS TO GOD, AND DROPPING ALL PRETENSE AND PRIDE---WE CAN POUR OUT OUR PROBLEMS WITHOUT RESTRAINT, AND GAIN STRENGTH WITH HIM AT OUR SIDE---AND TOGETHER WE STAND AT LIFE'S CROSSROAD, AND VIEW WHAT WE THINK IS THE END---BUT GOD HAS A MUCH BIGGER VISION, AND HE TELLS US IT'S ONLY A BEND---FOR THE ROAD GOES ON AND IS SMOOTHER, AND THE PAUSE IN THE SONG IS A REST---AND THE PART THAT'S UNSUNG AND UNFINISHED, IS THE SWEETEST, AND THE RICHEST, AND THE BEST---SO REST AND RELAX AND GROW STRONGER, LET GO AND LET GOD SHARE YOUR LOAD---YOUR WORK IS NOT FINISHED OR ENDED, YOU'VE JUST COME, TO A BEND, IN THE ROAD:-----God Bless you Jordan Williams and your group. Aunt Jo and I, along with every member of your family and all your many friends, could not be any more proud than we are of you. I am sure you will never forget what you have accomplished in Japan, but there is one thing for sure, we won't. We love you, Go With God. Aunt Jo and Uncle Kay.