Monday, October 15, 2007

P.S. Why The Office is so great

In this video, crazy Andy serenades Angela to ABBA's Take a Chance on Me. Of course, he does it in his own style- acapella. Haha.

I love this show. Here is another link of Andy singing.

Love it. Andy is not my favorite character, but I love his singing. He just breaks out into song whenever. Haha. Plus, he sings "The Rainbow Connection." In Pig Latin. Awesome.

About a year ago there was an SNL skit called "Lazy Sunday." Well, I saw this "remake" on The Office and thought it was too great not to share.

You all should watch this show. Michael is awkward and should not be boss. Jim and Pam are adorable. Dwight is Dwight...'nuf said.

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