Thursday, June 22, 2006

Day two....

Tyler and I woke up this morning, Wednesday and ate a quick breakfast. The guys showed up at the church and we had a meeting with Judith. We went over reader assignments and other necessities. It was soon lunch time so we went to a wonderful little rahman shop down the street. The owner of the shop is one of our readers, and his mom was our waitress. She found out who we were so she brought us free cokes! That was so nice! Let me tell you that their rahman noodles are SO wonderful and delicious, and nothing compared to the packaged stuff back home. We then went back to the church and had an info meeting. This is a meeting where we all get together and talk about what LST is and explain the program to the readers. We had our first meeting at 2 pm and it went great. We then went on a brief tour of Taga and came back to the church for a potluck dinner that the members were giving us. Our next info meeting was at 7 so we got finished at around 8:30.
So far I have 15 readers signed up, and hope to have 18! We work everyday from 10-8 taking an hour off for lunch and an hour off for team devo and team meetings. Also, I have to cook lunch every Thursday so I take an hour off to cook lunch.
The people here are so nice and friendly. On of the church members, Mr. Sito calls me Jordan, like the Jordan River in the Bible. He is a sweet old man, and the first thing that he asked me when he met me was if I liked to sing. He sang to us and said that he just published his first church song, as he calls it. The man is at least 70. He will talk to you forever and his english is great. Being here only a couple of days, I already know lots of Japanese words and phrases to learn.
It is not very hot just VERY humid. I have not seen the sun once since I have been here. The sun rises at about 4:30 in the morning and sets at about 6:30. The cars drive on the opposite side of the road, and that takes some getting use to. I already like it here, but miss the states. My first reading sessions were Thursday. I am a day behind on here so it looks like I will be writing about what happened the day before and not about today. I can already say that the reading sessions have been great, and I can already feel God working in one reader especially. She asked me alot of questions about Christianity and angels, and it eager to learn more. She wants to come everyday! Since only 1 percent of the population here are Christians, it is hard to be one here. Hopefully these reading sessions will soften their hearts so that we can plant some good seeds in there and watch them grow. One of my girls, Tomami and one of Tylers girls spent a couple of hours talking with all four of us tonight at the church.They finally left because they had to catch their train. Communicating is really not that bad if you just talk slow and take your time. That is hard for me, since I am a fast talker. Well, I guess I will update as soon as I can and if anybody wants the church address just let me know in an email! Love you all!!!! Thanks for the prayers!

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Nanna said...

jordan, i like the way you go into such detail. we want to know everything about your trip. i know God is directing and guiding you, but it's so good to read that everything is going so well and you're happy and peaceful.(and safe)i know this is going to be a life-changing experience for you. i love you sweetie, nanna