Thursday, May 31, 2007

What do I say now

I say nothing because I am writing! Oh wow, this jet lag is terrible because my jokes are so corny. Terrible. Anyway, where do I begin (question mark). By the way, I do not know where the question mark is on this wacky keyboard, so whenever I need a question mark to end a sentence I will just do like I did above. Hope it works. So, like I always say, let us begin at the beginning...

I woke up this morning at around 8, but did not need to be up until 9. Again, I woke up before the alarm! Crazy! Also, Holly woke up about the same time as me. We put on our super cool yellow LST shirts, and around 9 Adam, Shane, and Bryan were at the church. Tyler woke up. We had an information meeting at 10 and had a pretty good turnout. Around 10:45 it was over, so Tyler and I took the others around Taga. Sweet! It was so cool because I actually knew where I was going.

We got back to the church at around 11:15 and some of the church members had lunch for us. Awesome! How sweet. Adam is already craving Buffalo Wild Wings, so Tomoko made buffalo wings, not knowing of his craving. They were so good, and she made them herself.

Meeting with Judith.

After the meeting, we went to get a snack, and then Adam and I left for ICC for our second info meeting. As we were walking to the building, Kiara-cho, we saw a guy throwing a javelin. I thought those were outlawed, but I guess not. We went inside Kiara-cho.

Once inside, some of the people were finishing up their Thursday singing time, but when they saw Adam they wanted to do a few more songs. In most of the Church of Christ (CoC) hymms, the guys sing lead while the women echo, or vice versa. This one lady wanted to do this song, but had never been able to because there was no guy to sing. She had her wish! We did a few worship songs, and then we helped them paint these super cool signs about giving away umbrellas because the rainy season is about to start. On the handle of the umbrella is a scripture, so that is neat.

Time for the info meeting. After relocating twice, we finally settled in the prayer room upstairs in Kiara-cho. People were lined up outside and just kept coming! Finally, I gave my speech and began signing readers up. Today, 14 came. 18 in all! Praise Jesus!! Who! Adam had all but two show, and I was wrong previously. All but one of mine showed today. We finally left, but as we were leaving, Hanna (she comes from a Christian home. Hanna is not a Japanese name, so it was unusual to have a Hanna. Also, one of Adams readers name is Sara. Same situation. Plus, I also cannot find the apostrophe, so the posessive state is implied.) stopped me in the doorway and gave me this awesome alien figurine from Toy Story. My favorite movie! Sweet! He is too cool. We were on our way when Hanna called out for Adam-san and she gave him this little bitty figurine that was so cute. She said that it was small, but it was ok. Adam loved it. It was like an alien sitting in a glass with a straw and a lemon coming out. It was pretty cute.

We returned to Taga for the last info meeting. Shane did all the talking for that one, and soon they were finished signing up their readers. We were all pretty hungry, so we invited Ayumi and Tomomi to have dinner with us. We walked to the restaurant and it was delicious. Tyler, Holly, Shane and I had shrimp tempura, while Adam had this fried chicken and rice stuff. The two other girls had udong noodles. We were thankful they came with us or else we would not have known how to order or pay. Sweet!

That was the super short version of my day. We had a great time today. Lovely! It is pretty chilly here, but I am glad that I brought a little hoodie. It has just been misting, but no heavy rain just yet.

Tomorrow is Friday, and normally that would be our day off, but we have our first reading sessions tomorrow. I do not have one until 11, but Adam has one at 9:25 so I am going to meet him at Omika station early and we will walk to the school together. Every morning I have to take the 8:57 train from Taga into Omika, and then we have to take the 7:03 train back to Taga. If we miss that one, we can take the 7:15. I think. I am still suffereing from jet lag, and this key board is really freaking me out. I cannot ask questions, use quotation marks, the at symbol, or apostrophe. Grr! Oh well, it is all alright. Is that correct English (question mark) Probably not. Well, have a great time in America (Canada) all! Unless you are not in America (Canada), then have a great time in the country in which you reside. I enjoy the comments!

God Bless you all.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So, here I am

Well, we made it. It was about time. The 13 hour plane ride seemed to take 44 hours, and it was pretty much uncomfortable. It was alright though because we were headed to Japan! The movies on the plane were ok, I really enjoyed Freedom Writers, and Norbit was stupid. "How YOU doin?" Lame! Anyway, after close to 24 hours of traveling, we got into Hitachi-Taga. Sugao, Bryan, and Mike met us at the bus stop and took our luggage and we were off. After a quick stop to Bryan`s house to drop off the guys luggage, we headed out to the church. Nice. They put bunk beds in there for us to use, so it is less crowded. We walked into the church, and Michi, one of my readers from last year, had a sign that said "Welcome" and it had all of our names and she even drew our faces! It. Was. Awesome. I am totally going to fight somebody so I can bring that home.

