Thursday, June 22, 2006


June 21- Today was my first day in Japan and it has been great! My body is having to get use to the 14 hour time difference, but I somehow manage to stay awake. Tyler and I slept until 8:20 this morning, which is Wednesday, and then we had to get up and go to a meeting with our missionary Judith. Hold on, let me start from the beginning....
All four of us say our goodbyes at DFW airport Monday morning. Our plane is scheduled to leave at 12:05 so we are just sitting there relaxing and anxious for our flight. Hannah had given us little giftbags to use on the plane that were filled with candy and goodies. Bryan had a little magnetic domino game, so he was playing around and wrote LST with his dominoes...that, by the way is the company we are working with. Anyways, the two women came up to us and asked if we were from LST, because they were also. That was amazing to see another team there, and also on the same flight as us! Their site is in Mito, which is about 30 minutes from here in Taga. One of the ladies was from Tennessee and she is only staying for 3 weeks, while the other was from Dallas and staying all 6 weeks. They were meeting the rest of their team there in Japan. We finally were able to board the plane at around 12:25. Then, we had to wait for over an hour while they fixed a problem with the landing gear doors. It was about 1:30 when we FINALLY left.
On the flight I watched lots of movies, and listened to lots of music. I only slept about 2 hours. The flight was almost 13 hours. We also got two meals and a sandwich on the plane. We landed in Tokyo at Narita airport at about 4:30 and met up with the other LST team that we saw in the airport. We all went through customs and collected our luggage which took about an hour and a half. Finally we made it out and caught up with our missionary and others. What a sight it was to see all these LST members there in the airport! That was cool! Judith our missionary told us that if we wanted to catch the bus to Hitachi, that we had better get going. The bus left at 6 and there was not another one until 7:30. We had a three hour bus ride in front of us. I fell asleep on the bus, but got to see alot of the country side. We finally reached Hitachi at around 9 pm and met up with some church members and missionaries that picked us up at the bus stop. They took us out to eat dinner, and at the restaurant we met the preacher Sugao. He is so funny! Mike, one of the church members, took Tyler and I to the church and showed us around. Rusty and Laura took Bryan and Tyrel back to their house because that is where they are staying. Tyler and I were exhausted, so we barely unpakced, took a shower and went to bed. It was about 11pm when we finally went to bed. It was a long day.

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Aunt DeeDee said...

Hey Girl!
Goodness, what a trip! Jetlag deluxe! Love hearing about what is going on. Wish I could be there with you.