Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pardon Me

This week was great! Truly great. Not great like a paid vacation, but great like eating for free all week. Anyway, onward!

Monday and Tuesday, some things happened. Can't really remember. I know I skipped chapel and a class (gasp, the horror!) and worked. Pretty much the usual.

Wednesday, which was Halloween! I went as a nerd (see previous post) and it was great. I was basically paid to hand out candy all night. Yay! Mike came in to watch the front while Melanie and I handed out 1,000 pieces of candy. We gave one piece to every kid, and ran out within an hour and a half. Wow. Yeah, we were busy. After work I had to get a few things so I ran to Wal Mart on my way home, still in my costume. Wasn't even thinking. Oh well, I looked like a nerd. Sweet!

Thursday was the best day of the week, and not because it is the day before Friday. Being an English major is great because all of my Tuesday/Thursday classes are Humanities classes. All the HUM professors went on some sort of retreat for the weekend and they left on Thursday. Nice! What a great day! First of all, who does that on a Thursday morning, knowing they have classes all day, and even more on Friday. I'm not complaining by any means. I would have paid big money to see the professors all chillin' at some camp site and trying to be all cool. An office retreat? Hmm. Interesting.

I picked up my eleventh chapel absense (tehehe) and slept until noon. Went to work at 2 and realized that I only had to work until 5. Dawsome! What a nice surprise. I got to watch The Office, and how great it was.

I got home and found a "Courtesty email" from the school. You see, I get 14 chapel absences a semester, and I just picked up my 11th. Three more I get fined, and one more after that I get on academic probation. Whatever. I love God, but hate chapel. Boring! The email was telling me of my "astounding" number of absences. Pfft. Delete!

Thursday was a great day because my questions over Samson Agonistes were originally due, but pushed back to Tuesday. That was great because I had not read the story yet. I love John Milton, but didn't want to read Samson just yet. Still haven't. Help?

Friday I had to be up early and attend out weekly Duster meeting. You see, we do ten stories a week, and we only have six writers. We REALLY need writers. Badly. If you know words, and with those words you can create sentences, then we need you. It is an exclusive club, and sort of awesome. I say sort of because we really don't do much. We meet once a week, go over story ideas for the following week, and that is all. Not much to it. If you are on staff for a year, then there is a scholarship with your name on it! Trust me, I know. So, basically, if you ask me personally to join, I will most likely wait 1.2 seconds and say, nay scream, "YES!" at you. I would probably then want to share germs and embrace you in a hug. Please do not be afraid.

Went to Spanish and laughed at the dorks in class. We celebrated Dia de los Muertos for a half a second. Senora Perez brought cookies! With pumpkins and spiders on them. Oishi...wait, that's Japanese...I'm so confused.

No Creative Writing Friday! I'm so sick of that class. The best part of Wednesday, was ironically her class. We had a few prompts to write about and I do believe that Alan had the best one. One prompt was: Smashing pumpkins! Someone is smashing pumpkins in your neighborhood. You stay up late one night and catch the culprit in the act. You are surprised to find out it is..." Alan's was awesome and he thought it was a Richard Nixon. A Nixon zombie. An articulate Nixon zombie. Awesome. Richard Nixon as a zombie...haha. I liked Kristy's as well. Especially when she referred to a bra as an "over the shoulder boler holder." HAHAHA! Awesome. I've heard it before, but in the context she used it--awesome. I used the prompt "deset island." Here it is: "You are stranded on a desert island with three items. What are they, and how do you use them?" I picked a bowling trophy, a vacuum cleaner and a Herman Munster bobble head. I ran out of time before I could figure out what to use them for.

I did not have to work Friday night, but with the crazy weather we have been having my allergies were bugging me, so I skipped out on game night. Also, Saturday was ballin' because I did not have to work. Yay! What a great week.

I have the greatest job in the world. I get paid $10 an hour to hold a six month old and watch two two-year olds play. I occasionally have to change a diaper, but I also work with puppies, so it's all good. Plus, they cancelled church service tonight, so I got paid even though I didn't have to go. How great is that?

