Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Spanish Lesson

Ramos Robles Ruiz es programador. Su esposa Rosaura es artista.

What an unfortunately named guy. Since he is so discouraged by his name he sits in front of computers all day installing Microsoft Word on Mac's. Rosaura hates Mac's, but loves her slacker husband, so she paints pictures of him in front of the computer.

A Rosaura Robles le encanta regatear en el mercado.

Rosaura likes to shop at thrift stores for half-priced merchandise.

Ramon nunca regatea...le aburre regatear.

Ramon never buys things on sale. Like a typical guy, he walks in and pays full price for useless items. Like a burrito regulator.

Rosaura siempre compra cosas baratas.

Rosaura likes to paint in a baret, so she likes to haggle the salesperson to give her the faux-French hat at a discount. Also, a Coca Cola sounds nice right now.

Ramon no es rico pero prefiere comprar cosas muy caras.

Ramon is not careful with money and prefers to buy gold instead of food for his beautiful, artistic, unfortunately named wife. Because of that, he has to sleep on the couch.

(upside down exclamation point)El martes Ramon compro un carro nuevo!

Ramon's back was hurting, so on Tuesday he went and bought a brand new car. His wife sold her first painting and served him divorce papers through the broken windshield.

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