Monday, June 26, 2006


SO today is a new day. We are going to karaoke tonight, so I thought that since I have a little break during the day I would write now. I have had three readers today, two that are new. My first one was very difficult. She can read english but her conversation skills are not great. She is really sweet though. My second reader this morning did not seem to interested in wanting to read. She would change the subject and not focus on the material. Hopefully I can keep her focused. My next reader came the other day and invited all of us to a Japanese tea ceremony. We got to talking at the lesson at hand. The lesson was about when the angel came to Mary and told her that she was going to have a child. Keiko did not believe this story, she did not think that it could happen. She asked me some pretty difficult questions and one being is how we as Christians can believe that story. She also asked how God can make bad things happen. The lesson was over so after I tried to explain some things to her, but I wrote her question down and am going to think of an answer. Its a tough question to try to tell a Buddhist. She is an actual practicing Buddhist. I just hope and pray that God can put the correct words in my heart and mind to tell her.
After our 2:00 reader we went out to a little sweet shop that sells ice cream and cakes. Tyrel and I got this amazing chocolate bread/cake thing filled with chocolate creme. It was amazing!!! So moist!! Tyler got an ice cream sandwich. We then went walking back to the church and we always pass this Shinto temple that is there. We went up there to see what it was like and stayed for a minute. We didnt understand everything but it was very interesting. There are different places to worship and pray. Well this is about everything for today. I will update tomorrow and talk about karaoke and my night readers. God Bless you all!!!!


nanna said...

jordan, what life changing experiences you are having. you have to be fully persuaded before you can persuade anyone else-and many older people have not come to that persuasion. you are so blessed.
i have to tell you that Japan has never been a country that i've particularly wanted to visit, but after reading your day-to-day encounters with them i think they sound like a very loving people.

nanna said...

by the way, maybe you could put Mrs. Kaminagi in your luggage and bring her home with you-she sounds like a sweetheart-our family could adopt her.
i love you precious,