Monday, October 02, 2006

mid-terms and twirp week

Can you believe that it is already midterms?? AHHHHH!!!! Crazy huh? So I have like a lot of tests this week and they are hard. Two on Thursday folks! Pray for me. So, this week at school is TWIRP week. TWIRP stands for The Woman Is Required to Pay. This week does nothing for me. Basically the girls ask out the guys but the catch is that there is no money involved. Nifty huh? Student senate pays for everything. I mean, that is pretty cool. Tonight, Monday, was the corn maze. Yes, that's right we live in the country. There is a huge corn field right outside of Lubbock and every year inside of the field is a super awesome huge maze. I mean it seriously takes like 2 hours to go through. OK, so that is fun and all, but LCU is around 2,000 students. If half of those people go, that is 1,000 people. 100 acres in a tight fitting maze with that many people, well, I am just not interested. Tuesday night is Cosmic Bowling. Again, same problem. Bowling alleys are only so big and 1,000 people crammed in 20 lanes in frustrating. I went last semester and stayed for like 3 hours and bowled half a game. Really not worth it. Then, Wednesday night is devo and coffee at the Koffee Kup. This is bad because I work every Wednesday. This is one that really interests me. Thursday night is coke and nacho night in the SUB. Basically it is like a huge get-together. There are bands playing (not at the same time) and everybody is enjoying greasy nachos and warm cokes. Um, yum! Friday night is actually cool it is to see the play Guys and Dolls in the auditorium (now known as the McDoody, hehe). The problem with that is that I work Friday nights as well!! AHH!!! Oh well, TWIRP week is overrated, and was also voted number 16 in Sports Illustrated as the things you have to do while in college. Boo-ya! Sure it is kinda cool for girls to step up and ask the guys, but I could never do it. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer the guy to ask me. I actually got asked (yes by a guy, I too thought it was wierd for a guy asking a girl to TWIRP week but whatever, but I had to say no, Wed. night folks). Oh well, he and I are just friends anyway. TWIRP week, a tradition at LCU that I just am not interested in.
So, I went to the mall today, just to window shop because I have absolutely no money. Well, I went by the store NewYork&Co. and who did I see in the window display? None other than 10 whole feet of my favorite tv doctors!! It was awesome! Dr. McDreamy and Dr. Grey adorning the walls and windows. It was cool. Yeah, I am like totally addicted to that show. Seriously! So Patrick Dempsey plays Dr. "McDreamy" (you know, he is the guy that Reese Witherspoon does NOT pick in Sweet Home Alabama), and he is awesome. Little crush going on. Johnny Depp and Patrick Dempsey. Hey, it could be worse. Again, Grey's Anatomy is awesome.
I find myself sitting outside on the swings on campus a lot lately. LCU's campus is beautiful (they have done some great landscaping remodeling). There are swings outside and I love one in particular. It squeaks. It is great. Covered by the shade. Also, I like the mall area at night. LCU is like one long sidewalk known as the "mall." There are these beautiful old-dtyle lamps lining the sidewalks that give off a faint yellowish glow. Again, beautiful!
The air is turning cooler....then hotter....then cooler. I personally am ready for it to get cold. And stay cold! I am ready for the snow. I am also ready for Thanksgiving. One full week off of school, granted, that means I will have to double up for work and work the Friday after Thanksgiving. That day, "Black Friday", is the worst shopping day of the year. Hopefully people will not want to look at puppies, but look at the sales going on elsewhere in the mall. Not looking forward to that. Well, that is about it. Oh yeah, I saw School for Scoundrels and The Guardian this week, and can miss them. Neither not that great. Ashton Kutcher actually did a good job in The Guardian and I love me some Kevin Costner. Well, that is about it. Maybe my loyal fanbase will return (I think that it was once at 4 readers!). Take care and please pray for me as I do these tests. Gotta love college. I mean where else can you dress like a slob, mooch off of anyone, be late, and it actually be expected of you? COLLEGE that's where. Take care and until we meet again....

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Mom said...

I'm glad you don't care for twrip wk. I think it may take you a way from your studies. But I think some of it may have been fun, work and no play! Blaaaah. Keep typing I still enjoy reading you blog.