Friday, November 10, 2006

oh, i don't know

Alright folks, I'm back. OK, so I did not go anywhere, but let's face it- I'm lazy. And I am a procrastinator. But I can be because I am in college. Gotta love college. Anyways, I set up my schedule for next semester and DUDE will be it be tough. I am taking 18 hours. My classes go as follows: Advanced Composition (it will be awesome. Bryan said it is fun, and relatively easy. We will see, Bryan); African American Literature (one of my favorite authors is Maya Angelou...the class will be awesome); Victorian England (I've always wanted to go to England...can somebody say ROADTRIP!?!...what?; Civil War and Reconstruction (not to sure about the class...I mean I love history, but I guess it will be super fun); Ethical Christian Living (hey, it's Bible, it's a requirement, I'm forced to take it, and the teacher rocks my will be fun fun!); and finally some fine arts class that I am not sure about (, I got nothing for this one). So, there. Enjoy that totally useless piece of information.
Thursday I have an article due for the Duster, but here is the catch: I can write about whatever!! Well, no politics, abortion issues, death penalty issues...etc. So I am limited, but it will be awesome. To my 4 readers, what should I write about?? Get back to me on that one.
I got another package from my grandmother the other day. It was the best. Inside was awesome. A sweet card, a cute purple pair of socks with penguins on them, tasty tea bags and hot cocoa mix, and delicious pop tarts. Does she know me or what?? Heee
Well, classes are going great. I did really well on all my tests last week. However, I have a ten page (at least) research paper due for Dr. Owen on the 27th. YIKES!!! It is worth like 20& of our grade, and the dude is super-duper strict!! I am really freaking out about the paper! I chose the emperor Tiberius. Upon doing research, I found out that he is vile, disgusting, perverted, pagan old man. Wow. I guess that in itself is a whole paper. Too late to change topics now.
So I am in love with the website Raise your hand if you love TV! *Puts hand down*. Well, if you love TV(yee), and snarky sarcastic reviews, then this site is for you. TWOP reviews television episodes. Sure, it can be rude and at times foul language used (yeah that made absolutely no sense) is great writing. If I ever miss out on a specific episode of a TV show, then I check it out there. It's pretty cool.
So...I know that I have already wrote enough but it is list time. Short one though!
1. LCU is like the coolest place on earth; although the caf food is terrible
2. My new favorite band is Vega4. (coincedentally, their song was used on a recent Grey's Anatomy episode. Said song is also the song on my myspace profile. it's because I'm awesome...ok not really)
3. research papers are not fun. they are monotonous and boring...and also very informative and helpful...gosh i can't make up my mind!!
4. I am talking on the phone
5. my sister Hannah is spending the weekend with me so I am excited
6. I am thirsty...time for a Dr. Pepper
7. my cousin Caitlin is having some neurological problems. not sure what is wrong. please Please PLEASE pray for her
8. work is good, but Thansgiving is around the corner which means lots of business which means more hours for me which means more get the point
9. i miss japan daily
10. i miss japan daily
11. i know i said that twice
12. i don't really care!
13. i want thanksgiving to get here to spend with family, and yummy yummy food but then i don't because my research papers are not even remotely complete (yes, as in plural, more than one folks!). they are due the day i get back from thanksgiving (all 3!!)
14. i am now cpr certified. exciting, but i am terrified. see, if someone passes out and needs cpr, but BY LAW i have to help the person. if i don't then i can get sued. if i help and the victim dies, i am protected by the good samaritan act. all in all its a complicated process and i have only practiced on dummies.
15. i am excited that derek and meredith are (finally) back together. it's about time. sorry, more grey's anatomy....
16. lotion is good for my dry skin
17. it's november and it was 90 degrees yesterday! i know! but it was back down in the 50s today. sheesh....west texas weather, gotta love it
18. alright, good night sweet folks
19. kudos to those who read this whole thing
20. first one to comment wins a BIG prize
21. seriously
alright, until we meet again (hee)......

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nanna said...

jordan,i forgot that mom told me u were posting. hope i don't have to go thru withdrawal again-realy missed reading your writings after u came from japan. hey, jordy, get research papers done so we can enjoy your beautiful presence when we're in lubbock for the holidays. i love readin all your little warped thoughts-actually they're hilarious. i love you. you are so precious. nanna