Tuesday, October 17, 2006

more, More, MORE!

So, it has been 9 days since my last post. No death threats, so that is good. Hee. Well, the past nine days have gone real well (well, I really only remember the past two, but they were great!). School is awesome, and Fall Break is Thursday and Friday, plus the weekend. Very, very nice. I could definately use a break. Anyways, I'm rambling. Sorry, I tend to do that quite often. So, the reason I do not put pics on here is really a combination of things: I have no camera, I do not have enough time, and my computer hates me. Seriously, I think it's out to get me. OK, maybe not.
So the paper that I write for, yeah I decided to stick with it. The main incentive being that I get a $200 scholarship if I am on it for more than two semesters. SWEET!! So it is pretty cool. In September I got to go to a concert, paid for by the Duster. Well, it just so happened to be one of the best Christian bands around: SONICFLOOd!! Yes, you read it right. I got to meet them (twice!) and hang out with them after the show. Needless to say, it was awesome. That was the best concert I have ever been to, and I have been to MANY.
Also, my favorite articles to write are opinions and entertainment reviews. Yes, that is because I am nerd. Anyways, the paper is more like a PR piece for the school, so not many opinions there. Anyways, I got the chance to do a movie review. SWEET! Free movie! So I chose the new Robin Williams flick Man of the Year. I wrote the review and eh, it was ok. The movie and the review. Don't waste time seeing it. Just one person's opinion mind you.
Anyways, if anyone is interested, here are some links to a few of my articles. Enjoy!
OK, so those are just a few. I write a story every week. I only added the entertainment/opinions because that is what I like to write. I usually have to do something about LCU, an athlete, etc so I thought that these would be better. I wrote for another paper as well, and in there are some of my best work. I'll get the links later.
So living on campus has its perks, but the one thing that I hate is not being able to see my family everyday. It is sad. Really. Well, I was at my box on campus (it is more like a teeny tiny locker with a combination lock) and viola, I had something in there. Something other than a bill! I had a letter from my cousin! Ha! Then, an even bigger surprise; I had a package waiting for me. With sheer anticipation, I got it and it was from my grandmother. YAY!! Inside was pens, stamps, cards with the letter "J" on them (you know, for Jordan) and a bookmark. It really made my day. Aw, somebody loves me! It was cool. I said that to say this, I love mail. Especially the kind that does not require money and is usually hand written. It makes me smile (so does many MANY other things, but go with it). If any one of you would like to send me a little letter or anything, feel free. Let me know and I will give you my address.
In closing, I wish that the weather here would make up its mind. Last Sunday was like 90 degrees and then the next day it never got above 40. It was like that all week. Then, it decides to rain (which we get like 10" a year) so now it is muddy. The red west Texas dirt is not meant to be mud. It is very thick and many cars get stuck in it. Believe me on that, personal experience. Anyways, I want the weather to be a constant. I like winter. I do not like having to wear a jacket one day and then shorts the next. It is not good for my asthma folks! That's all I'm saying is all....
Well, gotta go. Catch ya later, and until we meet again....(I think that will now be my signature sign off).

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