Friday, June 23, 2006

meet some of my readers!

Hello world! It`s me again. Hope all is well in the states I miss them already!! Keep me informed of any big news and good stuff like that. Anyways, today, Friday, was a day full of readers. I had 5 in all.
The 10 am one, Keiko, was awesome! She kept telling me that her english was bad, but it was very good. She told me lots of stories about her family and ancestors. She had just seen The DaVinci Code so we talked about that for awhile. Good thing I saw it before I left! We got to know each other well, and she invited me to a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. The kind where you actually dress up and everything. She is a Buddhist, so it is interesting to hear her thoughts on Christianty. She and I will have great fun.
My second reader was at 11 and her name is Mariko. She is very funny and loves to laugh. For Japanese women, expressing their opinion is rare, I think, so she always would ask if she can speak her opinion. She takes awhile to take in all of the words and understand what they mean. Her english skills are wonderful as well. She seems hesitant about Christianity and did not ask to many questions about it. I had to ask her lots of questions to get her to open up. We still had a wonderful time.
I had a big break and then a 6 another reader of mine came. Her name is Mana, and I also read with her yesterday. She is a part time english teacher so her english is amazing!! I love her! She is not a Christian, but knows so much about it. She is quite knowledgeable about the Bible and the teachings of Christ. She has two children and one of the lessons that we are on was the one when Jesus was 12 years old and stayed at the temple talking to the elders while his parents could not find him. We talked about obedience for a long time and the scripture came to mind " the good of the land." Talking about how if children obey, they will eat the good of the land. She loved that! She wrote it down and everything. We even completed one a half lessons today. I am very excited about this reader and she is just wonderful to get to know.
I then had another reader at 7 named Mizumi. She was great but a little shy. She has been doing Bible study classes with the missionary here, but I think in Japanese, though I am not sure. Her english is also good. She talks real low so it is kinda hard for me to hear her. So far she does not seem to have many questions, but she told me that some of her favorite books in the Bible are the four gospels.
My last reader was at 8 and her name was Ayumi. She is the granddaughter and daughter of church members here, but she herself is not a Christian. Her grandfather, Mito-san, is the one that kept calling me Jordan river. Her english skills are still developing. So far she has been my biggest challenge. She is a wonderful person though. She knows lots about Christianity, but I think that she is somewhat afraid of it. I dont know. I need to spend more time with her.
We got to meet some more church members today. This one lady, I cannot remember her name, is almost 90 years old. She speaks no english. She is wonderful. She has never been to a doctor, never taken medicine, and never been sick any of her life and she owes it all to God. She kept pointing to the sky and clasping her hands in prayer. She says that every morning she goes into her garden and empties her heart to God, so that each day He can fill it back up. We saw her riding her bike the other day, and she was waving so hard at us that she nearly fell off. She rides her bike everyday. She also draws pictures, so she wants us to come to her house and get some.
Another church member, and reader, Mrs. Okabe brought us homemade raspberry jam. It was absolutely delicious. She grows the raspberries herself and everything! I dont think that I have ever had homemade raspberry jam. She also brought us some onions from her garden. I am not a fan of onions, but these were the best I have ever tasted. Bryan was hungry (big surprise) so he went and suateed? an onion. I tried some of it and was in love. We then did two more for everybody to eat. I dont think that people were to happy to have the church smell like onions all night, but these were amazing. We just ate them plain and everything.
After our reading sessions tonight we all went back to the little rahmen shop for dinner. Tyler and I ordered these fried dumplings called.....something...anyways, they were great!!! I also had a Dr. Pepper craving, so we stopped at a coke machine (they are everywhere) and i got a DP and Tyler a Ginger Ale. The guys train did not leave for awhile so hung out at the church and just relaxed. I think the jetlag has finally worn off.
Well, that was pretty much our day. Oh yeah, Tyler and I also got lost in Taga, for a little bit, but soon managed to find our way back to the church. We ran into the guys at the post office so we just followed them back to the church. Ok people, take care and keep up the prayers!! Sorry these are so long, but a lot has happened!!


Anonymous said...

Granddaughter Jordan,

You are such a delight and I love reading about your experiences. I am so proud of you and your heart for God. There is no doubt your spiritual fruit will last for all eternity. Thank you for sharing about the lives of the people; I will certainly pray they will come to know our Savior. You are making memories that will last for a life time. The six weeks will go by before you know it. Enjoy every moment.

Love U
Paw Paw

Aunt Dee said...

I just read this blog, oh my goodness, I already love the little 90 year old lady. She sounds incredible. I am glad for you you can get a D.P. anytime you need one. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know what is going on with you. It really does help us. Love you so much!
Aunt DeeDee