Sunday, July 22, 2007

"I wish I had an older sister"

So, life in Texas is great. I think I always start off my posts that way. I am trying to be dilligent and update as often as I can. I have a lot of free time as of late because, well, I have nothing to really do.


Monday. Tomorrow. Excited. I am.


Good to be back. I picked right up there. How awesome are the Bonnett's that they let me take off for eight weeks and I still had my job when I got back. I do not take off too much, but if I do, I feel guilty because I took off for eight weeks. That, my readers, is awesome. I mean, how many people would do that? Hmmm? Sure, I was going to Japan not for a vacation, but for a mission trip. They understood that. Plus, that was the second time that they have allowed me to do so. Amazing people, they are.

I got to meet the new employees, and I know one! Haha. Becky goes to LCU and is 19, but I know her! I do not know anybody. Ha! The other one goes to Tech and is also younger than me. I do not know her. Well, I do now. Plus, both of these young women are married. One 19. Crazy!

Mike is awesome. Friday night, right before we were to close, he stopped by. He brought these York peppermint patties. They were delicious. I love them. Mike only works weekends, because his real job is that he is a scientist. Very cool. I now call him Me-kay. He spent time in Africa and that is how the Africans promounced his name.

Nema tried to get me to eat some gum before she left for the day on Saturday. Normally, I would have taken the gum and gottne another to save for later. I realized that I chewed too much gum. I started it back in March. I would go through so many packets, tha it was not even funny. I would basically only take the gum out to eat sleep. However, I was not like the little girl, Violet, in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory who would stick it behind her ear when not chewing. Yuck! I am trying to stop chewing gum. I did not chew any in Japan except when Adam, Kaori and Anna offered me some. Not too often, but still. So, that was my first test, and I think I passed.

I am looking for a second job. Something to do to raise more money. I think that I will apply at the YWCA and be a counselor. My friend works there and he said that they are desperately needing employees. Awesome. I love kids! So, that is an option, but when school starts, that option might not be great. I need that job for the day, so that will be a problem when school starts.

I am ready for school to start. I am taking 17 hours. No freshmen level classes either. Score! I do not do much studying as it is, so I will be ok. I think. Pray for me.


So, I have been staying with Libby and Dennis until I can move, so the other night I came in from work and there were five extra people in the house. Yay! The oldest was ten and the youngest three. We watched movies and ate popcorn and M&M's. Yum! We watched Glory Road (fantastic movie). After that, Ben wanted to watch Coach Carpenter (Coach Carter) but it was almost midnight. So!! He and Price set up sleeping bags there in the living room and planned on sleeping there. The couch, however, was empty. Strange. I stayed up and watched the movie. So did Ben, I think. It was almost 2 when it was over, and I still saw him sitting up and stuff. I turned off the tv, debated whether or not to sleep on the uber comfy couch, but chose to sleep in my temporary room.

I woke up at almost 10. Price was still sleeping in the living room and Drew was asleep in Libby and Dennis's room. Rex and Meghan were eating at the bar. Blueberry muffins! Yum! I sat next to Rex and ate a few of the small muffins. Wow. He will talk your ear off. With a face full of muffins, he wanted to know about my sister, my dad, my mom, my brother (Who is apparently no longer in jail...haha), his brother, sister, mom, dad, and the lake. Wow. All in a matter of minutes. During this time, Meghan sat there and just noddd her head and smiled at me. I do not think she ate her muffins.

A few minutes passed, and Rex was just staring at me. He finally said "I wish I had an older sister like you." Ok, so Rex is three and Meghan is four. He DOES have an older sister! However, Meghan was adopted from Russia, and therefore came into the family after Rex did. He thinks that she is the baby. Hahahahahaha! It was a great conversation to tell him that he was the youngest. He just kept saying, "nope. Meghan is my younger sister. She is the baby." I let it go. It was great.

I had to be at work by noon, so I left the house at around 11:15. For the past thirty minutes Meghan was crawling on my back and acted like a monkey. It was awesome. Drew wanted to get on. He did. As did Rex. I think at one point, they all three were on my back. I had a total of 13 years on my back. Ha!

I went outside to go to my car when I ran into Rex. He was behind the van eating a chocolate ice cream bar. Ah! It was all over him. He looked adorable. I asked if he was supposed to be eating that and he said "oh yeah. Granibee knows I am eating out here." He looked guilty as he said it. He gave me a hug and I had chocolate on me the whole day at work.

Rex reminds me a lot of Jacob. He has Jacob's dark eyes. The blonde hair. Young Jacob's voice. He resembles Jacob a lot.

I totally bought the Harry Potter book yesterday! The day it went on sale. I reserved a copy months in advance. Never have I reserved a copy. Never! I got the book for only 20 bucks-steal! I refrained from buying it until after I got off work for fear that I would try and read it whilst working. It would not be good.

Sunday, today, I went with Libby and Dennis to look at their new ranch. We left after church and headed out to the middle of nowhere. It was an hour-and-a-half away from their house, and it was way out there. The ranch is like 1,100+ acres. It is beautiful. We went into the house and it needs lots of work. As does the ranch. It has been a good 20 years since anybody has done anything to it. Since I wore long pants, Dennis and I went hiking for a bit. Converse high-tops are not ideal while hiking. It was about 98 degrees.

We got in the pickup and drove to a scenis point and stared at the mighty Brazos river. Ok, so not too mighty, but mighty for West Texas. We drove a little more and Dennis and I did a little more hiking to the river bed. After five minutes of picking off stickers, we went driving again. It was now 103 degrees. Wow.

WE made our way back to the cabin, and in a matter of minutes it dropped ten degrees according to the thermometer. Theory: the place we were that was 103 was open. At 93, it was covered in trees and brush. Much cooler.

It was great and beautiful. We saw the part of West Texas that nobody gets to see. Beautiful. On the trip, I read over 200 hundred pages in my Harry Potter book. It is amazingly addictive.

So, I am tired and my eyes are tired. I also dying to see what happens to the boy wizard! I want Harry to die so the story will have a definite end. Without the hero dying, there is always chance for a spin-off or more stories. This one should be the definite end. Of course, only once he saves the entires wizard world and defeats He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Voldemort. Oops! I said his name! Must go hide!!!

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