Thursday, July 19, 2007

Since U Been Gone

I love that song. Awesome. So, life here is good. No, great. Currently, I am at my aunt Libby and uncle Dennis's house in the middle of nowhere. They seriously live way out in the country in the middle of cotton fields. I love it. The town is called Southland, and I lived there for two years. Well, we did not live quite out in the country as they do. Anyway, I like coming out here. So many memories in this giant house. So, where to begin...

Tuesday, Hannah was babysitting some of Michelle and Keiths kids and some of Julie and Heath's kids. 7 out of ten is not too bad. The oldest are 10 and the youngest are about 2. Fun ages! I got to Julie's house around 2 and all the kids were excited to see me. She had Price, Drew, Rex, Emmy, Meghan, Libby Grace, and Carter. Carter is almost 3 and is adorable! Rex is 3 and latched onto me and would not let me go. 5 year old Libby Grace wanted to wrestle. 4 year old Meghan wanted to show me her headstand. Awesome. Somehow we all made it downstairs into the basement when they took my camera and took a billion pictures. About 45 were usable. They just wanted to see the flash go off. Then they all had a heastand contest at the bottom of the stairs. It was great.

Hannah was getting frustrated, so she told them to put in a movie. Like Mike was the consensus. Yeah! Lil Bow Wow has magic shoes. Haha, such a fun movie. We cleaned up the living room and about the time Calvin finds maybe Mike's shoes, Michelle comes over to get her kids. Five minutes later Julie walks in and the kids no longer care about the movie on the big screen. Julie brings in cookies and donuts (for in the morning) and the kids dig in. Except for Carter who is asleep on the couch. Ben came in with his mom. That makes a total of 8 kids. Michelle's oldest two are at church camp in New Mexico for a week. They are both 10.

3 year old Rex wanted to know why my brother was in jail. Michelle told him that he was in heaven. Again, he asked why Jacob was in jail. I don't know where that came from. Again, we said heaven. I picked him up and he asked me why he was in heaven, how he got there and if I missed him. A very inquizative 3 year old. I love it.

The kids wanted to go swimming, so all of them jumped in the pool. Hannah and I hung around until around 4 and went to see the mother. Mom was at work so we went and bugged her a bit then went to do some shopping. Hannah bought me a nice shirt because she is tired of me wearing t-shirts. We went and bothered mom again and then left to go eat dinner. My sister totally bought my dinner! Crazy! I love her! Usually I buy her dinner, but this 18 year old is wracking up the money babysitting so she bought me a 5 dollar sandwich. Thanks, sister. Then, we went to see the movie Licensed to Wed and it was ok. The one with Robin Williams, Mandy Moore, and John Krasinski (the dude from The Office). Got out of the movie around 9 and I got to Libby and Dennis's around 9:45.

Worked from 2-9 on Wednesday. It was great to be back. Ok, it was ok to be back. After 2 1/2 years, I still love my job, but it gets to be a little mundane sometimes. Wednesday we were pretty busy, so the hours flew by. I sold 2 chihuahua's, 2 kittens, 9 fish, a ferret, a guinea pig, a mouse, and I am sure something else that barks. I cannot remember. Oh well. Got out of work about 9:15 and got to Libby and Dennis's around 10. Did I mention how far away they live? I love it!

Thursday Hannah texted me and wanted to know if I wanted to go to town with her and mom. I said yes. So, my mom and sister are the creative bunch. Not me. They were looking for fabric. We first went to Hobby Lobby. I have not been to Hobby Lobby since I went with my roommates Erica and Megan my first semester at LCU. I got bored quickly. I saw two pictures I wanted to buy, but I am saving my money, so I did not buy them. Plus, Hannah laughed at my tastes. I laughed at her because she wanted to buy these letters to make something with. They only had one H and one N. She still need a H, A, A, and another N. Haha! She punched me in the arm.

We next went to Jo-Ann's to get some more fabric. She finally picked the kind she liked so we got out of there. We made our way to Target where Hannah and mom made me buy three shirts. Yes, they MADE ME! Haha, I still bought two t-shirts! One is orange with nothing on it, while the other is green with these little shadowings of a boy a girl holding hands. Cute! Inside the little girls dress is some fabric. I have no clue how I made that shirt sound, but it is really cute. I wanted to get this one shirt with musical notes all over it, but I did not. Next time.

We left Target and made our way home to Slaton. I hung out there for a while, then went the rest of the way to Southland. Around 7 Dennis comes in from work and wanted me and Libby to go check the water with him. Dennis is a cotton farmer, and a very successful one at that. Him and his son Heath farm about 6,500 acres or more of cotton. Nice! We drove around the crops checking all the water. He has one well that pumps a million gallons of water a day! A DAY! Unbelievable. We checked out all the water wells and I asked loads of questions about cotton. It was great. Dennis taught me, Jacob and Hannah to drive when we were younger. I was about 14, Jacob 13 and Hannah about 10. I have been driving for a long time. Again, way out in the country.

Anyway, Dennis has these wells that pump out purified water. I told him that he should bottle the water and sell it. It would be called McGehee water. A light bulb went off. We talked about some ideas and came up with some solutions. Secret! Haha. The water is delicious by the way.

They wanted to see my Japan pictures, so I pulled out my laptop and went through some of them. I started near the end for some reason, so there is still more to see. They loved it! They said that if I ever go and move to Japan, they will come visit me. Awesome. That is now 5 people who will visit me if that ever happens. Dad(dy), sister Hannah, mom, Libby and Dennis. Score! Count Nanna and Pawpaw in that bunch too. And probably Mawmaw and Buster. Wow.

So, that is about it. No! Emmy nominations came out today and I am excited! My shows (all but one) got nominated! Too bad Friday Night Lights. The Office, 30 Rock and House are all nominated. As is Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Hugh Laurie, Jenna Fischer, Alec Baldwin, and Rainn Wilson. I am so excited. Sorry. I love television! I cannot wait to see who wins. Stupid Grey's Anatomy took up most of the nominations. I do not like that show anymore. I used to be such a fan, but the show got stupid for me. Sorry, I like smart and funny shows. You lose.

So, that is my life. Tomorrow and Saturday I work and probably not Sunday. While I was gone they hired two people, so the three of us will have to share hours. That now makes a whopping 8 employees. Wow! I need to find another job! I am thinking of a job on campus to work when I am not working at Bonnett Pet Center. It was great to see Mr. and Mrs. Bonnett again. Mrs. Bonnett was asking me loads of questions about Japan and it was great. They travel a lot, but have never been to Japan. I told them that they must go. Hmmm...

So, that is all. Next time I post I could have my own business going. Bottling that water will be a hit! I can make a fortune. I must discuss more with my business partner Dennis. So, until then...

One more thing, Hannah is tired of me saying everything I know in Japanese. I am trying to teach her the handful of words I know, but she is not hearing it. Oh well. I tried. She also like sending me texts via the cell phone and punching my arm. What a violent sister I have!

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