Sunday, April 01, 2007

Watermelon Twist

Current mood: long-winded
I need to write. It is time. I really have no theme or set plan. I just want to write. Deal with it. Yup, that's right. Here goes:

I went to the play on campus tonight with my friend Erin and it was really great. Better than expected. It was called "Scenes of Faith" and it had to do with famous plays and playwrights and how those dealt with faith. Whether it was embracing faith, questioning it, or denying it, it was powerful and moving. Now I have to write a review about it. Hmm....

I need an opinion topic for my opinion article for the Duster. I get to write about one a year, and I want this one to be good. However, what I want to write about, LCU will not allow. Not cool. Politics. That is all. Why is that such a taboo subject? Any ideas? I have plenty of opinions, but do people really want to hear what I have to say? Probably not.

I do not like immature people and people that cannot stay out of other peoples business. Not cool. Also, people who spread rumors are not cool either.

Chewing gum is really gross, chewing gum I hate the most.

I am feeling much better. Thank you for all the prayers.

I taught myself how to play "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on the piano. I rock. Also, I can play a few more songs, like "Mary Had a Little Lamb." Haha. I think everybody knows that one.

I need a good April Fools Joke. Something cool, but not mean. Let me know.

Why am I still writing? I have no clue. Nobody is even going to read this.

I got $100.00 the other day for Japan. I now have raised $1, 250 for my trip. I still need $1,950 for the rest of the funds. Not cool! I have 15 days! AHHH!

I'm excited about finally living off campus next semester. It is going to be wonderful. Bree is awesome and our apartment will rock.

Also, should I be the editor next year? I would love to, but if somebody else wants it, then they should have it. Seriously. Bree, go for it.

My camera is out of batteries.

I need to wash clothes, but I have no quarters.

My ticket for my wreck is $120.00 but if I take defensive driving it is only like $20.00. Where do I sign up?

Staple it together and call bad.

My fingernails are extremely long. Like, the longest that they have ever been. Kinda cool actually!

This still has no meaning. I don't really care.

I hope Cousin Lemon Drop had a fantastic birthday. Your card is in the mail.

I'm tired. I think I shall go to sleep. We went to IHOP at around 11:00 p.m. and people met Erin, Carla and me there and we had a good time. We returned to campus around 1:00 a.m.

Daniel's Christmas gift is still next to me wrapped. Daniel, I hope that you do not have the new-ish Hawthorne Heights CD. I told you I would get it for you. I tell you what, I will have it in the mail this week! Honestly!

How many of you have seen the trailer to the new Pirates of the Caribbean? It. Looks. AWESOME! I cannot wait! It comes out the Friday before I leave for Japan. Wicked! Synopsis: Kraken=bad. Captain Jack=awesome. Captain Jack and Elizabeth kiss, and whilst kissing she shakles his hand to the ship so the Kraken takes only him and not the others. She escapes. Jack escapes. Jack finds his nasty hat. Kraken eats Jack. Whew. That was like the last five minutes. I hope the third one is good. No, I hope it is fantastic! It will be, and I will be there for the midnight showing wearing my Captain Jack Sparrow/Johhny Depp t-shirt. I'm such a nerd. Oh well.

Have any of you seen Children of Men? FANTASTIC movie. Great. I love Clive Owen. There are three things fantastic about this movie: one the plot is great. Second, the director Alfonso Cuaron manages not one but TWO scenes that made me rewind them. One is a four minute, one angle, one shot scene. The scene is not just dialogue. There is a ping-pong ball, a group of hijackers, gun shots, a murder, and a car chase. Four minutes. All one single-camera take. Wow. The second, and even better one is toward the end. This one is six minutes long! Come on! This one follows Owen as he ducks and covers from flying bullets to get inside of a building. At one point, blood and dirt get on the camera lens and stays there for the duration of the shot. Wow. This type of shot was made famous in A Touch of Evil, and Cuaron out touches A Touch of Evil. I highly recommend this movie. Great.

My love for movies is seeping out too quickly, so that is my cue to leave. Goodbye.

Current taste: Chocolate chip pancakes from IHOP
Current sound: "Split Screen Sadness" (hey, it's an alliteration!) by John Mayer
Current word: mortmain (n). Ask me what it means.
Current pocket contents: peppermint wrapper
Current socks: one orange with crazy cool stripes and one solid pink one. Wicked.
Current annoyance: this blog
That is all. Chaio!
Sorry about the length...
Currently watching : Children of Men (Widescreen Edition) Release date: By 27 March, 2007

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