Friday, July 06, 2007

Nails for breakfast, tacks for snacks

Let me start right off and apologize. I have been busy! The blog is the last thing on my mind. Honest. Anyway, where did I leave off.

Again, I finished too quick, so let me continue. Anna and I moved cabins, so after the games and such we moved out to our cabin. I was a little behind doing something, when I heard Anna shout my name. There was this ginormous frog at our door. Huge! They were all a little scared, so I pretended to be the tough girl by throwing a stick at it to move. Nope. Nothing happened. They pulled out their cameras and took pictures of it. Finally, we all went inside. There were six of us. Cool.

Hanna came over and we studied English for a bit, and then she left to sleep. She also moved cabins because there was a huge cockroach in her previous cabin, so she moved to the cabin next door to us. Haha. She cracks me up.

We stayed up until around 2. Riko had my iPod and I let her listen to that. Risa was asleep. Natsumi and Karin were studying. On a Saturday night. Wow. Anna was helping them with their English.

I went to sleep. I told Anna to wake me up at 8.

7:15 I was awake. Wide awake. I was in the loft by myself. Wha?? 7 a.m? Are you serious. On Sunday? Anna was in the shower and the others were just chilling downstairs. Crazy people. I made myself get up and started cooking breakfast. Cereal and apples! Yippee! I am such a great cook.

We had to get everything out of the cabins by 9:30 so we had plenty of time. Plenty.

9:30 we had our last group session. Lasted until 11:00. My group were the ones in my cabin from the previous night. For some reason, they did not want to talk. That is very Japanese of them! Basically, we went over the last lesson and the first one. We had about 20 minutes left, so Anna and I played with this cool looking bug.

Church at 11:00 in the family cabin. First of all, we had about 40 people there fitting into an 8 person cabin. Awesome! It was great. Mike led singing and people really seemed to enjoy it. Really enjoy it. Chris delivered the message and all that. Sugao and Jun translated.

12:00 lunch. More bento lunch. Again, delicious. I was eating with Hanna and Masa, and he was asking some great questions. He saw my Bible and how it has my name engraved on it and he liked it. He told me that he was looking for a Japanese English Bible. Hanna said that she had two and would give him one. I told him to wait. I brough him a Bible and gave it to him. Then, he found out that Hanna was a Christian and he just began asking her questions. It looked to be a pretty intimate conversation, but I do not speak Japanese. He is a true seeker. Please keep him in your prayers.

Picture time. Fun. The place we went to was beautiful so the background of our picture was perfect. What a beautiful day!

Speech time. Practically everybody got up and said their favorite memory. I was forced. Why! Grr...oh well, I went with Michi and it was fine.

Go home time. Kyomi offered to take whoever wanted to rock climbing. Heck yeah! It was me, Adam, Dan, Hanna, and Kaori. It was great. What a great day. Sweetness.

I forgot what we did later that day. Oh!!! That was the day we all spent the night at Bryan and Dan's house to watch the sunrise. Oh well.

Monday was our day off so we spent that time sleeping until like 2. Well, only if you are Adam.

Tuesday I had nine readers. Plus, curry lunch. Last one!

Wednesday I had 8 readers and it was raining. Cell group! We had fajitas for dinner! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Snow! Delicious! Cell group was great. We had Chie and Rina show up. They had never been and I think that camp sparked their interests. Praise God! Anna was also there so that was fantastic. This dude Charles who lives in Mito showed up. I spent the night at Hanna's house as did Sara. It was great. Her apartment is tiny. I guess normal in Japanese size. I do not know.

Thursday was a sad day. Last day for reading sessions! NNNOO!!! Adam and I had to give a speech in chapel about LST and such. Great. Mio had emailed all the readers to show up so the ones that did show up we took pictures with. Awesome. Then the day moved quickly. I did not want to leave!!! NO!!!! They made me promise to return. I could not return the promise. Sorry.

Thursday night I got to play basketball. Mike invited me to go with him, Anna, Chris, Adam and Shane. It was great. I got to hang out with Anna so that was double great. Dude, I am so out of shape. It is not even funny. Not at all. They dropped me back off at the church and I crashed. Only after taking a shower.

Friday, today, was a day well spent. Tyler stayed at Bryan's house Thursday night. Holly and had to be downstairs at 9 to help decorate for Vacation Bible School. We set the alarm for 8, but when it went off, I could not get up. I tried. Honestly! Ok, not too hard. Around 9:20 I heard Tomoko's voice so it was time to get up. I was downstairs at 9:27. Let the decorating begin!

Many tiki huts, Jello, goldfish, balloon blowing, fish untangling, inner tube making hours later the auditorium was transformed into a water park. Awesome! It looks great. Great job everybody. Oh, yeah. We had Woody's for lunch so that was great.

So, that is my week in review. The short version. Tomorrow we will just be in the way at VBS so Holly, Shane, Adam, and I are going to spend the day in Mito. Tyler has to help out at VBS because she was out with her family Friday. Mito!! We are excited. More money to be spent.

Oh, by the way. It looks like I am going to be homeless. The apartment Bree and I were going to move into is unavailable. Nothing left. Uh oh! You know, I am ok with it. It just wasn't meant to be. I shall see what lies ahead of me. An apartment is still not out of the question. However, living where I lived last semester is. Oh well. God knows what He is doing. I trust in Him.

That is all folks. I am not sure how many more times I can write on here. The days have become pretty hectic and they are slowly dwindling!! I can't believe it. I do not want to leave. This year more than last. I wish I was already graduated then I would have an excuse to stay. Oh well. Tis only a short time away! Well, it all depends on how fast I want to finish. Who needs good grades! Hmm....I may have to rethink my thinking. Night!

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Judith said...

Jordan! Miss you guys already! Loved reading your update, even though I was there for most of it. We're gettin ready for cell group. Jang changed Korean club to Thursdays and is going to come tonight! Have a great week!
PS. Thanks for the sweet letter you left with me.