Wednesday, June 20, 2007

3rd album, and more

Here ya go guys! I put up another photo ablum, so enjoy. For some reason, I can only upload pictures at the campus and not at church, so I am limited for when I can upload. Plus, the computer here is pretty slow. It does take a while!

With that being said, how is everybody? Hopefully wonderful. I am doing great. This is our fourth week of reading sessions, and we are all pretty tired. Exhausted. Going to Tokyo last weekend did not help either. Oh well. You only live once. I am not complaining. I mean, how can I complain!

Last night, Wednesday, was cell group. There were not that many people there, but we still had a great time. Hanna invited me to spend the night with her next Wednesday, so I said yes. Plus, she lives 5 minutes away from ICC so I can sleep in later! Score. Apparently Sara stays with Hanna on Wednesdays, so we are going to have a party! Haha, yeah right. Hanna and Sara have made reservations someplace and are taking me and Adam out to dinner. They wanted to have dinner with us one night before we leave. A farewell dinner, as Hanna called it.

So, I need some info. I am lost without my entertainment news. What is the big song now, you know that one that they play on the radio over and over and people are getting tired of it? I need to know. How are the movies? It is driving me crazy not being able to go and watch new movies, and or rent them. Grr! Oh well. A small sacrifice to pay.

Well, my mission here is complete. I completed the puzzle cube twice yesterday, but both times were an accident. I will do it once more. I jest of course about my mission being complete. For as long as we are here, His mission will not be complete.

I think that is about all today. I am tired, very tired. Oh! Tonight, we are going to stay at Bryan and Dan`s HUGE house and stay up all night and go to the beach and watch the sunrise. Amazing. Beautiful. I cannot wait. Then, we will sleep until we wake up. On Fridays we do not have reading sessions, so the only thing we have to do that day is go to APN (Accapella Praise Night) at Hitachi church at 7. Let the sleeping begin! I will probably wake up at 6:30, go to APN then come back to the church and sleep until karaoke starts on Saturday.

I feel terrible about not sharing news about Japan as much as I did last year. So, as an incentive, I am going to make a list. I love lists. Not only do I always wrtie one, I usually forget to take it with me when I go to places that require the use of a list eg. grocery store, Wal-Mart, book store, hospital, cafeteria. Ok, you get the point. Enjoy:

1. Japanese people do not throw away shopping bage; instead they keep them and reuse them until they can no longer be used.
2. They have got to be the most organized people I have ever known.
3. Very, very sweet people.
4. Their r`s sound like d`s.
5. The sun rises way too early.
6. I can only take about 97 more pictures with my camera. We are only half way done.
7. I think I want to live here one day.
8. The ocean makes a beautiful sound at night.
9. I am tired of the song itsy bitsy spider.
10. Ah che mute a hoy!
11. Lists are fun.
12. I have to go to chapel now, so no more of this list.
13. Sorry.
14. Please forgive me.
15. I love you all
16. ...nope, that is it.

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Dad said...

Lists are indeed cool. Checkng your blog for an update is number 6 on my daily list of things to do.