Wednesday, December 13, 2006

shooting stars and coyotes

so, tonight was awesome. i was driving home from lubbock and all of a sudden this flash of light flew across my windshield. when i saw flash of light, i mean a tiny shooting star! it was sweet. i thought that i was mistaken, but sure enough, there was another one! two in one night. two in less than 10 minutes. how cool is that?
anyways, i was almost home when all of a sudden a huge flash of white flew across the road. by huge flash of light i mean a huge, snarling, angry coyote! how cool is that? very.
i finally get home and start watching my family wrap christmas presents when i tell them my story. kim looks at me and says that there is some sort of meteor shower tonight, so we all went outside and looked at the sky. within a minute of being out there, kim and i see another shooting star, at the same time! it was pretty cold out there, but i was determined to see more, so we all stood out there counting the stars. dad claimed he "saw" enough so he went inside. kim, hannah, and i vowed to stay out there until we all three saw one at the same time. about 5 minutes later, WHOOOSH! and we all ran inside. ok, so falling stars do not make a sound, but if they did, that is what i think it would sound like.
we went back inside and continued wrapping presents. kim said that around midnight we were suppose to be able to see the aurora borealis, or the northern lights. we all stayed up, and around midnight hannah went outside, and claimed that she saw them. i went outside with her, and ironically in the south-east sky, there were the lights. not the beautiful, greenish, pinkish, blueish lights, instead there were grayish, faint pinkish hue in the sky. it was pretty cool. nothing to get to excited over though.
when the excitement wore off and everybody was about to go to bed, i checked my grades online and got b's all across the board. i was expecting two a's, but i'll take it. 3.0 gpa baby. i took some really, really hard classes this semester, and i am happy with my grades. although, i totally think dr. owen just does not like to give a's, because he totally gave me a b. before the final i had a 97 average, and i could have made like a 73 on the final (it counts twice) and still got an a in the class. the final was cake, and there is no way i got a lower grade than that. ahhh. oh well, he gave me a b in ancient history and i am super duper stoked about that!
well, take care cyber world...
by the way, i have forgone any and all capitalization. i don't know why. maybe because i am awesome? no, it's because i am lame person, and always will be! hehe, my self-esteem is pretty high though!!

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