After everybody left the three of us took quick showers and went right to bed. All I remember was saying good night, and I do not even remember my head hitting the bean bag. My pillow is a bean bag, so that is cool. It was 10:30.

Holly and I both woke up at around 6:45, so we just ate, talked, and ate again until Tyler woke up. We had a meeting with Judith, Bryan, and Dan to talk about LST stuff. I had to write a speech for an information meeting I was giving later in the day.

Lunch at the Rahman shop. Fantastic.

Michi decided to take me and Adam on the train and show us the walk to Ibaraki Christian Campus. About 10 minutes. Not too bad. Since the team is not separated, Adam and I will spend all of our time at ICC. We both have about 18 readers. Nice! I gave the info meeting, met a few readers, and then Junichi (youth minister for Omika), Hanna, and two other girls gave us the campus tour. Nice campus. Adam and I both have 2 Christian readers, so that is great!

After the tour, Adam and I walked back to the train station and headed back to Taga. As I type there is a line underneath my words because I accidentally hit the Japanese button and do not know how to get it off. I apologize if nobody can read this.

We got back to the church and every Wednesday night they have a college cell group. Basically, they cook dinner, sing worship songs, and have a devo. It is great. There were about 18 people there so we had a great turnout. I would say that more than half of the people there were not Christians, but they come to this cell group because they are seeking. I met this one girl, Yuka (I think), who goes to Abilene Christian University so that was great! Edisa (?) cooked dry curry and rice and it was so great. curry and rice and it was so great. Yummy! Two fantastic meals today.

Basically, after looking at the schedule, we are going to be pretty busy. Mine we are going to be pretty busy. Mine and Adam`s to be pretty busy. Mine and Adam`s day begins at 9:2 Mine and Adam`s day begins at 9:25 Mine and Adam`s day begins at 9:25 and continues until 6:40. We are on the campus schedule. We go back to Taga and hang out at the church and have our daily devo and stuff like that. It will be fun. Also, we have 5 parties, FriendsCamp, Wednesday night cell groups, Ladies tea, Wednesday night cell groups, Ladies tea, Adam and I will have this worship thingy Thursday nights, and we will also be going to the Children`s home and hang out with the chillen. Sweet! So, all in all, we have a very busy 6 weeks lined up for us. I am excited to see what God has in store for people here.

I found out today that Ibaraki prefecture (similar to a state), is known as the "Japanese Bible Belt" because there are 30 Church of Christ churches in Ibaraki, and only 60 in the entire country. Praise Gawd fer Vitory! I think that is from Steinbeck`s The Praise Gawd fer Vitory! I think that is from Steinbeck`s The Grapes of Wrath, but I could be wrong.

Well, I think that is all for now, but I will update as is all for now, but I will update as often as possible. So, for now, this is goodbye. See you later!!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Why do I always have to have a title?

Current mood: randomness flying off the cuff of my sleeve

The question now is: where will I be living between July 10th-August 5th? Hmm. Good question. My dad got a new job in Silver City, Texas and is moving pretty soon. When I get back from Japan he will already be there. So, will I be homeless until I can move into my apartment with Bree? We shall see, but most likely not. I have friends and family.

On to better things: I am going to see Spider Man 3 tonight with friend Sarah and I am estatic! Who-hoo. We shall see Spidey turn bad, then ultimately save the world from mass destruction. I've heard mixed reviews...

I need some boxes because I have to be out of here by Wednesday.

Current contents on my left: scissors, tylenol, a hair tie, cookies, brush, Bible, tahitian orchid body spray, pencil, black ink cartridge and color ink cartridge, deposit slip, cell phone, Rocket Summer CD, ticket from my wreck, post-its, Johhny Depp poster, pocket calendar, and two pennies.

To my right: iPod, suave lotion, dictionary, thesaurus, honey, pretzels, paper, envelopes, thank you cards, picture frame, jelly belly machine, fingernail clippers, samurai soldier figurine, Johhny Depp poster, q-tip, small journal, and an awesome pink fingernail file.

I think I need to clean my room.

No, I need to pack up my room.

More than half of that stuff can be thrown away.

Oh, this is a good song. Trust me.

I am scared that my new favorite show on TV will not be back for a second season. Please TPTB (The Powers that Be) bring back Friday Night Lights! I beg you. I know that is the second-to-the-last watched show on NBC, but please renew it! I want to see more cheesy teenage angst, fantastic Texas indie music, wonderful relationship between Coach and his wife Tami. Will Tami have the baby and will Coach take the job at TMU? AH! So many questions. We have until May 14th for NBC to make a decision.

Am I a nerd for following this information so closely on the interweb?

