Thursday, October 18, 2007

Post 101!

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How excited am I that it is now Fall Break? Very let's just say. So, today and Friday we had off for some much needed R&R. Nice. However, due to Fall Break we only Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off for Thanksgiving. Hmm? Not a whole week? Lame! Anyway, I really needed a break for I have been pretty exhausted lately. It's exciting because I have an 8 a.m. class on Thursdays, so I really did not want to wake up at 7:45. I went to sleep around midnight and fully expected to be awake by 2, which is when I had to be at work. Yeah, right. I woke up at 2:53. What! I slept for like 15 hours! The first thing I did was call my boss Nancy and tell her I was on my way. I usually work 3-9 on Thursday, going to work as I got out of class. Since I had no class, I was going in at 2. No problem. She would have called, but forgot I was coming in at 2. Got to work at 3:13. Nice. So, I am not tired, but I really needed sleep. Lots of sleep, apparently. I'm not going to lie, it felt good.

I worked six hours today and had a sneezing fit. I was selling this expensive puppy (too cute) and midway through the sale I just started sneezing. After sneezing I took the $300.00 and pocketed....put it in the cash register and blew my nose. Next, I had a kitten crawling over me and sneezed more. I need some more allergy medicine.

I had to go to Dr. Byars's office and talk about my paper and test with him, and I was a little nervous. Oour paper was due like the middle of September, and he has not handed them back. He was pretty disappointed. I've been putting off going to his office, but he singled me out and I needed to meet with him. Turns out I got a big fat "B" so I was happy. Just needed to tighten up a few things. Next, the test. I got an "A" on that, and I was happy. Constitutional Law. Man, I hate that class. Plus, it was weird seeing Dr. Byars the other day at Target. Awkward! Haha.

I won $25.00 the other day! We had a health fair on campus Tuesday and the first 250 students got nifty gifties (free stuff!!) and were elligible for door prizes. I won $25 to the LCU Bookstore. We get these campus announcement emails, and I usally just delete them without reading them, but this one was different, not sure why. Yay for me. *Takes bow.*
What should I buy? Another hoodie?

The air is turning cooler, and it is great. I love my winter clothes! Plus, I hate being hot.
So, I got Bree, the roommate, addicted to The Office. She recorded The Office while I was at work, and she sent me text messages saying "Poor Dwight" and "you don't want to watch this episode. it is so sad." Yeah, I still wanted to watch it. Of course! It was great. It is so hard to pick one chatracter as my favorite on that show. I really like Pam, yet Dwight is such a dork and is really awesome. Jim is equally great, and Michael, is well, Michael. Steve Carell is a comedic genious. Awesome. Good job, show.

I need story ideas for The Duster, the mediocre LCU paper I am editor of. The students want opinions and entertainment stories, but what else can we give them? Hmm...

I am ready for Thanksgiving. 11 hour car ride, here we come! We are going to Houston and it will be great. Nanna and Pawpaw got a new house and I am anxious to see it. We usually do Thanksgiving at Libby and Dennis's big ole farmhouse in Southland...more like the middle of nowhere, but we are all heading down to South Texas. At least it won't be cold.

Friday Night Lights is such a good show, but I am afraid of what this season is becoming. I have faith that this season will be as fantastic as last season.

Pushing Daisies is my new favorite show on tv. It is amazing! Sort of Tim Burton-ish and whimsical. I love it. I really enjoy the two main characters. Adorable! I'm praying that they can continue to be unique and cute throughout the season. Saran wrap all around! Haha! Check it, yo.

We all know that I cannot do the gansta speak, so I think I will give up completely. It is completely unflattering, and I look like a dork. However, I pretty much look like a dork in anything I
It's been real windy here as of late. The other day I almost got swept away. Ok, maybe a little over dramatic on my part, but you get my thinking.

I get bored at work a lot so I sit at the counter and daydream. Yesterday I thought about vampires and werewolves and zombies and aliens. I figured out that aliens and werewolves were pretty similar, so they were not much fun. A vampire only kills his/her victims when they suck all the blood, but when they leave a little they are basically immortal. Sort of like a less scary zombie. I pick zombies as the overall winner, although aliens would be a good fight.
Hmm...I think it would be fun to have a Vampiric zombie. Sharp teeth!

Oh, best part of the episode. Shh, we must listen. Aw, he's in love with Italian food...named Pam! Cute!! Haha.

Well, I must sleep. Can't be sleeping all day tomorrow!

Sayonara. Can't end that sentence with an exclamation point. Pretty sure I've used my quota for the month. Whatev.

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nanna said...

hey sweetie,i luv reading your blog! just trying to keep up with u is a trip!luv u sweetie-can't wait for thanksgiving. nanna