So, I now get paid to play with puppies, kittens and little kids. Jealous?

In my first, and main job, we have a fish room and on the entryway leading into the room there are big letters that spell FISH on the wall. The S is positioned the highest and I have never been able to jump and touch it. Not anymore! I touched the S so now I can die happy. Actually, I still want to ride in a hot air balloon...all in due time, I guess.

Rally at the RIP tomorrow night. Who can say no to free food and t-shirts, and games? Not me. You should join us.

Colin Powell will be speaking at LCU Tuesday. I wanted to go but the tickets are $100.00. Seriously, what college student can afford that? Not many. If you can, bless you. I would like to go, but I can't. Sigh. He's going to be speaking about the 50 years of LCU. Umm....he has never been here, so how is he qualified to make this speech? What? He used to be the Secretary of State? He's a general? Oh, ok, I guess that makes sense. Whatever. Drew writes for the paper and is working as a volunteer (ie serving food) but does not want to write an article about the event because he knows nothing about politics. Dude, neither do I. Still, it's cool.

I filled my car (not my cat, as I originally typed) with gas about three weeks ago and I am just now needing gas. Cool right? No, my car does not have outstanding gas mileage; I just don't go anywhere. It takes three minutes to get to school and six to get to work. My new job takes about 15. That is about the extent of my drive. Not much, guys.

The sister got a speeding ticket and also got a ticket for running a stop sign. Same time, two different offenses. Hahahaha. Sorry, had to laugh for a second. Ok, composure regained. She has to pay like $230 bucks and take defensive driving. If she does DD, then only one gets taken off her record. She was going 27 in a 25 zone. On campus. So, campus cops can give out real tickets now? I thought they were more like fake security guards. Not even worthy to carry a night stick. Whatever.

I was going to check my email the other day and I saw a picture of a one-eyed cat. I got to thinking about our old one-eyed cat, Tom. Tom turned out to be a girl, but whatever. Jacob found her in a tree once, and trapped her, tamed her, and she became a house cat. We also had Tac (get it, CAT backwards? Nevermind) and the two did not get along. Tom was an outside kitty. We were getting ready to move to West Texas one summer seven years ago, and of course we had to take Tom. Tac died because I'm sure she had too many kittens. We had two U-Hauls and our suburban. In one U-Haul we had Tom and in the other we had Bilbo, our Italian Greyhound. What a dumb, loveable dog. Tom spent the entire 500 plus miles on the seat with us and genuinelly loved the ride. She died a few years later of old age, and I was sad. I'm allergic to cats and am more of a dog person, but I loved Tom. She was the best cat. Ever. Sorry, I had reminisce about my one-eyed cat.

The sister and I hung out tonight for the first time in a while. She pinched my arm when I tried to sit on her. She called me weird. Yeah, we all knew that. She tried on aborable skirt/jacket combo and almost bought it. I told her to put it on hold so mom can buy it for her for Christmas. Deal! See what a good sister I am? She came over and criticized the placement of my dresser in my room. Whatever.

Why does my arm itch?

I need a topic to write for my Constitutional Law class (ugh). Hate that class. Who cares about the Constitution? I'm glad it works for me, but whatever. I'm thinking about doing something over the Miranda Rights. Easy as pi. I also need a topic for my British Literature class. I love John Milton, and Edmund Spenser, but I might do something over Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Great story. Both of these papers are due after Thanksgiving break.

16 days til Thanksgiving break. Can't wait. Still bummed that we don't get a full week off. La-ame!

I need a little more You in me. This, I can do.

The red extinguishes the hope that the green ignites.

I hate these consequences because I know I let You down.

I lift Your name on high.

Ok, that is enough. Gotta read Samson. Anybody got an audio tape? No? Man, you guys let me down.

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mom said...

hey ladybug
you make me laugh so hard. i just love reading your blog. i loved having you an hannah last night, you both are so funny.
love and kisses.