Wednesday, December 13, 2006

shooting stars and coyotes

so, tonight was awesome. i was driving home from lubbock and all of a sudden this flash of light flew across my windshield. when i saw flash of light, i mean a tiny shooting star! it was sweet. i thought that i was mistaken, but sure enough, there was another one! two in one night. two in less than 10 minutes. how cool is that?
anyways, i was almost home when all of a sudden a huge flash of white flew across the road. by huge flash of light i mean a huge, snarling, angry coyote! how cool is that? very.
i finally get home and start watching my family wrap christmas presents when i tell them my story. kim looks at me and says that there is some sort of meteor shower tonight, so we all went outside and looked at the sky. within a minute of being out there, kim and i see another shooting star, at the same time! it was pretty cold out there, but i was determined to see more, so we all stood out there counting the stars. dad claimed he "saw" enough so he went inside. kim, hannah, and i vowed to stay out there until we all three saw one at the same time. about 5 minutes later, WHOOOSH! and we all ran inside. ok, so falling stars do not make a sound, but if they did, that is what i think it would sound like.
we went back inside and continued wrapping presents. kim said that around midnight we were suppose to be able to see the aurora borealis, or the northern lights. we all stayed up, and around midnight hannah went outside, and claimed that she saw them. i went outside with her, and ironically in the south-east sky, there were the lights. not the beautiful, greenish, pinkish, blueish lights, instead there were grayish, faint pinkish hue in the sky. it was pretty cool. nothing to get to excited over though.
when the excitement wore off and everybody was about to go to bed, i checked my grades online and got b's all across the board. i was expecting two a's, but i'll take it. 3.0 gpa baby. i took some really, really hard classes this semester, and i am happy with my grades. although, i totally think dr. owen just does not like to give a's, because he totally gave me a b. before the final i had a 97 average, and i could have made like a 73 on the final (it counts twice) and still got an a in the class. the final was cake, and there is no way i got a lower grade than that. ahhh. oh well, he gave me a b in ancient history and i am super duper stoked about that!
well, take care cyber world...
by the way, i have forgone any and all capitalization. i don't know why. maybe because i am awesome? no, it's because i am lame person, and always will be! hehe, my self-esteem is pretty high though!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pictures folks!

So, finals are consuming my life!! AHHHHH!!!!! Oh well, Tuesday is my last day. Cheer! Anyways, here are a few pics taken recently. Not by me of course! Hint hint...I have no camera. Ahem. Enjoy, and within a few days there will be a new blog up regarding the end of the semester. Take care my 5!! readers.

Christmas Party!! Eight of us girls had a SWEET Christmas party! First, we had an awesome dinner at Carino's (yummy!), then we headed to the mall for pictures with creepy Santa. It was fun. Then, we went to bath junkie and had a great time. In this pic: Sarah, Jennifer, Jacinda, me, and Lauren.
After Santa, we went to Jacinda's apartment and had a white elephant gift exchange. I got two pairs of the coolest socks ever. We then drank eggnog (yuck!) and watched The Bishop's Wife and old black and white Cary Grant movie. It was great! In this pic: me, Lauren, and Erica.

Snowball fight LCU style! This was two days after our first snow, and this is the Duster staff. It was great! Eric is the dork wearing shorts when it was 38 degrees outside. In this picture: Eric, Rene, Stacy, John, Melissa, Bree, Lindsey, Jordan (that's me!), Chris, Taylor, Mai, and Maha. I am the one fighting with Melissa (brown coat). After the pic, four of us girls had a snowball fight! Sweet.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Just For Fun!!

HeeHee!! I LOVE this!! By the way, I did not write this, but I sort of did help Ryan a little. It is awesome, and it tells you all about LCU! Enjoy! Oh, and I just do not feel like writing now...

