Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's been a long time

First of all, let me express my deepest apologies for not writing in my blog more often. I have been very busy, and time is of the essence. With that being said, I would like to make it up to you all by taking you to some pictures. Go to and that is my facebook page. On there, I posted about 60 pictures so far, and if possible, you can probably see more photos others have tagged of me. Let me know how it works out.

So, Monday was a busy day. I had about 5 readers, all new, and it was fun. The day started out rough for Adam, who received some bad news earlier that morning. A family that he was close to in Midland suffered a tragedy, resulting in the loss of one of their sons. The eldest son was driving, and got into an accident causing the car he was driving to flip. His sister crushed both of her legs and got rushed to the ER while the 13 year old was killed. His parents and the boy driving were not physically hurt, but they will be hurting for quite some time. Please keep this family and Adam in your prayers as they are all going through a tough time. I pray that the Lord gives them the strength to get through each day. Monday was a tough day for Adam, and it showed.

Tuesday was also a great day. Tuesdays are pretty awesome because it is curry day! Yay! Chapel is not mandatory, so as an incentive, the SCA (Student Christian Assocciation) makes curry and gives it away for free on Tuesdays. Awesome. I am loving curry. It is slammin'. I did not have too many readers, but lots of people show up for curry day, so we just hung out in the office in the Kiara-con. On one of the tables, there are these mind games, and this one I cannot complete. Grr! It is driving me crazy. I took apart the horn things, I rebuilt the triangle, Kaori helped me rebuild the box thing, and I mastered the sticks. However, I cannot for the life of me do this puzzle. It is a 3x3 cube, and similar to a Rubix Cube. However, it unravels into one long piece and you have to manipulate the pieces so it connects into the cube. It is so much harder than it sounds. I worked on it for so long yesterday and even today, and still no luck! While I was working one of the puzzles, one of Adam's reader had the cube and was just talking with us, when I looked down and it was put together! She had no idea. I asked her to show me how she did it, but Manaho had no clue! She just did it. Awesome. So, that is my goal- to complete the cube.

Adam and I walked back to the church and when we got there I made dinner for everybody and we had our nightly team devo.

Wednesday, today, was a good day. I only had two readers, but my day was still busy. Basically, I just hung out at campus and met some cool people.

When Adam and I walked into the room we work in, it was boiling hot. Adam had his first two reading sessions outside because it was a gorgeous day. Mio, the lady who is basically in charge there, told me to go ahead and use the air conditioner. Sweet action Jackson! Much, much better.

We have to go to chapel so maybe our readers will go to chapel, but it is crazy. It is all in Japanese and it is about 30 minutes long. For Sundays, at least there is a translation of what is being said. Today, I looked at Adam who was sitting next to me and he was pretty much dozing off. After chapel, we have lunch, so we ate again in the cafeteria.

While Adam was having his first reading session, this lady came up to me and began speaking to me. Her English is decent, but not completely fluent. Anyway, she was telling me about her stay in India 20 years when she and her sister worked with Mother Theresa there. Great story. Next thing I know, she just takes off mid sentence into the next room. Later, after Adam was finished with one of his sessions, we were outside talking when the lady comes up behind me and hangs a sweater across my shoulders. The sweater is a small, and is much too small, but she goes "Maybe fits, but you can only wear in winter." The sweater is not much of a sweater, it is more of a long sleeve cotton shirt, and she was wearing the exact same one only in a different color. It is really pretty, sort of like a chocolate color, but I cannot wear it. I gave it to Adam to give to his girlfriend, Brittany. I am pretty sure that she can wear it. She spoke to us some more about her stay in Oklahoma about 10 years ago, and then she sang us a song. Hmm. She is 48 years old. Then, after Adam and I walked back into the Kiara-con after lunch, she was in the study room eating and was talking about Americans versus Japanese in weight. Interesting. The lady is tiny, and in no way fat, but she said that Japanese people would call her fat. Wha' (question mark) In America, she was not called fat, so she likes Americans. All in all, it was an interesting couple of conversations.

Wednesdays we leave ICC early because we have the Taga Cell Group. Basically, Wednesday night devo. Tonight, there were 18 people in all there and that was fantastic. Great turnout. Before the cell group, we had dinner at the restaurant next to the rahman shop. I had soba noodles and they were delicious. Oishi! It is hard to spell out Japanese words phonetically.

Now, it is now. I am waiting on a call from Kelsey, our regional representative. I sure hope he calls soon. I am exhausted. My legs are a little sore from walking everyday. However, the mornings and evenings have been beautiful, so we have nice walks. God is such a beautiful artist.

Next time I write in my blog, maybe I will share some of my thoughts that I was going to do for devo tonight, but with cell group, I did not get to. Next time.

Tomorrow, Thursday, is LST T-shirt day. The one day a week where we get to wear t-shirts during reading sessions. Yahoo!

Well, that is about it. I will try my hardest to update more often, but there are three of us trying to use the computer, and I do not have time during the day to get on like I did last year. Before I go, I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Sorry I cannot be there, but I will make it up to you when I return. I promise. I hope that you have a fantastic day. Love you and miss you.

Until then...bye.

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mom said...

Hey Ladybug!!!
Thank you for wishing me a happy b-day, But this is the best present I could ever ask for. I miss you and i'm praying for you. I know your tired and sore maybe you can take Sat. and just relax. Play like your at home a just sleep (until hannah comes in and wakes you up, wanting to go to the mall)HaHa I'm very happy and proud of you baby.