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My Current Favorite Music List

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So, it has been about a year since I made my Music List, so it is time for a new one. Here goes nothing (in no particular order):

1. Desire: Ryan Adams- I love me some Ryan Adams! This song is just fantastic. I love the harmonica and the acoustic guitar. One of my favorite sounds in the whole word is the sole acoustic guitar. The lyrics are beautifully written and poignant. The song is relatively sad, but I love it.

2. 83: John Mayer- It is hard to put just one John Mayer song on here, but this is currently my favorite. I love the lines "I wish I was six again/ oh make me a red cape/ I wanna be superman." Love it. I alos like it because John Mayer is one of the best songwriters that we have today, and the way he writes his lyrics makes me jealous. This song gets me going and thinking about my childhood with my brother. Great times.

3. Baba O'Riley: The Who- Just for the first 57 seconds of the song. Musical happiness through and through. The electric guitar going crazy, the driving piano that sets the tone, and then the cadence of drums that ends the euphoric feeling. Also, it is not Called "Teenage Wasteland." Just so you all know.

4. #41: Dave Matthews Band- The faint trumpet at the beginning of the song begins to become a part of the song, mixing in with the guitar and drums, creating a jazz-like sound. Throughout the song, you can hear it, but when it begins to sound like the piano, that is Fantastic. Worthy of a capital "F". The song title is simply called "#41" because it was the 41st song that he wrote. Pretty cool. Dave Matthews and his Birkenstocks are my hero from long ago.

5. Life is Beautiful: Vega4- I love this song, and I love this band. Wonderful. It was by accident that I came across them, and I am glad I did. The driving melody, the crisp vocals, and the rhythm of the song is brilliant. The way the verse and chorus changes is awesome. It is almost like two songs in one. Very unique and I play it over and over.

6. See the World: Gomez- This is another one of those "accidental" finds, and I'm glad I did.
This British band will be huge one day, take my word for it. Or not. Do what you want.

7. Earth to Bella (Part 1): Incubus- I love just the guitar and vocals at the beginning. Brandon Boyd's voice is flawless and makes me love him even more. Then, abruptly, the song changes to this cool electric riff, and then back to the simplicity of the guitar and the powerful and flawed voice. Boyd is at the top of his game! Love it. Part 2 is great as well.

8. Mud on the Tires: Brad Paisley- Because it was my brother's favorite song and I love him. Miss you little bro! I play this very loud and sing along at the top of my lungs, hoping that nobody is watching.

9. Catch My Disease: Ben Lee- "That's the way I like it..." The theme of the song. Makes me happy. "Baby pleeaaasse/ open your heart and catch my disease." Genius. Wonderful musician and an even better entertainer.

10. Harlem: Duke Ellington- This 15 minute song is just full of the magic that is awesome jazz music. The Duke is just brilliant. It is like a movie playing through the music. No words, but just these fabulous jazz musicians at the top of their games.

11. Ordinary People: John Legend- The piano is a weakness of mine, and John Legend has got loads of talent. Love this guy. He was overexposed by the media, so I tried to avoid him, because I thought that he was overrated; boy was I wrong! He is fantastic, and has this slight Sinatra charm to him. His musical brilliance is evident in his playing, singing, lyrics, and the way the ladies swoon over him. Plus, we are just ordinary people, and this song really sets that tone.

12. Three Flights Up: Yellowcard- While on the subject of pianos, this instrumental piece by Yellowcard is quite possibly my favorite. A talented bunch of boys there! I was surprised by this piece, because even though I love their heavier electric stuff, this piece blew me away. I only wish it was longer than 1:27. I also play this one over and over. The CD hates me.

13. Believe: Brooks and Dunn- This one was on my last list, and one of my all time favorite songs. Ronnie Dunn's voice has never been sweeter, and then toward the end when the Gospel choir shows up blows me away. THis song gives me hope "I raise my hands/ bow my head/ I'm finding more and more truth/ with the words written in red/ they tell me that there's more to life than just what I can see/ oh, i believe." The soul-infused song gets me through rough times and restores my faith. Word.

14. The Blower's Daughter: Damien Rice- I am a huge Rice fan. He cannot disapoint me. This is my current favorite, but it is hard to choose just one of his songs. This shy Irishman is a brilliant songwriter, and he excels at both the guitar and piano. The slight accent that creaps into his voice while he is singing is awesome. Really.

15. More than a Feeling: Boston- Because it feels good to listen to. Also, I like to play the air guitar while listening to it and look like the giant dork that I am. This is my favorite song to play on the fabulous game "Guitar Hero." Represent!

16. Bohemian Rhapsody: Queen- One of my life goals is to learn how to play this song on the piano. I just love it! "Momma, just killed a man..." I love the lyrics and the randomness of it all. Truly a feel good song, yet also sad. This is a great song to sing in Karaoke because there are so many elements in the song. You have the somber, slow tone, the uptempo eclectic music, and the metal thrashing parts that deserves for you to shake your head to. Wonderful! Freddy Mercury!

17. For the Moments I Feel Faint: Relient K- Never underestimate my Jesus. Enough said. Again, this song is basically just one acoustic guitar and Matt Theissen's voice. One of their best songs. Plus, I love their earlier work. I like their new stuff. Big difference. They may have sold out, but they are splendid.

18. Public Pervert: Interpol- Hate the name of the song, but love the song. This song just gets started and does not stop. I do not even know the lyrics, but the uniqueness of the music is pretty inspiring. I like to write to this kind of music. Interpol is one of my favorite bands, and they, too, do not disappoint.

19. Phantom Limbs: The Shins- Please, go out and buy their newest album. It is wonderful. Not the best song on there, but one of my favorites. They might not be your type of music, but I love them. It's cool and trendy to like The Shins, but I have never been either, so I am not trying to fit in with the American trends. I could care less. They are just a fabulous group of four guys with incredible natural talent.

20. The Kill- 30 Seconds To Mars- Jared Leto is one of those rare actors who is an absolutely wonderful singer/songwrite/musician. His band is a favorite of mine, and this song rocks. I like his music more than his films. Plus, he is pretty to look at.

It's a little long, and there may be a part 2 coming soon! Music is a big part of my life, and I love finding new music. My Ipod has over 1,100 songs on it. Sweet! So, thought that I would share a little bit of my hobby with you all. Good day (night) to you!

That is all, for now. Hope you all enjoyed. Share your list with me!!
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