Sunday, June 25, 2006

ta da!!

Yeah the title has nothing to do with the content of my blog. Just felt like saying that. Anyways today, Sunday, was a long day. We had to go to class, then church, which was all mostly in Japanese. It was actually very interesting though. After church we had an amazing pot luck there in the church. The four of us were trying to help set up the auditorium for the food, but Mrs. Kaminagi (the 90 year old lady, who speaks NO english) kept pushing us down into the pews. She was almost yelling at us and making us sit down. Somebody translated and said that we are guests and that we should not be helping. She is awesome!! I am also pretty fond of Mr. Siato. He is a great old man. After the pot luck we had to quickly move everything so that we could get ready for our 2:00 reading session. My girl was extremely shy. Japanese women look much younger that they really are. I thought that my reader was about my age, but she is 33! She looks really young. We do not have many young readers. Mostly all of our readers are middle aged. There are maybe a handful of high school girls, and a couple of men, but for the most part the readers are about middle aged. Yokuki (I think thats the spelling) talks really low. I have a hard time hearing as it is. I have to ask alot of questions to get her to open up. Hopefully soon she can begin to ask me questions. My 3:00 reader is Emi (pronounced like Michelle`s Emmy). She is a church member here, and a Christian. The bad thing is that she knows hardly no english. Her reading skills are find, but her conversational skills are lacking. I had to start her in the Beginning workbook. She is very friendly, but it is hard for me to communicate with. She is a believer already, so my entire focus does not have to be if she gets the Word or not, for she already has it. We got finished at about 4 and had to get ready for our party. We have 6 parties while we are here, and the Bunko Party was today. It is a great and fun game!! Those of you who do not know how to play, here is the run-down: you have 3 dice at a table of four. you have four tables set up. the first table is the head table. when they get 21 points, they ring a bell and the round is over. the winners stay there, and the losers move to table four. at all the other tables, the winners move up a table and the losers stay there. to score you roll the dice. every 6 is worth 1 point. if you get a 6 you continue to roll until you get no 6s. A bunko is when you three of the same numbers. That is worth 3 points. If you roll a bunko, you have to grab the dice. Each dice is worth 2 points. If you roll a binko, and pick up all 3 dice, you have an opportunity to get 9 points. Thats the gest of the game. We played that fro quite a while and it was a blast! We had a very small turnout, but it was fun none the less. Saito-san cracked me up everytime!! BUNKO he would scream out and dive for all the dice. Hysterical! He`s not very young by the way. After the party we needed some groceries. We were about to walk to the store when Sugao offered us a ride. Whew!! I was already pretty tired. We were there and saw that these hamburgers we on sell for 68 yen a piece. We bought 6 of them and headed out, with some other things. Sugao told us that 3 were meat and the other 3 were potato. We thought that we would give it a shot. We got in the kitchen and Sugao gave us little gifts that were from his mother. She gave us some really nice air freshener that smells amazing. We also got two of these beautiful hand-painted ceramic coasters. Very nice, Hopefully i can travel without tham breaking! We then sat down to eat our "hamburgers". Bryan and I got a "meat" one and Tyrel and Tyler got the potato ones. We all dug in and we all got strange looks on our faces. Mine and Bryans was definately not beef. We think that it was some sort of fish....cant be to sure though. I didnt eat all of mine. Tyrel and Tyler put some ketchup on theirs and they said that it was not to bad. I dont know though. We also sauteed some more onions up and had those. Amazing, again. Well that was my day. Tomorrow, I will be very busy. I have 6 readers!! 5 are new, and one read with me Friday. Wish me luck and continue with the prayers! Also, help needed- I have to cook lunch Thursday so tonight I went out and bought some chicken. Thats it. What should I cook that is quick, easy, and good. I`m limited on supplies as There it is. Goodnight (well good morning to all of you) and thank you for the prayers!! Love you all!! ta-da......


Dustin Garrett said...

Hey jordan! I hope all is well in Japan. Sounds like your having a great time, hope you dont get to homesick, your missing plenty of wonderful rains and storms! Yeah they all come when YOU leave the country...what a coincidence. Not saying i would miss the rain but ok never mind! Thanks for the email, i'll email you back when I get time! Dustin G.

Younger sister in America! said...

yummy! hamburgers sound so i think ill eat me an All American Beef patty hamburger with extra cheeze and no the veggies!! mmmmm.... hungry yet?!?!?!
Love Ya!

MOM said...

Hey Jordan! i miss you and i went by the pet store yesterday and missed seeing your precious smile, nancy and siri were there they were busy i didnt get a chance to talk to them but i waved. Are you having to talk slow? did you buy white meat or whole chk? you can just put some lemon pepper and serve it with rice! yummy!! that would be easy... i think youve done that before but stay away from making mac and cheeze!! lol
I love You,

Aunt DeeDee said...

It sounds like the food is not too bad. Just make sure you take good care of yourself. I saw your mom yesterday. They are doing inventory at the store, she worked till 3:00 a.m. this morning and is going in again at 2:00 today. I think she will be a little tired. Anyway, she is anxious to talk to you. Thanks for keeping us informed.
Aunt DeeDee

nanna said...

hey sweetie, it sounds like you're eating some "delicacies" that you've not eaten before. actually, your eating better than i thought- just rice with chopsticks-justa enjoying your blog so much-what a life changing experience!!!
we pray blessings on you and your group.
i love you,