Friday, November 09, 2007

I'm hungry

So, my mom called me the other day to go and eat dinner with her. Since I had been living off of yogurt and water, I immediately said yes. I got into my tiny car I made my way to the Loop.

The Loop is under a lot of construction due to the useless Marsha Sharp Freeway. I saw the 50th street exit in sight and noticed that some dudes were painting or welding the overpass. I took the exit and all of a sudden I see one of the dudes fall! He continued to fall and landed on my car!!! OH MY GOD! I screamed. "What the hel..." And then I woke up.

"Du du du du du du du du du du, du du du..." the sweet sounds of Beethoven's "Fur Elise" shook me awake. "Hello?" "Hey lady bug, wanna get dinner?" It was mom, and she wanted to go eat. I of course said yes and made my way to the Loop. Deja Vu anyone? Luckily the 50th street exit was closed, so I knew it was just a nightmare.

Wait, since it happened in the day, is it considered a daymare? Is having a Beethoven ringtone too pretentious? Please answer my questions! I am so lost!


Something happened Monday, and it was awesome. I got an email asking if I wanted to go to the Colin Powell dinner on Tuesday, sit with the media, and cover the event. I immediately responded "YES!" until I realized that I had to work Tuesday night. I contacted the rest of the writers, and Melissa was the only one that also wanted to go.

Kelly, the guy from the email, said he could not get us into the banquet, but only into the lecture. Who cares about fancy food and lots of forks? Not me! I was able to get off of work and get all fancy, yet I still felt under dressed. We had to be there at 6:45 and I figured the General was going to be speaking about 7. Nope! The dinner started at 7, Kelly managed to get us tickets to eat with the media! Awesome!

Melissa and I were escorted to our table and when we took our seats we were greated with the rest of our table: "Even Onstot, KLBK 13, Lubbock." "James, KLBK 13, Lubbock." "Some Chick From Some Paper in New Mexico." "Some Other Chick Who Was Not From Around Here." I looked at them and said "Jordan Williams, Lubbock Christian University." So, I do not belong to some prestigious paper, or work for CBS, but still. James, I think was his name, remarked that he was waiting for some random blogger to show up and sit at the media table. Wait, was that a jab at me? Couldn't tell.

Melissa and I sat down and there was some sort of salad in front of us. It was a piece of lettuce, some feta cheese, tomatoes and some sort of balsamic vinegar dressing. It was not too bad.
It was weird sitting at that table. It was almost like some sort of power play. Evan began every conversation with "Oh, I graduated from Mizzou and worked in the St. Louis market for a few years." Chick: "I graduated from Penn State." Maybe James: "Montana is great!" Me: "I go to LCU." Blah blah blah fishcakes. The guys were kinda arrogant and I did not like being in their company.

Food! Steak and chicken! Wow, it was amazing. I had no clue which fork to use, so Melissa just told me to start with the outside and work my way in. Done! I scarfed down the food because I had not eaten all day, and it was delicious. There was also mashed potatoes, veggies, and a roll, and there was nothing left. Who cares if I looked like a pig, it was great.

Chocolate raspberry cake for dessert. Can I have some ice cream? Nope!

After dinner, the general spoke for an hour and it was amazing. Here is the article: Check it out.

So, what a great evening. As soon as we left the Convention Center I had to call the sister and brag. I care nothing about being a broadcast journalist, but she does. I told her about the evening and all she said was "you suck." Yup, I do. I told her it is ok to be cool, but don't be arrogant. Preach it!

I love those Sonic commercials. They are so cheesy and great. The two original guys are great. Example dialogue:

"Who is Steve?"
"Steve is the guy that lives in your car."

I love the dashboard camera and the whole "real" feel about it. The husband and wife are pretty funny:

"I have a moustache!" (It is whipped cream)
"Oh honey, so in the sunlight...oh, you have a only now. Hehe."

Ok, so they do not sound funny, but they are. Check these out:

Ok, enough. Now I'm hungry and I have no money. Story of my life.

I hate the Campbell's soup commercials. He's an idiot.

Monday night we had Rally at the Rip and it was lame...I mean awesome. The best part: free pizza and a shirt. There was like 200 boxes of pizza. I tried to grab a whole box and take it to the stands (not just for me...) but they told me not to. I grabbed two pieces and went to get a coke, but I slipped on a piece of ice and dropped my pizza. Idiot! Plus, there were no napkins or plates, so my hands were all greasy. Grease is awesome! During the rally they threw out really cool black shirts. The guys get to our section and Becca and I stand up to get a shirt and it goes over our heads. The rest of our group easily sat down in their stadium seats (you know, the kind that fold up when you don't sit in them) without a problem. Becca and I go to sit down in our seats and "BAM!" I meet the concrete. Ouch. Becca fell as well. If someone had recorded it, it would have been in perfect unison. I helped her up and we rubbed our sore backs/butts.

I fall a lot. One time, when I was in first grade I was going down stairs for dinner when I slipped down the stairs. Next thing I remember there were french fries everywhere and two dudes in EMT uniforms looking over me. I was not hurt, just a little bruised, but it was a great way to get out of school and eat ice cream.

Back to the present day:

I did get a shirt, but it was the white ones they gave out a long time ago. Boo! The good thing: it was a small and I can now wear a small again! Yay!

It is so cold here in the mornings (high 30's, low 40's) and by noon it is 80 degrees. What? It is crazy. Monday the high was 73, Tuesday the high was 51 and Wednesday and today it was back in the 80's. I hate Lubbock weather. I just want it to get cold and stay cold.

I support the WGA strike. STRIKE, STRIKE, STRIKE! Guys, check it out. It is important and I completely stand for what they are fighting for.

Cultural Awareness Week is next week, and I only go for the free food. Ok, Irish? Really? Bagpipes and Braveheart? A mechanical bull for...America? Texas? I don't get it.

I love it when cell phones go off in chapel, interrupting the speaker. It's great guys. Let's do it all the time. So what if I have my iPod on?

I'm tired of the whole "Green Week" thing on NBC. I loved how 30 Rock made fun of it tonight. Sweet!

Dr. Klein gave us more writing prompts for Wednesday and the only stipulation is that we could not write about any violence, blood, or gore. Ok, that is like telling a little kid not to touch the stove because it is hot. I couldn't not write about that! I wrote about me punching a friend, who had become violent. Her nose got all bloody and it was all gory. The class laughed and the prof faked a laugh. I ended the story by stabbing people in the eyes. Hehe.

I'm pretty sure she hates me.

Melanie wrote something about Al Gore, but since Gore was not allowed, she ended it. Abruptly. Awesome. I don't think I'm going to go tomorrow. Sorry, class.

That is all. I have a prospectus, abstract, and two journal reviews due on Thursday so I need to do some research. I'm thinking that my topic will be over Arthurian literature, and more specifically Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Awesome. Help??

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