Am I a nerd if I say interweb?

My other favorite shows have already been renewed: House, The Office, 30 Rock, CSI, and Grey's Anatomy. Shocking!

Nuh-uh he did not just slap her! Take it back....take it back! However, it was her fault in a way. Oh, this is getting good now.

On of my finals is scheduled for Thursday, May 3, 3:15-5:15, which has already passed. Suckers!

I just wanted to write. That is what I do when I am trying to procrastinate. It tends to work.

Hannah put in new red highlights in my hair, and they look pretty awesome. I only paid 9 bucks for the highlights. That's it. I'm sure a professional could do an even better job, but I would have to pay them with money that I do not have. Solution: Hannah does a great, cheap job.
I'm not saying Hannah is cheap.

She's not.

3: number of towels I own.

3: number of towels that are currently strewn among the floor.

A Generous Orthodoxy: Why I am a missional, evangelical, post/protestant, liberal/conservative, mystical/poetic, biblical, charismatic/contemplative, fundamentalist/calvanist, anabaptist/anglican, methodist, catholic, green, incarnational, depressed-yet-hopeful, emergent, unfinished Christian is the book that I am currently trying to read. Trying to, because I was supposed to have it read a while ago, but did not want to read it. Now, it looks pretty interesting so I am giving it a shot. Who knows.

I want May 28th to get here. Now!

My dictionary has over 70,000 entries and over 400 photographs and illustration. I thought it was more like 487, but who knows.

I'm not going to count them.

Stop scratching that. It will make it worse.

Yes, you!

One sentence does not a paragraph make. Or so I've been told.

How has it been by living with my advice? For those who do not remember- Live Each Week Like It's Shark Week. Try it. It's fun, and it works.

I think that I am running out of things to say. I hope not. That would be terrible.

Oh, a little over 250 people graduated from LCU yesterday. That is a big graduation. Most high school have twice that many people! I love small schools.

Well, that is about it, Sweetcheeks. Sorry, pretend your name is Sweetcheeks, and it is like I am talking directly to you. Try it, it works.

That is all...for now. I cannot not blog. It is in my nature, and one might even say I am obsessed.

Buh-bye. You are all uh-mazing!

Currently reading : A Generous Orthodoxy: Why I am a missional, evangelical, post/protestant, liberal/conservative, mystical/poetic, biblical, charismatic/contemplative, fundamentalist/calvinist, ... anabaptist/anglican, metho (Emergentys) By Brian D. McLaren Release date: By 01 February, 2006

Friday, May 04, 2007

The ned is near. Or is it the end?

Current mood: reminiscent
So, school is pretty much over. I still have two more finals, but nothing to stress over. It is my end of the semester list that I always do. Who-hoo, exciting I know. I don't care if anybody reads this. It is for me only. So, do not enjoy...

1. I did not vacuum my room all semester
2. I am starting to like Dr. Owen. Shocker, I know. He was actually pretty cool this semester. 3. While on the subject of Dr. Owen, I am sad that he did not re-enact any famous battle like he usually does. Sad.
4. I was able to use the word antidisestablishmentarianism in class one day. It was great.
5. Our class made up a new word: squonk. Or is is squank. We never decided on a spelling. It is the sound geese make.
6. The Lone Wolf is disgusting during the day, but at 3 a.m. is it not so bad.
7. 1:00 a.m. IHOP runs. Awesome.
8. Fabulous new friends.
9. Wrecked car
10. 12 hours
11. Changed major...again
12. Runny faucet
13. Too much cold weather, not enough snow
14. Passing out and Dr. Jones calling the hospital to check on me
15. Spending three days there
16. Hannah coming over and making fun of my piano
17. Jelly Belly machine
18. Too many gummybears
19. Procrastination
20. Watching TV shows on the internet
21. Finding gems like Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock, and The Office
22. New music Tuesdays
23. $2.00 movie theater
24. Pretzels
25. Orange juice boxes with straws
26. Wal Mart runs at all hours of the night
27. Japan again
28. My Johnny Depp/ Pirates of the Caribbean obsession has not passed
29. Red in my hair
30. Oklahoma and Dallas
31. Not reading assignments, but still passing
32. Designing a church
33. Free meals
34. Missing him
35. New crushes
36. Less tears
37. Many sleepless nights
38. Girls night
39. Spring break with Lemon Drop
40. Pencils over pens
41. Using the phrase "by the hammer of Thor"
42. Flossing
43. Making fun of the caf
45. Easter in Anton
46. Duster rants
47. Dust storms
48. Sleeping in chapel
49. Up for 39 hours straight
50. Trying not to die by killer robots
51. When LCU has a lake after it rains
52. Trying to end this list53.
Out of ideas...
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