Friday, June 22, 2007

Fresh power!

I am rejuvenated! Who-hoo! I really am not sure why. It is almost 2 am. Wait for it...wait for it is officially 2 am. Cool. So, we stayed up all night last night waiting for the sunrise. According to the always correct internet, sunrise was at 4:21 am. We left Bryan's house right at 4, and got to the beach by 4:10. Nothing. It was a little light, so we stood and waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing. No sun in sight. Then, it began to rain. It was so foggy, the sun was hidden! We were upset! The rainy season is definitely upon us. No worries. I am in Japan! Yata! We finally left the beach around 4:50 and went home to sleep. Ah, precious, precious sleep. 5:15 was late...or was it early to go to sleep. Bryan and Dan went to bed way before we did, so when we got back to the house, the guys went up to their room, while we got our beds ready. Holly and Tyler slept on the couches in the cool living room, while I slept on futon in the side room. No air. No pillow. I did not care. I crashed. I did not remember anything until Holly went and woke me up at 1:30. 8 hours of sleep was not enough. Apparently I was the only one still sleeping. The rain was coming down harder as the three of us walked to the train station to hit the 2:32 train. We left the house at 1:57 and barely made it. Awesome. Also, apparently during the morning I had folded my semi-wet t-shirt and created a crude pillow. My neck is still a little stiff.

We were all starving as we made our way back to the church, so I cooked chicken stir fry. We ate, showered, and talked until 5 when we had to meet Judith and go to Hitachi for APN. Sweet! I love singing. My voice is terrible, but I sing anyway. Just like the Martina McBride song says. Love her.

We went to Ito Yokado shopping mall. There were nine of us: 5 LST, Judith, Michi, Yuka, and Yugurie. I think that is the correct spelling of his name. Trying to spell Japanese words and names phonetically does not really get you anywhere. We took some more of those awesome photo booth pictures and went shopping for a little while until we had to go to the church. Michi helped me find a slip, so yay! I finally have one! I can wear my skirt! Excited, I am.

We then went to the dollar store and pretty much wiped the store clean. What a bunch of foreigners buying up everything in site. Only because it is Japan. Also, we were blessed to have Michi there, for she helped translate characters on items we were buying so that we did not buy something and have it say something like "death is upon you!" or "all who buy this will be tortured by clowns for seven and a half years." You know, stuff like that.

15 minute or so walk to the church. The rain had subsided. Finally. APN was wonderful. Instruments were included, surprisingly, and the entire evening sounded great. I love worship songs. Bryan taught me a few chords on the guitar, so I am now not completely guitar illiterate. I know know G, A, C, and Eminor. I am not too sure what I can do with cords, but I know guitar chords! I can spell CAGEminor, that's what I can do! Rock on!

After APN, Bryan took me, Michi, Tyler, and Holly back to Taga, but not before going to Mos Burger! It is the Japanese equivalent of fast food. Pretty good. According to Michi, they only use the finest ingredients. I ordered a vegetable cheeseburger, and it was delicious, if not small. A few bites and it was down. It was filling though, I will give Mos Burger that much.

That was it. Also, last night we totally got kicked out of McDonalds and the mall. McDonalds closes at 9, so we got there about 5 minutes before they closed and ate our food in the food court. The mall was pretty dead, but none of the stores were getting ready to close. At our mall we have gates for every store, but here they just leave everything out and put a net around the perimeter. Strange, yet awesome. What a trusting country! All of a sudden, a security guard goes "Japanese japanese japanese" to use and we are pretty sure he was telling us to leave. I had just finished my Mega Teriyaki, when we were ushered out into the vastness of Hitachi and had to finish our lovely American meal in the not yet rainy skies. Beautiful and wonderful.

We have had many experiences while here. All of them amazing. All of them. We have only 9 days of reading sessions left...crazy! I do not want to leave! Before coming, I bought gifts for Sugao and Judith as a thank you present, but did not realize that I needed to bring something for the people over at ICC. Adam called his grandparents, who make these really cool wooden crosses, and they are sending them over for Jun and Mio Uzawa. The most awesome people...ever. They are so sweet and kind. Love them! Now, we are prepared, and we do not feel like jerks for not giving them anything.

Here are links to the photo albums that I have put up while here. I will probably not put anymore up while here. It is time consuming and just difficult here. I cannot read Japanese.

That should be enough to satisfy everybody until I get home to put up the rest. Well, that is about all. I need to go to sleep and get ready for the awesomeness that is karaoke. Night, all!


Dad said...

Thanks for the pics. It is nice to see that you are indeed having fun.

Love ya,


Mom said...

Hey Baby,
Just wanted to let you know that the pics. are great. I love seeing you and your friends with all your new Japan friends.I also liked your list. Remember you can sleep when you get back home. HaHa
Love and miss you,

Anonymous said...

You are a great photographer! I loved the pictures. Thanks for taking the time to post them. The little Japanese boys are so cute. I wish I could be at the beach with you. Have a blessed day!