Thursday, May 04, 2006

um.... again, nothing to do with Japan

I was sitting in the comforts of my living room watching the tube and one of those disturbing Geico car insurance commercials came on. Not only can the Geico gecko do a mean robot, but who knew he was British? This is new to me. Maybe I just was not paying attention, but has he always been THAT British. I know he has always had a slight accent, but come on. This green dude has been a common fixture on our screen for years, and now all of a sudden the dude is English? I don't get it. Remeber when Madonna picked up the English accent several years ago, I guess that this is one in the same. By the way, geckos prefer warm climates, and England would not be a happenin' place for fellow geckos. An accent from South America, Cuba, or even Australia would be more plausible. I bet you there are some wild gecko parties going on there! This poor gecko was probably in the right-place-at-the-right-time to land him his dream job. What other work is there for geckos to do anyway? And another point, this new gecko cannot act to save his life (I know it is a computer-generated object, but please follow along). Put back the original!! He must have saved a bunch of money on his car insurance that he finally got his nest egg together and retired from showbiz. That is too bad. Come on Geico!! Step up your ad campaigns! Put the gecko back to doing the disturbing-but-good robot dance where he rightfully belongs. This dance made him the star that he is today by the way. I do not know why this minor annoyance irks me, but it sure does. I guess that I have to much free time on my hands, but this got me thinking, and I just cannot stop. I thought I would be nice and share all of my disturbing, awkward, and unusual thoughts with you all. Hope you enjoy! I'm going to sleep now and dream about sweet nothings of green geckos. But not just any gecko, the most famous of them all, the Geico gecko! Wow, I just realized how much of a waste this blog entry has been!Take care world.

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Cyndi Williams said...

Hey Jordan! I love that little guy.... I really missed him while we were in South Africa. But when we returned to the states, he proceeded to entertain and then annoy me. You know, now that I think of it, I haven't seen him here in Canada. One thing we all have to admit - - Their marketing plan works! Everyone knows the gecko and that Geico Insurance is his provider of choice. Congratulations, Geico, on a job well done! Do you think they got the idea from the Budweiser frogs?
Love, Aunt Cyndi