Sunday, October 21, 2007

Great Whales. Photographs by Sebastiao Salgado

Fall Break is almost over, and I got absolutely nothing accomplished. Yay, me. So, I know many people do not read my blog (the two of you who do are awesome!), but it received two comments on my last post. Do not click on them, because I feel they are traps! You will probably get a virus on your computer and it will never run the same again. Trust me, I know.

Yeah, I got a virus on my computer when school started and did nothing to fix it. It could have taken to the IT people on campus but all the people who were new were taking their computers to them, so I decided to wait. And wait. I finally took it in around the middle of September and got it fixed. Yay!

I was actually a little embarrassed to take it to them, because the virus on my computer always brought up nasty ads. Ads like "Hot singles in your area!" "Sexy singles!" or "Hot buttered rum..." They were all sex ads, and it was embarrassing taking my laptop to IT and he asked me what was wrong with it. It was Austin, and I was like "man, all these sex ads pop up and then it gets unresponsive." Austin was cool and just said "yeah, that happens." I'm glad it was him because I know him.

I can't believe I spent two paragraphs talking about a small virus. Actually, there were two on there, but they are gone.

Back to Fall Break: a lot of people I know were going to the state fair in Dallas. Sweet! I love fairs if only for the food. Every September there is a fair that comes to Lubbock and it is quite possibly the biggest thing ever to come to town. I like going to the fair and riding the rides, looking at the animals, and eating fried cheesecake. Oh yes, they have it. You can get anything fried, if you want. Usually I eat a turkey leg, funnel cake, lemonade, Texas taters, and cotton candy. Usually a fried pie as well. It takes time to eat all the food! I did not get to go to the fair this year because I was pretty busy and I got a little depressed.

I remember my senior year of high school and I was taking a Home-Ec class. You know the kind of class where you have to cook and take care of alien babies? Yeah, that class. Mrs. Kesey (I love her! One of my favorite teachers ever.) made us enter something in the fair food wise. I like cooking but I am a terrible cook, so since I did not want to fail the class I made my great grandmother's peanut patties. I actually won second place and won $5! Haha. It was great and I felt proud. I used the $5 on candy. Or socks. Can't remember.

I wish the Lubbock fair had more to it. Still it is fun. I love riding the rides and while doing so just pray that I do not get stuck. The Carny's (Carnies?) realy creep me out. I almost don't want to ever be in the midway because they are weird. I like watching the stock shows. Animals I love! I never got to show an animal in the South Plains Fair because I never entered to do so. Whatev.

Wow. What a total waste of time. I mean, viruses and state, county, and local fairs. I am so bored.

I can't wait for Thanksgiving. Yummy food!

I was working the other day and this lady walked into the store and looked like she could play Ms. Pac Man in a live action Atari movie. I mean, she had the yellow hair, bow, and made the "waa waa waa woo" sound. Maybe not the last part, but you get my drift. Maybe. Anyway, it was awesome. Now I am praying they do a live action Ms. Pac Man movie.

I got a new dresser for my room. Yay! Now my white wall looks less bland. I got it out of the pickup all by myself too. Amazon woman! I drove Bill's giant diesel pickup with the dresser in it, and felt tall. I could literally look into any vehicle and see what they were doing. There are a lot of people who talk and drive...well, I do it too. While driving the ginormous pick up, I felt as if there should be a shot gun in the back (there probably was), blast the country music, and chew tobacco. Yeah, I don't think so. I drive a little Matchbox car, so it was sort of cool to drive a giant pick up.

So, since I am sort of running out of words, I decided to make a list of things I hope to do/accomplish before I graduate but since I am lazy I decided not to finish it. Or even start. Maybe one day.

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