Thursday, May 04, 2006


OK, so this bog has absolutley nothing to do with Japan, but I have another website for blogs. I basically wanted to make sure that this works! So, enjoy and here goes..... This semester has been tough on me, both physically and emotionally but I would not trade it for one minute! Here are some things that I have learned thus far going to LCU:
1. Being a nerd is cool. All of my new friends are nerds.
2. My new celebrity crush is Joaquin Phoenix. I mean come on, have you seen him? He is unique and amazingly handsome.....
3. Individuals operating from an external locus of control believe in trying their best and then letting fate take over. (ha! I knew intercultural communications would come in handy).
4. Who knew that you can bleach your grey shirts?
5. Ralph's Records can order any CD for you.....just ask them...I've done it.
6. I like plushy pillows.
7. My MP3 player sucks.
8. I am currently addicted to McCallister's sweet tea.
9. Myspace has ruined my life.
10. I like Moe's Southwest Grill a lot now.
11. I can't save money to save my all gets blown on movies and music.
12. Have I mentioned Joaquin Phoenix yet.....oh yes, never mind......
13. My red Chuck's go with anything....seriously they do!
14. Why is it that Starbuck's is so expensive, but the Koffee Kup on campus is not?
15. I like doing jigsaw puzzles and having them complete before I go to bed...or else I cannot sleep...don't ask why, just accept the facts.
16. I miss taking long hot relaxing bubble baths.
17. "Marilyn Manson ate my girlfriend" 'nuff said. ( If you have to ask then ask).
18. Cultural identity salience refers to the strength of affiliation we have with our larger culture. I'm so going to ace intercultural communications...
19. The bronze chap needs an oscillating fan. Bronze gets hot in the summer.
20. Refer to numbers 2 and 12....
21. I like making lists of non-important things that nobody ever reads.
22. Japan will rock!
23. Brokeback Mountain was ok. Way too slow.
24. I like collecting golf balls that I find in parking lots.
and finally.... drum roll please....
25. I really enjoy the Bibe.
Thank you, and goodnight.Make sure all children and possessions are securely fastened and drive home safely (what??).

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