Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

So, how was everybody's Thanksgiving? Mine was awesome! I am so thankful for my family. And great food. But mostly my family. Anyways, I have decided that Thanksgiving dinner(lunch) is really too good to only eat once (twice) a year. I think that for Easter we should cook Thanksgiving dinner. Just a thought. Anyways, Greysday (remember, that's what I am calling Thursday) was great. I spent Thanksgiving at my great-grandmother's house in Slaton. It was awesome (I need to get a new adjective). Our family does Thanksgiving lunch and it was delicious. I was surrounded by my great and loving family. I think for lunch we had around 14-20 people. That is even including children. We had a great time. A tradition with my family is to watch the Cowboys, so we watched them win. Yay! Some people left to go home, and others showed up for dinner. We then got all the food back out for dinner. We had more people there!! It was around 6:30 when some of my cousins showed up. They have five beautiful, adorable kids. The second youngest one, Emmy, is 3 years old. I asked her how it felt to be 3, and she looked at me and in a very serious tone said "Jordan, how did you know how old I was?" It was so cute. Adorable. I ate my dinner (even better than lunch!) and my sister and I headed off to my dorm. She decided to spend the night with me. I made her sleep on the floor. I gave her a blanket and the couch cushions to sleep on! I am not that heartless!! We watched a fantastic episode of Grey's Anatomy, and then went and rented a few movies. We rented Nacho Libre and Stick It. Ehhh. Hannah snoozed off, so I began to watch (again) The DaVinci Code. I really am liking that movie, for the entertaiment factor. I recommend only watching it if you have a very strong faith. It will make you think, but I know that it is completely and only entertainment. However, I am taking an Ancient History class, and there are quiet a few historical discrepencies in the movie. Maybe I will point them out at a later date.
I got up Friday and had to go to work. AHHH!!! I work in a pet store at the Lubbock mall. It was Black Friday, and it was crazy crowded! I worked from 12-5, and that was enough. We sold like all of our animals! My aunt even stopped by to look at these aborable Bichon Frise's, but decided not to get one. As soon as my shift was over, I went home. I rewatched Grey's on the computer, and then I watched CSI on the computer. Sweet! I love broadband! In case I have not mentioned it, but I am a HUGE fan of CSI. It really rocks. Plus, this season has probably been the best ever.
So, that was my Thanksgiving. It was great. God has blessed me with so much in my life. A loving family, a great job, and wonderful friends. What more could a girl ask for? Nothing. I am content in my life. Absolutely. Content.
Well, I still have two research papers to write (looks like an all-nighter) so I need to go! Until we meet again...

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nanna said...

jordan, i so enjoy reading what you write. your day was so interesting to read about and i was there. we did have a fun day didn't we? God has blessed us with a precious family.
i'm glad you got your research papers completed-maybe you won't have another all-nighter this semester.
i love you, sweetie