Tuesday, July 11, 2006


So last night was very wierd. I could not go to sleep and it was about 1 am. All of a sudden I got this great urge to write a story. I do that quite a bit, but usually after a couple of sentences I get writers block. Anyways, this is what I wrote, and believe it or not, it only took about 30 minutes. Hopefully you can tell who all the characters are. We have all been given nicknames this trip. Hope you all enjoy. It may be finished, may not....

As Bryan`s left foot touched foreign soil, he immediately thought "I know that place. I`ve been here before." He recognized the group of people waiting for him, staring at him intently. "Is this a dream" he thought "Has it really been one year since I was last here"? As he took a step toward the waiting group, a young giant stepped off of the bus. The eager crowd knew of his height, but as they looked at the towering figure before them, they smiled. He was no threat. Next followed two wide-eyed girls. One Bryan knew for 20 years, the other for a only a few months. As the four of them stood together, gazing intently at the awe-struck crowd, they knew that they were finally here. For months they had dreamed of this moment. The small group of people looked at the youngsters with mixed emotions. Finally the group of 4 stepped out of the shadows and stood a few feet apart from the anticipated crowd. Like rainbows falling from the sky, they all smiled in unison. They were here.

The four weary travelers were treated like royalty as they were driven to the castle. Once there, they met their king. He was so very excited to finally have them at his castle. Then came the Boss Lady. They were under her constant care and supervision. She looked at them like a mother hen looks at her chicks. A little bit of hesitation quickly flashed through her eyes, but then all that came was a sense of hope. The 3 newbies were taking in all of what was happening, while their fearless leader looked like a seasoned pro. All doubt passed their faces as their leader mingled with the group of spectators.

Later, assignments were given out by the Boss Lady. The 4 young people were eager to get their work started. They had come here with a purpose, and they wanted to do the best job possible. Determination and dedication shown brightly in every face. Eagerness crept through the Boss Ladies gaze. With the assignments handed out, the team began their work.

The first day of readers were nervous and quiet, at first. They soon loosened up and became a joy to work with. Once the butterfiles left the young people`s stomach, they took that deep sigh of relief. More and more readers showed up at the castle, and soon the team had no time to check facebook or myspace pages. Their bright-eyed, fresh faced readers brought a sense of control over the castle. The operation was moving slowly.

Over the course of the lessons, the operation kicked into high gear. The readers became eager to learn more, and with that brought difficult questions. Some left the teachers baffled, but they were all excited. They had come so far in the short time they had settled down. Soon, they became seasoned pros-answering difficult questions left and right, using the Bible as their only resource. If they had that, the answers came. Most of the readers bagan to realize that they were not dealing with young college rookies. Whatever the readers threw, the youngsters knocked it out of the park. The teachers knew what was happening- seeds were being planted.

Every day the readers came in droves, eager to hear more wise thoughts from the young people. Relationships began to develop. Next, came trust. The gifts came in masses. The castle was stocked with generous items from the many readers.

The parties held outside of the castle were a success. New recruits were found, and relationships became stronger. The teachers were getting invites from everybody. The Gentle Giant and the Birth of Success spent the day with the man, the myth, the legend- Duke Hajime. Young Tyler`s readers stayed late at the castle, hanging out with thier wonderful teacher. The glue that held the opperation in place continued with the already fromed relationship with his readers. Every day he got homemade goodies from the beautiful maiden Yoriko and the others were jealous. They all got gifts all the time. All four of the teachers were pleased with their work.

Miraculouly, the operation went on without any major glitches. Their king would praise them for their hard work and looked on with admiration. The Boss Lady looked pleased. Here they were, at the halfway point in the operation, and the results were starting to show.

Each of the teachers had to adjust. The Gentle Giant had to get use to the fact that he towered over everybody. The Birth of Success had to learn how to slow down when she talked. Line up the Sun had to adjust to the fact that her days were slow, but her nights were just packed. The team leader, who hated that title, was content that his training was not done in vain. He nodded approvingly that is team was succeeding. Soon, they would all have to leave the enchanting castle and return to their hectic lives. The pressures of school and and work would soon everwhelm them, but they would remember the memories they all shared. After all, they all had a book full of wierd and random quotes said throughout thier mission.

As they prepared to leave the castle, they knew that the seeds they planted would slowly begin to grow. As the four of them turned around and looked at their humble abode, they felt a slight sense of accomplishment. The readers were in the hands of the king and boss lady. The four younsters gripped their bags and looked at each other. "There will always be the memories" they thought together. They all looked behind them once more to see the cross slowly fade into the vast landscape. The four smiled and started their journey home. THE END??


2 Texas Paw Paw said...

You don't have to be very smart to figure out every character in this story. Brilliantly done and told Jordan, and I can see God's work in every word. If you keep nothing else from your trip, this piece of work that you have just posted should be printed, framed and hung high for God's praise forever. I hereby declare this a "MASTERPIECE"!!! Uncle K

Libby said...

what a beautiful story. God has given you a great gift. I expect a signed copy of your first book. If you've slowed your talk ,us TEXANS may not be able to understand you! Jordan, you will never know how proud your family is of you. Love you, Libby