Saturday, June 09, 2007

This time is the last time...

Or not. It is just the title of the song I am currently listening to. Has anybody heard of the band Mae? Oiy! I found the question mark. My week is complete. So, where did I leave off...

Basically, the week was good. Thursday was a trip though, and the day I just happened to leave my camera at the church. So, Thursday's we wear out LST shirts, so Adam and I were walking to the school like always, but some how we forgot to take our shortcut, so we had to enter the school at the main entrance. That is fine, but there is a security guard shack there. We walked through the entrance just fine and then we nodded our heads at the skinny guard, but...he stopped us! Uh oh. We both looked at each other and were a little freaked. With broken English, he basically wanted to know who we were, what we were doing, what building we were doing it in, and who was in charge. We answered all of his questions, so he seemed comfortable to let us into the campus. We were a little freaked. We continued our walk to Kiara-con. We have reading sessions at 9:25, 10:15 and 11:00 before chapel. Chapel is at 11:50, so we always have to go. Wednesday, they wanted us to sing with them in the "choir" but the song was in Japanese, so of course we could not. However, Thursday they wanted to include us, so they sang an English song during chapel. They wanted us to join, and that was fine, but we had to wear these crimson choir robes and that was awesome!! Seriously, we looked pretty hot. We sang the one song and sat in the front row in our cute wittle robes and sat through the Japanese sermon.

Thursday it began to rain. Hard. Adam and I walked in from lunch right at 1, and had a reading session at 1:15, and the minute we walked into the building the rain began to pour. I had just taken the poncho out of my bag that morning, so we were rain gear-less. We finished out our day, and by the time it was time to leave it was already dark, but it was not raining. We borrowed an umbrella just in case. We got to the train station and when we got off at Taga, five minutes after being on the train, it was pouring. We still had a five minute walk to the church, so we hunched under the umbrella and tried not to get soaked. Awesome. Has anybody ever shared an umbrella? Let's just say that whatever arm is not under there is really going to get wet. It rained the whole night.

And so begins the rainy season.
So, Friday and Saturdays are our days off, but that really does not mean anything. Friday we slept late, and went to Hitachi for a late-late lunch. We ate McDonalds! Whooo! We went to the 100 Yen shop and then around the mall for a bit. The mall is huge. We went to the fourth floor to the arcade games and we went into a photo booth to take pictures. The picture booths are awesome! You get in there and there is just a green screen behind you. There is a screen in front of you and you get to pick up to six different backgrounds. We went crazy! It was awesome. After you take the pictures, you go on the outside and you get to decorate the pictures. Cool! The outcome is at the top of the screen. Maybe click on it to get it bigger. I don't know. We came back to Taga and just had game night. It was a great day.
Saturday, again, our day off, started early. We left the church at 9:30 to go to the Children's Home. Wow. What an experience. The kids there, about 60, are not really orphans, but more like wards of the state. For some reason or another their parents are unable to take care of them so they stay at the Children's Home until their parents are able to care for them again. We showed up today and the kids immediately just ran up to us and jumped on us and it was beautiful, but very un Japanese like. In Japan, they do not show physical contact very much at all, so when these kids latched onto us, we were surprised. This one little girl, probably around 4, stayed in my arms and lap the entire time. I let this one boy have my camera for the day and he took some fantastic pictures. We sang a few Sunday school songs, and then we acted out the parable of the lost coin in Luke and then let the kids act it out. Fantastic! We played fruit basket turnover and duck duck goose and just had an absolute blast. When it was time for us to leave, they hung onto us and I did not want to leave! They were so sad to see us leave, and they had just met us! Please, keep these children in your prayers that they can soon return to their homes and know what it means to have a loving, caring family. The kids range from 2-18 years old. Wow. Thank you God, for that wonderful opportunity.
Later, we went to Bryan and Dan's house for a tea ceremony. The English Club at Ibaraki Christian High School is led by Jun, who is a church member here at Taga and an English teacher at ICHS. They made us curry and pancakes (for dessert) and then we had a tea ceremony. Awesome! It was great. We spent all day there and had a good time.
So, that was a run down of our weekend. It was great. Next weekend: Tokyo! Whoo-whooo! Excited!!!!
Well, that is about all for now. I hope to put some more pictures up on facebook soon, so wait for that. Until then, see you!!!

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