Friday, July 27, 2007

In Love With the 80's (Pink Tux to the Prom)

So, I like sticking with song titles for my blog titles. The internet at my apartment is not working yet, so this is the first time in a week I have been online. I think I was having withdrawals! I am so addicted!

So, I am officially moved into my new apartment. I love it. I get my own room. Score. The location is pretty much across the street from campus, and I can see the new golf course from my front door. I told myself that I am going to start walking to school. It it probably a ten to fifteen minute walk, so it will not be bad. Except on Mondays. That is my long day. Basically, 8-7 everyday. Not fun. Oh well. There is an old song by The Boomtown Rats called "I Don't Like Mondays." Well, I need to start liking Mondays.

While unpacking, I came upon a load of stuff that I have not seen in a good two years. Since Jacob's funeral. I found condolence cards from friends and family from when he died. I kept them all. I also found my third grade report card. All A's except in penmanship. Haha! It is still bad. I blame it on the fact that I broke my ring finger on my left hand in first grade and had to learn how to write with my right hand. I was learning cursive, and it was difficult. Much too difficult for a first grader. When my left hand healed, I started writing with my left hand again, but it was too late. My cursive is pretty illegible, as is my print. I don't really care. So, it was cool to see my grades in third grade. Also, my third grade teacher taught me piano for a year, until I got tired of it and quit. I wish my parents had made me continue lessons.

When I was 14 we moved to West Texas. We had been living in the Houston area, when dad decided that he wanted to become a teacher/coach so we packed up and our family of five moved 500+ miles away. I loved it. When I was unpacking, I found pictures, birthday cards, and notes from my 14th, 15th, and 16th birthday. Cool! I also kept them all. I was the school mascot (Elmo the Eagle!) and I found a picture of me in the costume. I also found an old track and field ribbon that I do not remember winning. I am sure it is not mine. Oh well. I am keeping it. I found the paper that had my name on it when I was getting inducted into the National Honor Society. Sweet! Then, the things went even further back: Junior High. I played basketball, volleyball, and track in junior high. I was not good at any of the sports. However, I did receive some sort of volleyball award. I was on the A team in volleyball but the B team in basketball. I was better in volleyball, but the high school I moved to did not have volleyball. Oh well. I also played the clarinet and bass clarinet and I found this pink sheet of paper. I opened it up and it the score of my solo. I did a solo with my bass clarinet and scored a 1 and got the gold medal for it. The judge wrote some constructive criticism and it was neat. I apparently played "The Foggy Dew." Sweet.

Then, I found a bunch of cards and letters from when I graduated high school. I found a tennis ribbon when I won fourth place at a tennis meet. There were only four of us there. It was awesome. Did I mention that I was not good at sports? I found a 4-H ribbon that I am certain is not mine. It was great to go back and see alll of those things. I found this letter from my volleyball coach in eighth grade. I was on the A team, and she made us write one nice word about everybody on the team. She then gave us these sweet letters with all the adjectives on them. She wrote on there that she wanted to name her first born after me. Odd. She also said that I was like candy. Hmm...Anyway, it was cool. I always thought that nobody on my volleyball team liked me because they made fun of me a lot. This one girl (Anna or Alice. I cannot remember) tried to pick a fight with me. She wanted to "straighten my two-front teeth." I told her to go ahead, because it would save my parents a lot of money. She did not punch me out. I got braces soon after that. She sat in front of me in band. I was first chair bass clarinet, and she was like 19th chair clairnet. She claimed that I always spit on her. She was mean. I did not like her. Oh well. I am not sure why I was made fun of in junior high. Who cares.

So, that was a lot of nonsense to be writing about. Hannah, Aunt DeeDee and I went to my great grandmothers house today to have lunch with her. She loves pizza, so we ate pizza and drank Dr. Pepper. She is 87 years old. I think. Her mind is sharp as a tack. Well, maybe an old worn tack, but a tack nonetheless. I love Nanny! Her attack chihuahua, Annie, hates all of us. She is a little territorial. She only likes you if you pick her up and pet her. I did not. DeeDee did.

After lunch, DeeDee and I went back to Lubbock and I stayed at her house for a bit. She wanted me to go through some cookbooks so that I could find some good recipes and cook them at the new place. She gave me two books and a dozen extra recipes. It was great. My forearms are sore and bruised from playing volleyball. Macy and Micah were playing basketball in the church gym with a friend. Then it turned into frisbee and then volleyball. Macy and I are not a great team. Well, she is good, but not me. 14 year old Micah schooled us all. Haha!

That is about it. I have been in a Harry Potter mood, so I have been reading and watching the movies. Awesome. The books are SO much better though.

I went and applied at the YWCA, but so far, no word.

Three of the BPC employees are sharing 42 hours. No fun. I have been working less and less.

I got together about 90 of my cds and went and sold them. I needed the cash. I got like $140.00. Not bad. Plus, I still have like 300 in this binder that I cannot sell. No cases. Oh well. They are all on iTunes anyway.

Hastings on 50th is closing. Half-off on all movies, books, and music!! Score! If I had any money, I would buy the lot, but I am poor. Oh well.

My schedule for next semester: Spanish II, British Literature, Anatomy and Physiology, Fiction Writing and Constitutional Law. 17 hours. Fun fun. I am most looking forward to Fiction Writing.

I found my old notes from my advanced grammar class. How did I pass that class with a B? I totally deserved a D!! I mean, we had to diagram all of these sentences and there is no way the professor could read any of it. There was so much smudge from where I erased everything. Maybe it just looked correct. I should be able to really, really understand the English language, and decipher what word is what. Participles...gerunds...clauses...etc. Actually, I do know all that, so that is great. I just hate diagramming sentences, so maybe that is why I did not do them in that class.

Haha. I hate school, but I cannot wait for it to start. It puts me closer to graduating! Haha. I should just take calligraphy and make myself a fake degree. Oh, one of the Dean's of something or another here took a job at ACU. Good riddance John Deloney. He was a pretty cool guy, and got along well with the students. He is now the Dean of something or other there.

My cousins last name is Deans. She should be a Dean when she graduates, so she could be Dean Deans. That would be cool. Oh well.

I am running out of things to write.

Good night all. May the force be with you always.

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nanna said...

i love reading your blog! it is so interesting-i get to hear tidbits (about you and the family)i did not know. so much fun!
i love you sweetie,