Tuesday, November 13, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things (part one)
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So, these are a few of my favorite things (part one...maybe):

1. Making lists.
2. My family
3. The Office. Everything about The Office. EVERYTHING! I think this is the first television show that I have actually been obsessed with.

4. Movies with big song-and-dance numbers
5. Cupcakes with cute decorations
6. Semicolons
7. Penguins
8. God
9. Thanksgiving
10. Sugared cereals
11. Blue Bell ice cream (all flavors! and found only in Texas...I think)

12. Socks
13. Zombies
14. Board games
15. My allergy medicine
16. When I pay my rent and I still have money in my account. (This month I had two dollars! Wooo!)
17. Saying "y'all"
18. Shopping at Target
19. Little kids with British accents
20. People who think I'm funny
21. The sunrises in Japan. I took this picture when I was there this summer:

22. P.G. Wodehouse. I am still upset they took the butler Jeeves off of the ask.com website.
23. iTunes
24. Flavored cream cheese
25. Movie theatre popcorn
26. Cute shoes
27. Plastic sushi displays in Japanese restaurants. And sushi
28. The Toy Story poster I got in Japan
29. Things that are on sale
30. The awesomeness that is Friday Night Lights
31. The sun shining on my face
32. Singing
33. Lefties
34. Brocolli
35. Mexican food
36. This picture still makes me laugh. Our class took all the trophies and placed them on Mr. John Wayne Head to see who would notice. Then we moved them into the auditorium. Awesome.
37. Thrift shopping
38. Cashews
39. Staying home and skipping chapel
40. Grilled cheese sandwiches
41. Cheese
42. Music of all kinds...except rap. Mostly
43. Crazy people
44. Pygmy hippos and baby hippos. They are still scary. They can still kill me.
45. Writing
46. Hoodies
47. Boggle
48. DVD extras
49. Singing
50. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert
51. The dollar bins at Target
52. Laundry detergent
53. Nice dogs
54. Silver colored metals
55. Little Miss Sunshine
56. This dude from Pan's Labyrinth or El Laberinto del Fauno

57. Sleeping late
58. Monkeys
59. Original Chapstick
60. My ten year old piece of crap car
61. Languages
62. The moment the lights go down in the movies
63. When I take a drink of an ice cold Coca-Cola and I can feel it in my stomach
64. Converse shoes
65. That scene in Rocky III where Rocky is wearing short-shorts and racing Apollo Creed on the beach in slow motion
66. Babies
67. Fisher Price toys. Three reasons: 1) If it weren't for these toys the kids I look after would have nothing to do. 2) They contain no lead or any part of the date rape drug. 3) They are still fun for big kids to play with
68. Sharks
69. Silver colored metals
70. Meerkats

71. Modesty
72. Introverts
73. Pancakes
74. Taking pictures
75. The 'snooze' button
76. Analyzing the differences in literature and film
77. Swimming
78. John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer (Jim and Pam from The Office) Teh cute!

79. Cranberry juice
80. Red buttons
81. Pretending I can play the guitar
82. Fine Japanese cuisine. Including sushi. Again.
83. Any music by John Mayer; Jon McLaughlin; John Legend; Johnny Cash; and John, Elton
84. Also, Johnny Depp
85. Sandwiches
86. The fact that I finally live someplace that actually will deliver a pizza
87. The cotton fields this time of the year. Beautiful.
88. Mustard
89. Puppies
90. Iced tea
91. Tina Fey and the amazing 30 Rock

92. Japan, and all things Japan
93. Sleeping.
94. Sleeping in
95. The Godfather Pigeons
96. Walking each day without falling
97. Thrift shopping
98. Cold Weather
99. Pulling pranks on Dr. Klein
100. These people and my summer in Japan. This was taken inside the Tokyo Tower elevator

So, this is quite an extensive list, but it is my list. Feel free to take and add. Let me know what I forgot and what I was stupid to put up there. These are in no order, so know that.

Mantanay! (See you in Japanese)

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Elisabeth said...

I love a third of those things. Even more if you replace Japan with France.