Sunday, December 03, 2006

driving and Christmas partay!

Sweet. I made it home safe and sound from the Metroplex. It was awesome. I feel better prepared to train an LST team. Now, I just have to find! Anyways, for all you worry rats out there (you know who you are!! hee), have no fear, for I am home. It was a great drive, and the drive alone let me destress my life. It was great to just put in my music and "chill". OK, not much "chilling" was going on since I was operating a moving vehicle.

Anyways, on to bigger and better things! Tonight, Sunday, we had our Duster Christmas party at the 50th St. Caboose. It was really good. The "freeness" of the whole thing was even better. So, our advisor came and stopped by and he gave us all of our stories that we had written for the semester. I wrote 14 in all. After dinner, we all got a Stupid Silly Award. My SSA was "Mr. T's 'I Pity the Fool' Award for Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty for Being 'Subarashi'." I have been told that means "awesome" in Japanese. I was stoked for that award! It was awesome. My favorite one went to Eric. His was "Most Likely to Get Edited by the Organization." heeee. It was awesome. He wrote about 5 articles that The Powers That Be at LCU would not allow him to run. They were all awesome, but some of them were a little sensitive. Case in point, a story about a hacker on campus was not allowed to run because Eric "figured out" too much info. Bumer.

After dinner, we also had a white elephant Christmas. I brought a red picture frame and received a red picture frame. hee. It was cool. My favorite gift, though, was brought by Rob. He brought a male Barbi with a plaque that said "World's Best Dad" on it. The gift went to Stacy, who is a mom, but she loved it. It too was awesome.

After the gift exchange, we went to the floor and played games! We all got like 13 tokens and had a blast. We got all of our tickets together and got this really cool elephant for our meetings. The elephant symbolizes an inside joke, that is far to long to share with you all. Anyways, it is hilarious, and cool.

So, that is pretty much it. This blog is pretty short, but I gotta go study. I have finals!! Ahhh! I suggest lots of prayer. Anyways, take care world, and until we meet again!!

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Libby said...

Hey, I'm glad you made it home okay. Someday you will understand paranoia ( did I spell that right). I finally found your blog with your help so you now have 5 readers. Love you, Libby