Sunday, August 05, 2007

Elephant Love Medley

So, welcome to August. Man, 2007 is really flying by. Fun! So, let me apologize for not posting. The internet on my computer is still not working. Sorry! I am borrowing Bree's for the time being. Apparently there is some sort of firewall on my computer from LCU that I do not know how to get off. Professional help needed!

I always put in a movie before I go to sleep. I just cannot sleep without any sound. Anyway, I put in The Incredibles and I did not even get to the part where Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible get married. I mean, that is a whole ten minutes into the film! I usually last until at least then. Oh well. I woke up to the menu screen. Lately I have been watching Pride and Prejudice (awesome! fantastic! show), Music and Lyrics (great movie), Little Miss Sunshine (cute!!), and Moulin Rouge (singing! dancing! love it!). I love movies in case you have not noticed. Also, High School Musical was on the Disney Channel last week so I watched that one twice. I cannot wait until August 17th! Hopefully I do not have to work.

So, what is new with all of you? Not much with me. My life is utterly boring. Not much to talk (write) about.

I got two job offers the other day that came out of the proverbially blue sky. I applied at the YWCA a few weeks ago to be a camp counselor, but they are no longer hiring. I received a phone call from Shirley Something-Or-Other asking me if I wanted a job as a teacher's assistant at the Shapes Head Start program. It is a school for children not yet in kindergarten, I think. I had to turn her offer down because it conflicted with school and such. I think she thought I was no longer in school. I dunno. Then she called me back a few minutes later and told me that she had another job- being in charge of the after school program. That one I was interested in, but again, conflicted with school. Bummer. I was really hoping to find a second job, but I will have to wait until school starts. I cannot get a job on campus until the first day of school. August 27th. Fun! So, until then I am struggling with my finances. It ok though because I know that God will provide. I have faith.

I am ready for school to start. I know I have mentioned this many times, but it is true. I hate just sitting at home doing nothing. I have no money to do anything anyway.

So, since I am going to be taking a fiction writing class I have been coming up with possible story ideas. None of them any good, of course, because I am not talented. Anyway, here are a few possibilities: A romantic story involving a boring office worker named Jane Austin who meets an electronic-al technician named Henry James. Or, how about one involving an arms dealer named Ardemus. Another about a group of wizards who meet a group of swashbuckling pirates on the high seas. The wizards make the pirates socially acceptable in society while the pirates teach the wizard a thing or two about doing things without the aid of a wand. That one could be promising. I have one final one who is a struggling musician and can only find work creating catchy jingles for commercials. That one can be fun. Hmm. Who knows. That class can be fun. Maybe.

High School Musical 2 in 12 days. Can't wait! I have been watching The Disney Channel and they have been promoting the movie like crazy. Awesome!

I need a new phone. My voicemail is not working at all, the phone freezes up and I have to turn it off and back on, it will just turn off whenever it feels like it, and it forgets to tell me when I have a missed call. Sometimes. The only good thing about it so far is that I have the game Tetris on it and currently I am on level 75 and have 6,920,260 points. That has got to be a world record. It has currently become my addiction. That, and all Michael Buble songs. I wish that this would put the little accent mark over the e, but alas it does not. Sigh. Oh well.

There are certain perks about my job. One good thing are the customers. One bad thing are the customers. See, we have a dillema. I'm pretty sure I misspelt that. Anyway, the other day I was at work and this 4-year old boy named Gabrielle comes in with his parents. Usually when kids walk in they look at the huge fish tank point out Nemo and Dory, run to the other fish tanks, beg their parents to hold a puppy, or just stand at the counter quietly. Well, 4-year old Gabrielle was the exception. They walk in and I say "Can I help you with anything" and Gabrielle just starts talking. He says "Hello, my name is Gabrielle. I am four. How old are you? What is your name? Do you like your job? Look what I found. It's a dinosaur pencil eraser. Somebody just dropped it outside. It's cool. You want to hold it? You have to give it back though. Daddy said I can keep it, but I have to keep it out of my mouth. Mommy and Daddy want to hold a puppy. They do not care which one as long as it is cute. I am not allowed to hold the puppy. Mommy and Daddy told me. I can just pet it. But I do not want to because I have this dinosaur. What should I name him? Who would drop this thing? It is really cool. Do you want to hold it?" Finally, his father started laughing. I just stood there and smiled. Kids like that make my day. His parents apologized, but I told them it was ok. I held his gray dinosaur for a bit and then I went and got them a puppy. It was adorable. Gabrielle just started talking to the puppy and showed him his dinosaur. Finally, they put the puppy back and before they left Gabrielle said "Goodbye. We will probably be back. If I find another dinosaur I will bring him back and let you have him. Thank you. I want to come back and buy some fish for daddy's aquarium." It was the cutest scene. I wanted little Gabrielle to stay and talk forever. He was awesome. We talked for a long time, and I even ignored a few customers because of him. Awesome. Sure enough, they came back and bought some fish. Gabrielle and his dad walk back in and Gabrielle goes "Hi! Remember me? I am Gabrielle. I did not find you another dinosaur, but look at mine! He is cool. Daddy wants to buy five fish. Can I watch you scoop them out of the tank? Daddy lets me watch at home." We went into the back and I got my net and bag ready to scoop the fish. Gabrielle stood next to me the entire time. We wear aprons to protect our clothes and mine is red. Well, I spilt a little water on my apron and Gabrielle wanted to help me clean it up. Adorable! Finally I got the fish into thier separate baggies and let him carry one up to the register. After they paid and left I was sad. I wanted Gabrielle to come back and entertain me. I still hade three hours left. Alas, he did not come back. I love kids like that.

I ran out of gas a little bit ago. I was on my way to drop off something for Bree at her work and I had jut taken the Indiana Ave. exit and I could not go anywhere. I managed to pull into the Buns Over Texas parking lot and called everybody I knew that lived in Lubbock. I got a hold of nobody. Sad. I called my cousin Macy and she brought me a gas tank and it had a little gas in it. You see, the gas gauge on the car that I am driving does not work. At all. I guess I thought I had enough gas to make it to the grocery store. Guess not. Oh well. I was thankful for Macy. Thanks Macy!! I love you!

I have an FM transmitter in my car. It is battery operated and i plug it into my iPod, find a radio station filled with static and I can listen to my iPod in my car through the car speakers. It is a great device. I love it. However, it is not working that great. Probably because I just bought a cheap one, and not a really nice expensive one. When we were going to Dallas for our GO Weekend for LST, Shane and I tried the entire time to fix it. It only worked in the middle of nowhere. If we were in any town, all we got was static. Not fun. Oh well. I am not in my car that much anyway, but I hate for it to silent. I put a few CD's in there and I am not happy. I need a new FM transmitter. Plus, the front passenger side speaker is going out. Not cool. Not cheap.

So, that is about all. I think that everybody who reads this to leave me a comment and tell me you read this. I have been thinking about stopping, but I can't decide. Make my decision for me.

Now is the time to eat ice cream and do some push-ups. Or, should I eat cookies and do some sit-ups? I can't decide. Oh well. Bye for now all of you. Peace.

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