Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pictures folks!

So, finals are consuming my life!! AHHHHH!!!!! Oh well, Tuesday is my last day. Cheer! Anyways, here are a few pics taken recently. Not by me of course! Hint hint...I have no camera. Ahem. Enjoy, and within a few days there will be a new blog up regarding the end of the semester. Take care my 5!! readers.

Christmas Party!! Eight of us girls had a SWEET Christmas party! First, we had an awesome dinner at Carino's (yummy!), then we headed to the mall for pictures with creepy Santa. It was fun. Then, we went to bath junkie and had a great time. In this pic: Sarah, Jennifer, Jacinda, me, and Lauren.
After Santa, we went to Jacinda's apartment and had a white elephant gift exchange. I got two pairs of the coolest socks ever. We then drank eggnog (yuck!) and watched The Bishop's Wife and old black and white Cary Grant movie. It was great! In this pic: me, Lauren, and Erica.

Snowball fight LCU style! This was two days after our first snow, and this is the Duster staff. It was great! Eric is the dork wearing shorts when it was 38 degrees outside. In this picture: Eric, Rene, Stacy, John, Melissa, Bree, Lindsey, Jordan (that's me!), Chris, Taylor, Mai, and Maha. I am the one fighting with Melissa (brown coat). After the pic, four of us girls had a snowball fight! Sweet.

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