Sunday, July 01, 2007

Honey Donuts

Are what Adam is eating this very early morning. You see, we have not yet gone to sleep. We are waiting again for the sunrise. Now, it is 3:30 and we are chilling at Bryan's house. Adam and I are the only ones awake...well, at least I think that he is awake. He is watching a movie but has not moved in some time. Tyler is sprawled out on the couch, Minako and Holly are asleep in the other room, Mr. and Mrs. Snow are asleep in another room, Dan is asleep in his room, Bryan in his, and Shane in his. Did I mention it is a huge house? I guess not. Anyway, let us begin.

We returned from FriendsCamp earlier today and it was a fantastic experience. I will write until I can write no more, or until the sun comes up. Which ever comes first.

Judith was going to meet us at 12:30 and we were going to leave at 1:30. Yeah, totally did not happen. Judith got to the church around 1, we chopped up a ton of vegetables for curry, copied a million pages for song books, loaded up the vehicular transporters and were on our way to Mike and Tomoko's house. Once there, one our way to the FriendsCamp site. An hour later, we were there. What a humid day! The temperature could not have been more that 75, but with 100% humidity, it was crazy! Oh well. What to complain about? Nothing! We began to set up for the campers to arrive. They began to arrive. Mr. Segawa was first, and then Hajime. Hajime! It was great to see him again. He wanted me to go back to his house again this year but time did not allow. Oh well. It was great to see him. Next, was Yoshiya sensei with Makoto, Sara, and Shin. Yay! Later, was Jun and Mio with Masayo, Hanna, Rina, Ayumi, Chie, Wakaba, and maybe one more. Cannot remember. More people arrived.

Curry for dinner! Yata! After dinner was the icebreaker. When people came and registered, they had to fill out this paper and answer questions like favorite color, favorite food, favorite hobby, and favorite movie (blue-ish, nato! haha, reading, and Pirates of the Caribbean 1,2, and 3.) Dan knew immediately it was me. Hmm. Wonder how. I had Hanna's paper. Every time I type Hanna's name, I immediately type Hannah, because that is how I have spelt it for 18 years. So, if I do type Hannah, I am not talking about sister Hannah, but reader Hanna. Just for the record.

After dinner was I think our first group session, so that was great. Tyler was the leader in my group which consisted of Tomoko, Makoto, Masayo, and Chie. They were hard to get talking.

Pretty much the rest of the night. We had four cabins for Friday night, and 6 cabins for Saturday night. Friday night I was in a cabin with Holly, Judith, Hanna, Anna, Chie, Makoto, and I think Wakaba. Fun night.

Some people were going to sleep early, so apparently our cabin was the hang out spot. We pulled out games! Always fun. Sequence, UNO attack, cards, and my new favorite Apples and Apples. Amazing game! So much fun! I think was had like 12 people playing at once. Here are the rules in simple terms: there are red cards and green cards. Green cards are the topics and have words like gorgeous, nasty, precious...etc. Red cards have random words and you have to play a red card that best fits the green card. For example: the green card would be nasty and I would play a red card that said milk. The person that played the green card gets all the red cards together and gets to pick his/her favorite one. The person with the most green cards at the end of the day won. Sometimes, we got some crazy, inappropriate answers. Easy: bloodshed. Masculine: bikini. Saintly: Adolph Hitler. Funny answers usually win. Awesome game. I cannot wait ot buy it in America and share the fun that is Apples and Apples.

Friday night everybody not bunking in our cabin left so it was time for bed. I slept with Hannah, and basically there were 8 futons on the floor upstairs. That was it. A big empty loft made specifically for sleeping. Apparently during the night I hit my head on the lean-to ceiling and cried out. I do not remember. Hanna laughed at me in the morning.

Well, this is not nearly enough of my weekend. This shall not suffice! The sun is about to arise, so we are about to head out. Pray for great weather!

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mom said...

Hey Ladybug,
Hope you had great weather, so you could see the sunrise. It sounds as is you had a great weekend. I can't believe that you have about a week left. So many memories and doing God's work at the same time.
Love and Miss You,