Friday, June 01, 2007

This keyboard is bugging me out

Well, it is Saturday morning, and I actually slept until a little after 9. I reached my goal. So, let me tell you all about my Friday...

I took the 8:57 train into Omika and met Adam there. The walk seems to be less and less each time we do it. Does not seem like 10 minutes. Adams first reader was at 9:25 and mine at 11, so I just hung around until he was finished. After his first one, we went walking around the campus a little. 11 came and went. Readers came and went. Lunch time!

So, Adam and I have to eat in the cafeteria, but none of our readers do. They told us that all we had to do was point at the pictures and that is how we order. We walked in and just began laughing. Then the Japanese students began laughing at us. We had no idea what to do. Finally, we became brave and pointed at this stuff which looked like chicken and got some rice as well. We paid for our meal then walked around holding our trays and looked for a place to sit. Finally, we found two spots at the end of some table. We sat down to enjoy our food. We looked around and noticed all the guys and girls do not sit together. It was like they were afraid of the other. Adam and I were sitting together, and it seemed like people were talking about us. They probably were. I do not care.

After lunch, we had a two and a half hour break. We were pretty bored, so we went into the English building, and somebody told us to go inside this one classroom. We walked in and it looked like it was the place to be. There were about 10 foreigners in there with about 25 Japanese students. The teacher, Patrick, is an American and let us hang out there. It was a lot of fun. Adam went and got on the computers while I played this English game with some girls. First, you write a dimple sentence, then you pass the sentence off and draw a picture about the sentence. Then you pass the picture off and write a sentence about the picture. It was fun. Then we did it with vocabulary words. My word was adapt, so I wrote I have to adapt to Japanese life. When it went around the table, it came out as bunny rabbit. No idea how that happened, but it did. Awesome. So, I think that it is like the game telephone, only on paper. It was a lot of fun.

Time for readers! Yay! Adam had his second reader, and I had a break, so I just studied my workbook for a while. I had three more readers, and he had two more. At 6:40 we were over. Long day! We took the long walk back to the station and headed home to Taga.

We got to Taga about 7:15 and Shane and Holly were still reading. We were all pretty hungry so we made reservations at Woodys. Woodys is an Italian place, and it is delicious. The plates are about 750 Yen, but you can seriously eat off of it for 3 days. And I thought the portions at Carinos were large.

After walking back from Woodys, the guys left with Bryan and Dan, and then Sugao and Numiah left. Numiah teaches English here and is from Fiji. It is fun to talk to him.

I was pretty beat. It was a long day, but we had fun. Hanging out in Patricks English class was great. Adam and I figured that we would be in there for quite some time.

Today, is Saturday and our first day off. Yay! Today, we have no big plans. We are going to try to get over the last bit of jet lag, unpack and organize things and just rest. We might get on the train and go to Hitachi or even the beach. Fun! Today, we are just going to take it slow.

Tomorrow is church, potluck lunch, and my Bunco party. I have no reading sessions, so I will go to the store and buy refreshments for the party. We are expecting quite a few people to show up! I am very excited.

So far, things have been awesome. The team split has been easier to deal with then I thought it would, but we have only had one day of reading sessions so far. Keep us all in your prayers. The weather here has been pretty chilly as of late. I only brought short sleeved shirts, so if I need a light jacket then it must be pretty cool. Today, however, it is bright and sunny, so it looks like the Japanese weather that I have grown to love: hot and humid. Who-hoo. I am so thankful to be back here and seeing past readers. I only have one of my readers from last year because I am not reading at the church. It is great though, because I love my readers. I connect with the high school girls that I have and the college girls seem to be pretty open and accepting of hearing about Christianity. It is wonderful. I feel something special happening already, and I am excited about finding out what it is.

Before I leave, I would like to display the wackyness of the computer:
The at symbol:¨¨
The apostrophe: À
The question mark: É
Quotation marks: È
If I accidently hit the buttons next to the space bar: the whole thing is in Japanese.
If I hit shift and period: "
If I hit shift and comma: '
So, I found the quotation marks and the apostrophe, so that helps. I have yet to find the question mark, but hopefully I can soon.

That is about all for now. Things are wonderful and our team bond is so strong. It is amazing, and I am very glad that God put us together like he did. Continue to keep us in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

good morning,jordan. we're having a beautiful saturday here-working in the yard, burning webworms out of the pecan tree. i'm not sure why we're saving the pecan tree, because the squirrels always strip it of pecans before we get any-but it's still a fun,beautiful day.
jordan, are you not getting to know your readers as well this year as last year? you've not said much about them, but it could be because you've not got to meet with them that much.
pappaw and i have decided you are so much in your element and have so much purpose in what your doing. we want to send you a goodie package, but we need to know your address and what you need. we pray blessings, peace, and safety, on you and all that are involved in this mission trip.
i love you, sweetie,

Pappaw said...

Hello Grannnndaughter!

It is good to read your comments and know how much you are on your game of life. I know when God sends, He commissions and when He commissions He continue to enjoy His anointing that breaks the yoke and removes the heavy burden from ministry.

You are blessed to be a blessing,