Monday, October 15, 2007

Look at what I'm doing and go tell somebody it.

You know what, I actually love LCU. Sure there are plenty of things that anger and annoy me, but for the most part, it is great. There is a young freshman here on campus that has a brain tumor. Sad, yes. Ending there, no. LCU has rallied around this young man and it is just fantastic. It is times like these that you realize LCU is truly like a family. If one of our own is sick, then we do all we can to help. Amazing. Truly great. His name is Jerrod Shelton and he needs our prayers. He is currently in Plano undergoing surgery to remove the tumor, and so far I have not heard if it is cancerous. We had a chapel the other day totally devoted to praying for Jerrod, and the entire auditorium got on their knees and prayed for this young man. Amazing. Truly fantastic, and that is why I love LCU.

Would that have happened if I had gone to Baylor? I almost lived in Waco for four years, instead of Lubbock. I could have been a green and gold bear instead of a red. white, and blue chaparrel.
Speaking of chapel, Mandy and I had the honor and privilege to deliver the chapel address the other day. The reason why this is special is because we were the first females to do chapel. Apparently ever. Daunting. We spoke to like 1,300 people and it was great. I also got to say "You are dismissed." Cheers from the audience. We received a lot of compliments. It was about LST and we think we did a good job and we have already received tons of questions from people who are interested.

I got cousin Lemondrop addicted to The Office. Fabulous! I knew she would love it because I love it. We are basically the same person, only I am two years older. Sucker! So, what was your favorite episode, and who is your favorite character? Just wondering. Also, try 30 Rock, it is also great. Boo-ya!

That was one of my goals: to get people addicted to The Office. Done! I need a new goal. Also, every February LCU does a little show called Master Follies. All of the clubs on campus perform a six minute musical routine and it is always great. Each club performs and it is usually themed. This year a men's social club, Sub-T 16, is doing their theme to The Office. Wow. Can I just say how fantastic this is already going to be? Wow. Patrick is one of those in charge of doing it, and he is going to be Michael. He is going to dye his blonde hair black and grow it out and cut it badly. Haha. I can't wait to see who plays Pam and the other females since they are all guys. Their shows are so funny and random, and they will always sing the Oscar Meyer wiener song. Is February here yet?

I am now a Woman of Destiny. I went on a church retreat in New Mexico and it wad great. I REALLY needed this in my life right now. I was carrying a lot of burdens and it was great to leave them in the mountains. Up there, among the trees and bees are my burdens. Thank you for leaving me.

I'm pretty sure I bombed my British Lit. midterm. The test was 25 short essay questions. The last five dealt with Spenser's The Faerie Queene. Not the point. The point is that I knew this information hands down. I mean, the story had trees that bled, so of course I was intrigued. Plus, I loved the allegory in it. The whole first book is about the Redcrosse knight trying to save Una's parents, who are being held captive by an angry dragon. Awesome. I love dragons. The evil Archimago comes and corrupts Redcrosse and he deserts Una because he feels as if she has failed him. Not! We get to see people in the House of Pride (hell), and then the House of Holiness (heaven). We meet the evil Error and Redcrosse defeats her. We finally meet the dragon and it takes Redcrosee three days to defeat him. Redcrosse and Una get married, but Redcrosse has to go back to The Faerie Queene before they can consumate the marriage. Nothing to it. Typical story right? Yeah, I completely got things mixed up. I confused Error and the dragon and the whole fight. I mean, the dragon took three days to kill! How could I forget that? I mixed up the two Houses, and that was not brilliant. Idiot! I'm pretty sure the professor already thinks I'm an idiot, so whatever. I did, however, answer all twenty-five questions. Boo-ya! I needed massaging hand oil when it was over.

I'm pretty tired. I have a lot of things to do, but I don't want to do any of them. Also, I am going through Target withdrawals. Target, as most of you know, is indeed my favorite store. I buy everything there. Everything. Well, since all the money I make goes to paying bills, I never get to buy anything from Target. I want to go so bad, but if I go I will definitely spend money I don't have. Grrr.

Forget about Wal-Mart! It is no fun!

I put my keyboard on eBay and I am trying to sell it. Free shipping! Go buy it, if you want it, because I really need the money. Do it folks!

I'm pretty much obsessed with writing this story I have in my mind. No tells, my friends, no tells. Only in do time. I need a really good character name. She is a kindergarten teacher who loves teaching, but hates parents and tries to kill them all. Yeah, she's psycho. Psycho I tell ya!

Ich, ni, son, shi, go, yo....see, I can count in Japanese! I love Japan, or as it is known, Nihon des. Watashi wa Jordan des! haha.

If I studied, I could possibly make all A's. Eh, it's not worth it. I'm already into my fourth year, and I'm just ready to get my degree and leave forever. Sure, I love my LCU family, but I have been in school nonstop since I was four. 17 years! Time for a change. Plus, I can finally quit my job at the pet store and find a real job. One that I enjoy and get compensated for. Well, more than what I make now, anyway.

So, until then, I will dream of the day I will walk across that stage and accept my diploma, take a picture with Dr. Jones and leave. Forever. My family will be there and it will be great.

I went to Erin's church this morning and she introduced me to the pastor. He shook my hand, smiled, and talked to Erin. She told him I went to Japan last summer and he looked at me and said "I bet you liked it there because you are taller than everybody there." Wow. Way to say I'm short. I played it off and was like "yeah, it was great looking people at eye-level" or something to that effect. When I am next to my sister, I feel like I am a dwarf. Or she is a giant. She is a whopping five inches (or more) taller than me. Gah!!!!

That is all. Good night.

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