By Ryan Summers, Staff Writer
December 5, 2006printable version
For a little over 50 years, Lubbock Christian University has educated thousands of eager students, but recently, talk has flooded national newspapers everywhere that LCU may be a Central Intelligence Agency headquarter, and that those knowledge hungry students are really educating the government. “Chapter S”, or “ChapS” for short, was a CIA installation in late 1955 in Lubbock, Texas. Its primary goal was to gain insight about West Texas college students. The “college” grew slow, as to not arise excessive suspicion by keen farmers and local residents. Despite an unlimited budget for the operation, the school grew consistently, but not excessively for 50 years and counting.
The most important installment to the compound came in 1974 when an eight-story communication and dispatch center was built. Named the “CDC”, Central Dispatch and Control, or as students know it, the Christian Development Center, the eight-story building revealed only two stories above ground, with six others below the surface. It resembled the White house in design and serves as an “alternative evacuation site.” With a heavily concealed entry to the lower levels, via the office of Agent David Fraze, agents are continuously reporting their findings to the central desk on floor Negative Four. Negative Four is where the chief officer for “Operation ChapS” conducts his work. His name: Lieutenant Ken Jones, or as many know him, Dr. L. Ken Jones, with the letter “L” substituting his rank in order to protect the confidentiality of the project.
The Field House, as most know, was a hangar in its earlier life. Many wonder why LCU gained the possession of such an oddity. The United States government handed the hangar down to the CIA to use here, on the compound, as another underground facility, the top floor functioning as an athletic center for subjects. It was also discovered that 1,264 agents report in almost daily, from either this compound or others around the region, and are under the authority of “Chapter S.” Consequently, there are 1,264 seats in the Moody McDonald Auditorium. The Auditorium is suspected to be the location of the Bi-Annual regional meeting, one taking place in late December, and the other, during early July; while subjects are released for a period of time to visit family and friends. The CIA also benefits from the funds generated by the subjects, which they believe are “Tuition” fees, but are rather financial support for the salary of the 135 direct employees of “Chapter S.”
There are approximately 135 CIA members that conduct daily observation at the compound. Many of them pose as teachers, others as security guards, and even janitors. The information regarding the compound was leaked to the public when the FBI, here on campus, interrogated student Taylor Lassiter. One member of the investigative team had a private conversation with another agent, which was overheard by Lassiter, who as editor of the college newspaper took the story national. It is not known exactly why the CIA is collecting such information, but popular belief is that the subjects found participating in “ChapS” represent the finest and most prestigious around.
As “Finals” near, the agents will begin their most arduous of observations, much like Project “MK-ULTRA” which took place in the 1950’s by administering drugs and testing to subjects. Many subjects here at the compound will be under the heavy influence of Psychedelic drugs such as “Red Bull” and “Full Throttle” while forced to take lengthy and difficult exams. While there have been no casualties reported in the findings due to these exams, they are still considered life threatening by CIA agents, and are administered with the utmost care and supervision.
You can walk up to any “Agent” and try to extract knowledge about “ChapS”, but it is unlikely that any fruitful information will come about. All known facts about this compound have been presented here, and any updates will be published as they surface.
While none of this has been acknowledged or confirmed by the Federal Government, it is all completely true.
The preceding story is an insightful (if not totally fabricated – you be the judge) look at what is really going on at Lubbock Christian University. Please keep in mind that taking it too seriously could be harmful to your health!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

driving and Christmas partay!

Sweet. I made it home safe and sound from the Metroplex. It was awesome. I feel better prepared to train an LST team. Now, I just have to find! Anyways, for all you worry rats out there (you know who you are!! hee), have no fear, for I am home. It was a great drive, and the drive alone let me destress my life. It was great to just put in my music and "chill". OK, not much "chilling" was going on since I was operating a moving vehicle.

Anyways, on to bigger and better things! Tonight, Sunday, we had our Duster Christmas party at the 50th St. Caboose. It was really good. The "freeness" of the whole thing was even better. So, our advisor came and stopped by and he gave us all of our stories that we had written for the semester. I wrote 14 in all. After dinner, we all got a Stupid Silly Award. My SSA was "Mr. T's 'I Pity the Fool' Award for Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty for Being 'Subarashi'." I have been told that means "awesome" in Japanese. I was stoked for that award! It was awesome. My favorite one went to Eric. His was "Most Likely to Get Edited by the Organization." heeee. It was awesome. He wrote about 5 articles that The Powers That Be at LCU would not allow him to run. They were all awesome, but some of them were a little sensitive. Case in point, a story about a hacker on campus was not allowed to run because Eric "figured out" too much info. Bumer.

After dinner, we also had a white elephant Christmas. I brought a red picture frame and received a red picture frame. hee. It was cool. My favorite gift, though, was brought by Rob. He brought a male Barbi with a plaque that said "World's Best Dad" on it. The gift went to Stacy, who is a mom, but she loved it. It too was awesome.

After the gift exchange, we went to the floor and played games! We all got like 13 tokens and had a blast. We got all of our tickets together and got this really cool elephant for our meetings. The elephant symbolizes an inside joke, that is far to long to share with you all. Anyways, it is hilarious, and cool.

So, that is pretty much it. This blog is pretty short, but I gotta go study. I have finals!! Ahhh! I suggest lots of prayer. Anyways, take care world, and until we meet again!!