Sunday, July 09, 2006

under the sea

Sunday we had our third party and it was great!! First of, like I laways say, let me start at the beginning....
We got in from Tokyo Friday night at about 9. It gets dark here about 7 by the way. Tyler and I were both exhausted so I took a quick shower, and wrote my blogs then I went to sleep. Sunday school starts at 9:30 so we set the alarm for 8:45. We set off to wonderful dreamland. All of a sudden I was awakened by someone shouting. Who could that be? All I heard was "Jordan, Tyler church starts in 20 minutes!". It was Bryan calling out to us from the top of the stairs. They were already at the church and our alarm failed to go off. Here it was, 9:10 and we were stilll lying in bed. We jumped up. I made it downstairs in like 7 minutes (cause I`m a speed dresser, and wear no makeup!) and ate some breakfast. At that time people started showing up, so I scarfed down my banana and peanut butter. Tyler made her way down right at 9:30. The guys had to give their testimonies during Sunday school, and Tyler and I go next week. Our testimonies are really nothing special other than we were all raised in the church and have been Christians for a while. They are great, nonetheless, but not as profound as some of the others. Anyways, church starts at 10:30 and Sugao told Bryan to give the sermon for that day. Bryan gave a wonderful sermon with Sugao translating the entire thing. After church, we all walked to this place not far called Woody`s and it is Italian food. There was like 20 of us eating lunch there. The plates are huge!! I got this shrimp pasta in cream sauce with a blueberry shake. It was amazing! I love blueberry, and this tasted unvelievable. Tyler and I both had a 2:00 reading session so we grabbed the rest of our lunch to go and took off to the church to set it up. The guys went with Sugao to get groceries for the party. We finished up our reading sessions and went over to the Kindergarten (next door) and helped decorate for the party. The theme was Under the Sea and it was a blast! We had lots of people show up, probably nearing 40. Lots of readers as well. We played crab-walk soccer (haha, so fun to watch) and then we had a relay race. We got into two teams and had to put on a pair of goggles, a swimming cap, and an inner tube around our waist and run to the other side of the room and hand off the items to the next person. It was so much fun and everybody had a blast. We then had some more time so we played the card game "go-fish". The Japanese people had never played that before and it was so much fun watching them learn and they truly loved it. We cleaned up the kindergarten and headed back across to the church. Alot of our younger readers (high school and college aged) always like to hang out at the church. The party was over at 6 and they all didnt leave until about 9. It was so much fun just hanging out with all of them. There were 3 of my readers there, 3 of Tylers and just some more who are not readers (yet!). We had such a fun time and they all love us! Well, that was my day Sunday. Today has been pretty slow and I only have 4 readers today. Tomorrow I am swamped and have 8!! One of my readers wants to take me out and buy me a yukata! She is so sweet so I have marked out time so she can take me. I will report back again at a later time and talk about my Tuesday. Take care and have a wonderful day, because it is like 12:30 pm right now and probably most of you are sleeping! Take care and love you all.

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cousin caitlin said...

of course that's a great testimony! it shows that you've been connected to God for a long time and you don't have to be some wild and crazy idiot before coming to Christ. i applaud the fact that you've been a christian a long time. it's special. not everyone can say that. does that make sense?
i'm glad youre having fun, it's desperately boring without you here. you better be getting me cool japanese stuff. and you better be making cool japanese friends with faces like this ^_^
mk bye